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NFL Playoffs and My Awful Predictions

With the exception of the following statement, this entire blog will be dedicated to that wonderful thing we call playoffs and all the goofs that I made during the preview earlier this season.  But before we get started, I just want to say, “Leeds!  You wanna talk about Leeds!?  You kiddin’ me?!  At Old friggin’ Trafford!  Leeds! 


At the beginning of the year, I made the bold prediction that the Oakland Raiders would be our 2010 Super Bowl champions.  I obviously made this calculation in jest, but they were only a ridiculously bad quarterback away from perhaps making the playoffs.  They went 6-10 with JaMarcus Russell, Charlie Frye and Bruce Gradkowski.  They might have had a chance with Jeff Garcia.  Too bad we will never find out... I also presumed that 25 of the 32 NFL teams had a realistic chance at going to the Super Bowl.  The 7 teams that I thought had no chance included: the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Bucs, San Francisco 49ers, and the Cincinnati Bengals.  Whoops.  I was right about 6.  I had no idea that the Bengals would win THAT division, and the Saint Louis Rams would only win once in THAT division.  But I’ll take it.  Oh, and I was right about what it takes to be a winner in the National Football League.  I had said QB play, head coaching skills, and a functionally sound front office.  Look at some of those positions that are now in the playoffs.  Andy Reid, Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady, Norv Turner, Jeff Lurie, Brett Favre, Mike McCarthy, Drew Brees, Carson Palmer, Aaron Rodgers, Bill Polian, Bill Belicheck, Peyton Manning, etc...  You could say (at least in the NFC) that the top 6 teams had the 6 best quarterbacks.  This is just about true in the AFC too.  You should take Roethlisberger ahead of Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco, but other than that... Raiders, Rams, Bills, Browns take note.  Go get your quarterbacks. 


NFC West - I had it Seattle, Arizona, St. Louis, San Francisco.  I didn’t think that Vernon Davis and Alex Smith could get the 49ers to 8 wins, nor did I think the Rams would forget about the end zone.  Arizona got me again, but Seattle just tanked it.  Jim Mora Jr. isn’t the coach I thought he was.  Thank you for that one, Denny.  Fitz is definitely division’s best player on offense.  D.R.C. I might have been close on too. (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie). 


NFC South – Well, at least I got the two best players right.  I said Drew Brees on offense and Julius Peppers on defense.  I thought the Saints would have a winning record, but definitely not the #1 seed.  My division order went; Falcons, Saints, Panthers, Bucs.  Just missed.  But Atlanta dealt with a ton of injuries, and Sean Payton is one of the league’s best. 


NFC North – Vikings, Bears, Pack, Lions.  My team did better than I thought they would do, minus the Buccaneers game.  The Bears didn’t have a chance after the Urlacher injury week 1.  I figured with Brett, the Vikes would do it.  Adrian probably didn’t win division’s best offensive player, but I thought Aaron would be 2<sup>nd</sup>, and he’s progressed even better than I thought he would.  Briggs probably loses out to Jared Allen and Charles Woodson, however.  Bears let me down, but I have no problem with that.


NFC East – The toughest division in the NFL to predict on a yearly basis.  I thought the Giants would be the best team in the NFC, and for a while they were.  The first month, and then it was crash and burn.  I don’t understand it, because on paper, they are the most balanced team in the NFL.  But I missed badly on this division.  Giants, Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys.  Tony Romo proved me wrong.  I thought they had a very difficult schedule (they did), with a lot of tough road games (they did), and they couldn’t beat great competition (but they did).  Redskins need some direction, but they have a nice defense.  I had DeSean Jackson for best offensive – it’s really close between DeSean and Romo, and DeMarcus Ware on defense.  Probably got that one right, but Trent Cole and Jay Ratliff were huge for their teams too.  Brian Orakpo is studly. 


Playoff teams correct: 2. Minnesota and Philly.  Ouch.


AFC East – Patriots, Bills, Jets, Dolphins.  I went solely on quarterback play here, and the Bills killed me.  I was right on Chad Pennington getting hurt, but Chad Henne did better than I thought he would.  Mark Sanchez also impressed a bit more, but that defense was every bit as good as I thought they’d be.  In the AFC, I wouldn’t want to play the Jets right now, because their defense can score more points than their offense.  Bills really, really made me look bad.  All because of that damn fumbled kickoff in the first game.  They would’ve beaten the Patriots and who knows what would’ve happened next.  Randy Moss?  Probably not.  Most likely Tom Brady or Wes Welker for Offensive POY.  But Donte Whitner was a decent enough pick.  Darrelle Revis wins it though.


