Posted on: August 5, 2008 11:58 am

Multi-year contracts…WTF ?


<o:p> </o:p>Why do star professional athletes insist on multi-year contracts only to turn around a year later and demand to renegotiate? 

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It seems like every week we read about someone holding management hostage for a multi year deal or they will sit out a season or leave to sign a huge free agent contract leaving the franchise that gave them their start high and dry.  I understand that the professional athlete’s career is short lived, but you shouldn’t be able to have it both ways.   If you sign a four year contract and two months from now somebody else signs a bigger contract, TOO BAD.   Unfortunately, these guys are paid based on what they have done in the past and, human nature being what it is; they normally provide their employer reduced production as a reward for the giant long-term contract.  We have all seen examples of the amazing production that inevitably comes in  a player’s free agent year, but Andruw Jones had his worst statistical season last year and still got a huge free agent contract from the Dodgers and has been HORRIBLE this season…I wonder if he will renegotiate his contract to pay him less…hmmmm.

How long will it be before all of the real fans are unable to attend a major professional sporting event due to continually escalating prices at the “ballpark?”   Isn’t it fun watching the Yankees being able to plug in Pudge Rodriguez the minute they find out that Jorge Posada is out for the season.  What is their payroll now…a billion frickin’ dollars?  Thanks for ruining baseball and leading the charge to ruin sports altogether George Steinbrenner…I almost puked when he showed up at the All-Star game and Fox TV made him sound like the greatest thing that ever happened to baseball.   Give me a break.

Somebody needs to take the first step to turn this bullsh*t around.  My biggest hope is that Matt Holliday (who talks about how close his team is and that they think of each other as family more than just teammates) tells his agent Scott Boras to hit the bricks, works out a deal with the Rockies for a huge but reasonable amount, and takes the lead in showing dedication and loyalty to his team and their fans.  I realize this sounds totally naïve and will likely never happen, but one move like this from a prominent free agent may give all of us hope that professional sports can be salvaged.

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