Posted on: October 20, 2010 10:25 am

Basketball Shoes?

I thought the idea of a shoe disigner was to make the best product for their market? Well I guess if you add a spring in the sole of the shoe then the NBA is bound to ban it. That is just what Athletic Propulsion Labs has done. they have added a spring and test are showing increases in jumping ability. I really do not care about this shoe or it's being banned, but rather it brought two questions to my mind right away and I would like to hear your responses.

1) What was the biggest gimmick basketball shoe you ever purchased?

2) Which NBA player needs a pair of these spring shoes most?

I have an answer to the 1st questoin right away as it really was the reason I started this thread. To talk about all the crazy basketball shoes over the last 2 decades or so. The first goofy pair of BB shoes I ever owned wee a pair of Reebok pumps. The 1st generation ones with the basketball on the tongue of the shoe. Living by Chicago I my I could not find any pair in Bulls colors so I went with a horrid purple/orange/white combo. Man were they ugly but so cool at the same time.

However these are not the stangest pair of basketball shoes that I ever owned. Does anyone remember the L.A. Gear Catapult? If not here is an ad from back in the day.


I really liked these shoes. Mine were all black. I remember not being a big fan of the fact that they were made by L.A. Gear, but they really felt good on. A bit springy. Did anyone else ever own a pair of these? I love taking a walk down memory lane. Those Reeboks and L.A. Gears were the only two real name brand shoes I owned as a kid as we were not rolling in cash those days. It is funny however that when I did come up with the money to buy a pair of $100 shoes I went with gimmick shoes. I never owned a pair of Jordans either, which is against the law in these parts. I do remember really liking a pair of them as a kid in middle school. I think they were Jordan 5s in black and red.
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