AFC North – I hemmed and hawed over the Pittsburgh Steelers during the preview, and they go on a five game losing streak.  Ouch.  If they win even 3 of those, I get this division almost perfect.  Steelers, Ravens, Bengals, Browns.  The Bengals impressed me, but I get the feeling that they just got some teams at the right time.  The Packers with their messed up offensive line, Steelers in some really lucky finishes.  Could have beaten the Broncos though.  How’d they lose to the Raiders?!  Ravens did what I thought.  Tough team to beat, not overly great.  Browns didn’t answer any of my questions, and it could be a while.  “I’m not sold on Cedric Benson at all.”  Probably wins best player in division though.  Keith Rivers was a sexy pick, but no one player really stands out defensively since Troy and Ed went down with injuries. 


AFC South – Boo yeah!   Brian Cushing = stud.  Got that one right.  Colts cruise.  That too!  Texans go... wait for it... 9-7!  Another money pick.  Titans come back to earth... guessed it!  Jags stink... well, maybe not, but they weren’t special.  Finally, my great football mind shines through.  That Peyton guy wins offensive player of the division, although Andre Johnson and Chris Johnson made it damn close.  Freeney on the other side... eh.... I’ll give it to Brian Cushing.  Monster year.


AFC West – ZZZZZzzzzz.  I said something along the lines of, “San Diego has this division on lockdown.”  Easy.  Denver made it interesting for a couple of weeks, but their true colors shone through in the end.  I went Chargers, Broncos, Raiders, and Chiefs.  Boom!  Two in a row.  Denver was better than the year before, but not by much.  Raiders were better than the Chiefs, but not by much.  It really was that easy for the San Diego Chargers.  Rivers and Asomugha.  I guess, but Champ had a nice year.  Brandon Marshall could have won it too. 


Playoff teams correct: 4. Better.  Missed on Pittsburgh and Houston.  But barely. 


New England v. Philly.  Still have a shot at it, but it gets really tricky for me.  Eagles could’ve played at home for at least one game.  Now need road wins all the way to Miami.  New England is hard to read.  Still wouldn’t want to play them though. 


MVP – Randy Moss. No.  Way off.  Peyton Manning and/or Chris Johnson.  Brett Favre and Drew Brees right behind the two of them. 


ROY Offense – Knowshon Moreno.  No.  Nice season, but Percy probably gets it.  Mark Sanchez did well though. 


ROY Defense – Brain Cushing.  Yes!  All three USC linebackers are animals, but this one probably did a little more.  I would not be crushed if Clay Matthews won it though.  Next fifteen years on the Green Bay Packers, that guy. 


Comeback Player of the Year – Michael Vick.  No.  He was solid.  I think the winner is Brett Favre hands down.  Maybe, maybe, maybe, Tom Brady and/or Darren Sharper. 


Potential Surprise Team – Green Bay Packers.  Yes.  They exceeded even my expectations.  The rookie class was great.  The quarterback is special.  I wouldn’t want to play my team right now. 


To the top – Among others:  Aaron Rodgers, Pat Willis, Andre Johnson, and Calvin Johnson.  All these guys are now household names and probably all-pros.  Calvin could’ve shown us a little bit more.


See you later – Among others:  Chad Ochocinco, Larry Johnson, Clinton Portis, and Albert Haynesworth.  Chad stuck around for a little while.  Larry’s gone.  Clinton’s probably gone.  Haynesworth wasn’t Titan good. 




I honestly don’t know.  The six seeds are as scary as the one seeds.  This is going to be a great playoff season.  Maybe a few weeks ago, one of these teams stood out above the rest (Saints).  One of them was probably lucky to get in (Ravens).  But I think any and all could win Super Bowl 44. 


Philadelphia v Dallas.  Very tricky game to pick.  Everyone wants to pick the Cowboys, but I don’t think the Philadelphia Eagles care where they play.  Romo still hasn’t done it yet, and Donovan has.  That being said, I’m sure the Dallas Cowboys are getting mighty tired of hearing about the 13 year drought.  I’ll pick them to win.


