Posted on: July 12, 2009 5:04 am

Why the hate?

Haven't really thought this out but thought I would just post my thoughts on something. There are many sports I am not a big fan of though I do watch a little bit of everything from time to time. I have never felt the need or desire to really go off on sports I don't happen to enjoy. To me tennis, golf and baseball are very skilled sports with very talented players but other than an occasional checking in to see who is winning, such as the Braves or UGA in baseball, or to watch hot girls(tennis) I do not really have any interest as the sports are a bit slow for my tastes.
The reason I bring this up is it seems to me that my co-favorite sport of soccer(along with college football) always seems to bring out a great deal of hate from people. I was curious why this was. If you don't like a sport it is all good, just change the channel and move onto something else. There are many people that just simply feel the need to bash and attack soccer as if it once stole their gf. Those of you who are not soccer fans can you explain to me in reasonable terms why this is? By reasonable I don't mean well its boring or its for sissies I mean an honest reason why you can't just ignore it instead you feel the need to truly attack it. I can understand the reason people don't like it, though I disagree with them, but can't see why some people hate it as much as they someone who slapped their mom.
My couple of theories which I will add more to if anyone actually cares enough to read this and respond is that they are not very secure and are the type people that put people down in all things in life to build themselves up. People that will make fun of someone else for their job, car, house, gf etc. just so that they can feel better about themselves since they are really not happy people. Another reason is people feel threatened, why you would feel threatened by a sport I have no idea but they do, by the fact that soccer is so popular world wide and it is not American so they must try to say it sucks to discount the BILLIONS of soccer fans around the world for liking something that is not American. Just because we didn't invent it does not mean it sucks. Those are just a few reasons but would like to know others thoughts on why the hate.
Thanks for the input, even from the haters!

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