Green Bay v Arizona.  Another tough game to pick.  Hottest quarterback in the league playing against Mr. Playoff.  Injuries might play its part, but I do think Dom Capers will have something cooked up nice for the Packer defense.  It’s easy to pick Green Bay, but I’d rather be wrong, so I’ll say Arizona. 


New York Jets v Cincinnati.  I think it’s quite easy actually.  Rookie quarterback on the road in his very first playoff start.  Jets will take this one, and Mark Sanchez goes on a little Joe Flacco run.  No way can Carson throw on this D, and Chad will be very quiet.


Baltimore v New England.  Nice match up.  Joe got worked earlier this year, but I think the Ravens will be better this time around.  Yet, I did pick the New England Patriots to get to the super bowl, so why hold back now?  I’ve already knocked out one of my playoff teams, and I can’t do it twice.  New England to win. 


I could very easily go 0-4, like I did in the divisional playoffs last year.  Remember that?  Eagles beat the Giants, Cards knocked off the Panthers, Ravens upset the Titans, and Steelers got past the Chargers.  But that’s why this is fun!  Foot in mouth

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So Much News, So Little Blog

There is a lot of hoopla going on throughout the world of sports.  Hell, there’s just a lot of hoopla.  I could have started with many topics this week, including:  Tiger being American, Wolves win their second, Saints cruising, baseball free agency blows, taking hacks at goalies out of frustration, fantasy playoffs, the rebirth of LJ, so on and so on.  But there comes a time every four years when nations’ hopes are either sustained or diminished when the World Cup draw comes out.  I will still liberate all of you with my thoughts on sports, but this week’s main focus will be my thoughts and predictions for World Cup 2010. 


Substitution – Ron Artest for Tiger Woods.  Why can’t we just leave poor Tiger alone?  Shit happens.  So what.  Besides, Ron Artest drinks Hennessey at halftime... how sweet is that?!  Maybe we all just need to relax for a moment and knock back some of life’s sweet nectar.


Goal! – Wolves win in Denver.  That’s right!  They got a W.  I figure since I’ll only be doing this once a month, I might as well get excited about it.


Ballon D’Or – Darrelle Revis.  This guy trumps anyone for defensive player of the year award.  Have you seen the numbers?  None of the NFL’s best has gotten 50 yards receiving on this guy yet this season.  50!  Half of a football field!  What a magician.


Yellow Card – I almost need a notebook worth of warnings this week.  Recipients go to:  Tom Brady, Placido Polanco, Tiger Woods (dissent), Sepp Blatter, Arsene Wenger, Chad Ochocinco, Mark Mangino, Jay Cutler, Keith Ballard and Adrian Peterson.  80 is okay, but 109???  Really?  In Cross-town?


Red Card – Notre Dame Football.  Okay, so let me get this straight.  You just fired a guy that you’re going to have to pay 18 million dollars without a backup plan in mind?  You have no idea who your next coach is going to be, and once he gets there, the long-term scenario is so muddled; he is not going to have any idea how to turn the program around...  They keep flirting with joining the Big Ten (which I think is a fantastic idea, because all they have to do is win a Big Ten Championship game to reach the BCS, which is a lot easier than going 10-2 every year against the likes of USC, Purdue, Navy, Air Force, Michigan, UConn, oh wait, it’s not easier...  There is no identity for your school anymore, because you haven’t won a national championship in years!!!  Years!!!  People don’t automatically choose your program anymore!  The expectations that you have given to your coaches is ridiculous, and I think it’s going to take something special to bring Notre Dame football back to what it used to be.  IMO.


Enough venting.  I guess I just don’t understand why Notre Dame thinks they can attract the top coaches, and then when they do, sack them for not winning national championships.  Lou Holtz was an aberration; back then there were no Oregons, LSUs, TCUs and Boise Sts.  Much easier to recruit when they were the only school on television.  Now we get to see everyone all the time.  A much more level playing field.



Group A:  South Africa (hosts), Uruguay, France, Mexico.  I like this group because the least talented team happens to be the hosts.  I think that France will treat this World Cup like a gift, (because it is), and use that psychological value to their advantage.  Uruguay and Mexico will be tough to defeat, but I can’t see them getting more than 4 points.  France 1<sup>st</sup>, South Africa 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Group B:  Argentina, Rep. of Korea, Nigeria, Greece.  Nothing really jumps out at me from this group.  Argentina should and probably will get through.  Although Greece and Korea play organized and could get draws off of Argentina.  I think the Nigerians could draw really well and that could push them through.  This might change, but right now I’ll say Argentina 1<sup>st</sup>, Nigeria 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Group C:  United States, England, Algeria, Slovenia.  Almost a perfect draw for me.  I would like to see the States do well, but I will be getting behind the English for the World Cup.  I don’t know anything about Algeria, other than they were able to knock out Egypt which is quite an achievement.  Slovenia, I remember from 2002, and they weren’t very good and there were a lot of problems with team chemistry.  That might not happen this time, but you have to think that the English and Americans have this.  England 1<sup>st</sup>, USA 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Group D:  Germany, Ghana, Serbia, Australia.  Another interesting group.  The favorites are hard to pick, but I would think Germany and Serbia.  Serbia had a great qualifying run; they were the reason that France had to handball their way into the World Cup.  Australia has a nice rapport among their players, but Tim Cahill must be fit.  Ghana could do well too, but Germany and Serbia won’t allow for much space.  I’ll go with the Europeans.  Germany 1<sup>st</sup>, Serbia 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Group E:   Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Cameroon.  A lot of unknown quantities here for the neutral fan.  I watch the Netherlands very closely and they had a nice European qualifier.  Depending on the fitness of the players and who is selected, they could be surprise champions.  Cameroon has a top 5 striker, and a bunch of average talent at the other positions.  But on any day, Samuel Eto’o is unstoppable.  Japan might be out of their league with the strength of some of these forwards, and I think the other 3 nations decide this.  I’ll go Cameroon 1<sup>st</sup>, Netherlands 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Gorup F:  Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia.  Lucky sons of bitches.  Maybe it pays to be champions.  Italy got what I consider to be the easiest path to the next round.  I like Paraguay, but they really depend on one player (Roque Santa Cruz), and he’s not Eto’o.  I know absolutely nothing about New Zealand and Slovakia, but I will over the next six months.  Right now it’s easy.  Italy 1<sup>st</sup>, Paraguay 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Group G: Brazil, Portugal, North Korea, Cote D’Ivoire.  Ahhh!  Smell that?  It smells a little like death.   I’d like to have a moment of silence for the North Koreans and thank them for coming.  They will not get one point.  The rest of this group is mouth watering.  Every match crucial, every point difficult to come by.  Injuries and selection will have the final say, but right now I’m knocking out the Portuguese.  Brazil 1<sup>st</sup>, Cote 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Group H: Spain, Swiss, Honduras, Chile.  Spain and a fight for 2<sup>nd</sup>.  Whether I want them to be or not, the Spanish are currently the world’s best side.  They have talent at every position, and can cover any injury.  Still, I think they will find a way to lose.  I like Honduras a lot, but I don’t think they have quite the firepower to get to the second round.  Although I would say that about the Swiss and Chile too.  This is probably the most difficult second pick, but I shall go Spain 1<sup>st</sup>, Chile 2<sup>nd</sup>.


Knockout Round : 1A v 2B France wins because karma hates football.

                               2A v 1B Argentina squeaks past the hosts.

                               1C v 2D England over Serbia, but not easy

                               2C v 1D Germany cruises

                               1E v 2F Cameroon through Eto’o

                               2E v 1F Want to pick upset; Italy moves on

                               1G v 2H Not even close.  Brazil by 2+.

                               2G v 1H First major upset.  I like the Ivorians.


Quarterfinals:  France v England – Sweet!  Most of Britain will probably be behind the English for this one.  I hope they do it, and I shall pick them for once.

                        Argentina v Germany – Two managers that could lose it for their nations.  I think the Germans keep their head here.  Germany through.

                        Cameroon v Brazil – I think the luck runs out.  Brazil could mark Eto’o out of the game and just counter, and counter, and counter.  Brazil to the semis.

                        Italy v Cote D’Ivoire – Those damn Italians.  I wish to pick an African nation to the semis, but I don’t see Italy beat here.


Semi-finals:  Brazil v England – I think it’s the Brazilians here.  But Capello will still be revered for getting this far. 

                      Italy v Germany – I could see history repeating itself.  I do.  Italians in extra time.  Through a fullback.


Final:  Brazil v Italy.  Let’s wait and see.

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“God Loves me so Much, He Created Football Twice”

And it’s true.  Not only over these next couple of weeks do I get conference championships, bowl games, significant NFL games, playoffs and Super Bowl, but I also get Champions League matches, grueling domestic fixtures, F.A. Cup matches and personally, I think my second consecutive League Cup trophy.  Because that’s my favorite of them all. 


This is an exciting time of year, however.  There is football on every weekend, some on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and some on Monday nights.  Essentially, with the exception of Friday nights, there is football on every day.  What a world that we live in!


Handball! – The French national team.  This isn’t over yet, France.  I am just one of many that will devote my next June and July to cheering against whatever nation you come up against during the 2010 World Cup.  If justice will be served, you will get drawn in with the Americans, and Landon Donovan will punch the ball into the top corner of the net a la Paul Scholes to send your nation reeling and causing the rest of the world to laugh.  Although, the way this appears to be scripted, Platini and Zidane will come out of retirement, nestle under the covers with the referees and the world will be speechless as Les Blues lift the big one once again.


Yellow Card – Pittsburgh Steelers.  Be careful my friends.  Losing games to the Kansas City Chiefs doesn’t augur well for your team with only six weeks left in the season.  Although a gift from the Oakland Raiders has assured all of us that you will most likely win the division before the season is complete.  Just quit losing the easy games. 


Goal! – Me.  For picking the Oakland Raiders to go to the Super Bowl.  They’re not entirely out of this thing yet!  3-7, and they’ve beaten the Eagles and Bengals.  This team might just catch fire and I wouldn’t want to play them right now!  Here’s too making my full-scale use of sarcasm look genuine!


Red Card – New York Yankees pursuit of Joe Mauer.  We all know that this is going to happen.  Technically, they could e-mail Joe an e-check with the amount segment left blank.  I would like to get a head start on the Mauer sweepstakes and red card every team besides the Twins in sight.  Red Card – Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels and anyone else that has 160 million dollars in their budget, because that’s what it’s going to take to keep this kid in town for the next 7 years.  Twins, your move.


Yellow Card – Chicago Bears.  At last!  I don’t have to hear about the Herschel Walker trade anymore!  This is the most annoying, agonizing, redundant topic that I hear about every time the Dallas Cowboys dynasty is brought up!  Yes, that wasn’t a very good trade.  But... Jimmy Johnson was an extraordinary coach.  Jerry Jones did not have a budget.  Dallas knew how to draft.  They already had a quarterback in place.  So many things that could have kept the Vikings from being good, or the Cowboys from being bad.  Maybe Herschel and Troy go on to win three super bowls anyway.  And now.... my other rivals have a historically bad trade in place.  If Denver does go on to win three super bowls with Josh McDaniels, then yes, Chicago I will feel your pain.  This yellow card is for making that trade in the first place.  Maybe the problem is you.


Relegation – The Minnesota Timberwolves.  Come on!  This is getting absurd.  We have made these decisions over the past couple of years.  Randy Foye instead of Brandon Roy or Rudy Gay.  Rashad McCants instead of Danny Granger or Hakim Warrick.  Corey Brewer instead of Joakim Noah or Al Thornton.  Kevin Love instead of O.J. Mayo.  And now Ricky Rubio instead of Brandon Jennings or Stephen Curry.  Are you kidding me!?  If this was football, you would be in the third division for these past judgments.  I hereby promote North Carolina to the NBA, and relegate the Wolves to the ACC.  Maybe we can finish ahead of Duke.


7 minutes of extra time... – NFL MVP as far as I’m concerned is Brett.  I hate this.  It’s burning away at me inside.  Yet, there is no one in the league that has changed ‘his’ team’s fortunes more than one #4.  Is Marian Gaborik the next Kevin Garnett?  One wouldn’t think so, but he could take the Rangers a very long way... Liverpool and Bayern Munich in the Europa League final?... I haven’t seen the film yet, but never have I heard such positive feedback for a movie as I have for, “The Blind Side” with Sandra Bullock.  Take some time out of your holiday cheer and give this movie a look...  Brady Poppinga and Tramon Williams will be Packer legends if the team doesn’t miss a beat over the next six weeks and qualify for the playoffs... I don’t think that my Nittany Lions deserve a BCS bid.  However, I do believe that they would’ve locked up the #12 seed in the playoffs and could potentially have beaten Cincinnati on the road before losing at the hands of TCU in a college playoff... Is the board of directors at Notre Dame feeling okay?  Do they realistically believe that Urban Meyer would even consider leaving the Gators for Touchdown Jesus elementary school?  Coaching the Gators is the best job in football as far as I’m concerned, NFL or college... Mr. Henderson, if you go to Iowa, not only will you break the hearts of all Minnesotans, but as a future scout I will question your ambition as an athlete.  YOU CAN GO ANYWHERE YOU WANT.  Do not choose the Hawkeyes... I, Nate Confer, have decided to follow a specific nation for the World Cup.  It will not be the U.S of A; it never is.  In 2010, I will support the Three Lions with everything that I can muster, because nothing will make that nation happier.  Prince William could marry Jessica Alba, the pound could be the strongest currency in the world, Jaguar could outsell Toyota, and still the British would be most happy with a World Cup.  And that would make me happy. 


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  Love your loved ones!








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Old Post from Facebook, but more suited for CBS

What an awful week for me in sports. And then I realized, I’ll be in Mexico! So it doesn’t really matter! But the Green Bay Packers are on a bye after the most disappointing result in team history. Not to say we didn’t play well; we played great. But to beat Favre would have been legendary... Manchester United is also on a ‘bye’. Internationals this week. So nothing to watch there either. The Minnesota Twins are likely going to be destroyed by the Yankees, and I’ll get to see just how terrible the Minnesota Timberwolves are. But I won’t. Cause I’ll be in Mexico!

Goal! – Brett Favre. Even though I’m a hater right now, I can’t hate. I thought the Packers game plan for the week was exquisite; we shut down Adrian Peterson, ran a nice amount of screens and slants, and forced Favre to beat us with his arm. Problem was... he did! Never in all my life did I ever see him throw 80%. It was the darndest thing. I understand rushing only three to force him to throw, but when you give him half an hour, he’ll use it. Three weeks until Lambeau and you gotta think, maybe a few more blitzes. But well done Favre. Mr. Allen. Mr. Rice.

Substitution – Michael Crabtree. We finally get to see what the kid has to offer. Funny how a 3-1 football team changes things. Still want to be the 7th pick in the draft, Michael? However, I will really think it’s funny when they end up 6-10. Chemistry counts for a lot in football, but at least we get to see a change. For Singletary’s sake, let’s hope it’s a good one.

Yellow Card – Eric Mangini. He better hope he has a job by the time they draft those players he received in the Braylon Edwards deal. Unless... he just wants the #1 pick. Ah! Eric, save the poor son of a bitch from going to the Oakland Raiders! So, this is my warning for you. Win fewer games than Oakland, and convince us you’re a good coach by striking gold on next year’s #1 pick.

Standing Ovation - Richard Dunne. I don't like you. But your performance, goal, and celebration against the blue side were class.

Great Partnership – Darren Bent & Kenwyne Jones. I like this tandem. They are very dangerous, and not afraid of any back four. Did you see the shot Bent put past United over the past weekend? Top form, that. My prediction of Sunderland for 13th looks a little bit soft, and expect these two to push them further into the mid-table. Perhaps 10th for Bruce?

Half-time – The baseball playoffs. Yes, I will take a little break to discuss them. If it wasn’t for Nick Adenhart’s unexpected accident, I don’t know if I would even care. But I would love for the Angels to win it this year (I know, right?), and it would be nice to see Torre get in there for the Dodgers. Too bad L.A. cares about as much as I do. Also a quick congratulations to the Minnesota Twins. How the hell they won the division with that pitching rotation and the injury to Justin Morneau is beyond me, but if any of you are disappointed with this season for one second, you need to get slapped. This was amazing.

Goal! – Stevan Jovetic. Finally! A target that I can agree with. I liked him last year for Fiorentina, and now the world knows. Plays similar to a Paul Scholes with flair. Or Francesco Totti with less. I’ve never seen him tackle yet though. I hope we can get him before the price spikes to 30. Maybe a double swoop for this guy and Kuzmanovic from Stuttgart. Also class.

Stoppage Time – American sports in Europe is a great idea, and I encourage our European counterparts to do the same. (The Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz met for a preseason game in England this past week.) I think it’s kind of bullshit that teams have to sacrifice a home game to do so, but anyway for the league to make more money is a sufficient enough reason. Why don’t the European nations play their cup-ties overseas while we play our all-star games and other extravaganzas on the other side? Although if they put the Super Bowl in London in 2012, there will be riots. But maybe the pro bowl?... For perhaps the first time in 8 years, I have been thoroughly wrong about something that I believe in. I used to believe that the Beatles and Wu-Tang were the two most talented musical bands this world as ever seen. I am wrong. Pink Floyd might take the cake. Over the past 6 months, I have purchased, “Division Bell”, “The Wall”, “Dark Side of the Moon”, “Meddle”, and “Wish you Were Here.” Where the hell have I been?! Magical stuff. ;) I recommend all of it, and I hope to continue my collection... Goodbye to all of you. I will miss you deeply, and will think about you all the time during our vacation. Ha! I know! Complete bullshit! We’re going to romp until the early hours of the morning, and I won’t even consider Minnesota, Pennsylvania, internet, cell phones, and fantasy teams until I get back! Sports on the other hand...
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Almost complete happiness & John Terry

Clearly there are things that are very important to us in life.  Things like children, marriage, work, church, our homes, our cars, a memorable concert, etc.  I too have important components in my life.  I have what I call the big 3.  It goes my mother, my wife, and United.  Most of the time in that order.  ;)  1999 was two years after I realized that I could no longer render soccer/football as a useless sport.  The Champions League final did not have the complete significance to me then as it does now.  When the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, the expectations were so high, that to have finally met them, I was more relieved than anything else.  The Timberwolves, Nittany Lions and Wild have not given me the joy of winning a championship, and I don't really expect one soon.  Eric Djemba-Djemba, David Bellion, Kleberson, Quinton Fortune and Diego Forlan were signings that made me think that United was never going to win another European trophy during the Alex Ferguson reign.  It wasn't until we signed Michael Carrick (odd, huh?) that I thought he was gunning for European success once again.  And although it's not quite my wedding day, nor was it the opportunity to spend time with my mother at my graduation party after high school, or even the two weeks that my mother and I were able to travel Europe together, it was one of my happiest days.  For that I am truly grateful.  (Funny though that I would rather win the Premiership than the European trophy.  But the whole world notices this one.)

Dear John,

I don't like your team.  I'm not particularly fond of your national team either. (I would much rather the Germans or Dutch pull in a trophy first.  Then England can get theirs)  I think Steven Gerrard would make a better English captain.  And I think that Carvalho plays the centre back position better than you do.  Yet on my happiest day, I was still able to generate sympathy for a player on the opposing team.  The moment was set up for greatness.  John Terry, soon to be a Chelsea legend, will line up for the last PK in the 2008 first all-English European final.  The ball was going in the net.  Similiar to Michael's last shot as a Chicago Bull.  Or Elway's eyes blazing for the endzone against the favored Green Bay Packers.  But it didn't happen.  You missed.  And slipped on the wet pitch.  After a few moments of showing United celebrations the camera focused in on your face.  Red eyes.  Tears streaming.  Mr. Terry, that was also hard for me.  You and I do have one thing in common.  Our passion.  You love your blue, the same way I love the sport.  If they asked you to play in a reserve match, I have no doubt you would be out there leading that team, the same way I have no problem watching a Bolton-Wigan dandy.  Someone once defined you to me as another Tony Adams, just one that cares.  I understand that comparison.  I understand your tears.  And Mr. Terry, I wish you the almost complete happiness someday that I was able to enjoy on May the 21st of the year 2008.  Even if it is in that blue jersey.

Posted on: April 5, 2008 3:39 pm

A shout out to the team I despise the most

Hey Arsenal!

How's it going?  I'm sure you realize this, but I just wanted to let you know that any hope of winning the Premiership title as most likely passed you by, and Champions League could be right around the corner.  I will however, tip my hat to the boys from Emirates for a season that I consider to be sliced with a smidge of overachievement.  Good job.

Barca makes me nervous.  Ronaldinho or not, this is the trophy they are obsessing over.  I think they may get the best of United.

I like this sport called baseball.  It's my second season caring since I was six years old, and I tell you what, there are a lot of good players exposing their talents for all to see.  I built a fantasy team for the future, and with the best of luck I could be seeing a title as early as this season.  Thank you to Sporting News for sharing the information necessary to allow myself to draft Micah Owings, Daric Barton, Joba Chamberlain and Matt Capps.  I wasn't aware of any of these names eighteen months ago, but the future looks bright during my second year of baseball education.  Nothing wrong with exceeding expectations.


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