Posted on: January 14, 2009 6:40 am

Omar plays with market, it plays him

Now that we have lost out on Derek Lowe to the Braves, Omar has to step things up and bring in Oliver Perez.

While I like Ben Sheets and Randy Wolf, I have always wanted them brought in as possible back of the rotation starters due to their injury risk. Omar really dropped the ball by waiting for the market to expand on Lowe and now we have no choice but to sign Perez to be our 3rd/4th starter.

If Omar would have just been more aggresive from the start with Lowe (I am not saying he should have gave in to the 4th year but maybe offer more money than the rumored 3/$36 million dollar offer and an option for the 4th), Lowe would probably be ours now. Instead, we continue to read now about fallback option after fallback option.

I won't debate the positives and negatives of Perez. We've been doing that all season. The only fact that remians at this point is that regardless of what my ulcer may go through with Perez on the mound at any given time, he is the healthiest and best option still available. Omar cannot wait until this market expands as he did for Lowe. Teams like the Dodgers have pitching needs as well and the money to spend. Get a move on now Omar.  

Posted on: January 8, 2009 7:29 am

Mets have got to move faster

Now that it appears the Red Sox are on the verge of adding John Smoltz (along with Rocco Baldelli, whom I would have loved to have seen in a Mets uniform), I have to wonder whether this is going to affect our trying to sign Derek Lowe.

The Braves definately have the money to add starting pitching (they have tried all winter to trade for Jake Peavy and we're in on the bidding of $80 mil to A.J. Burnett) and now that it appears that John Smoltz is ready to jump ship, I just cannot see the Braves going with a rotation that features Jair Jurrjens, Javier Vasquez,  Jorge Campillo, Charlie Morton and Jo-Jo Reyes, with Tim Hudson out until likely late in the summer. Tom Glavine is also unlikely to return even more so now that Smoltz is gone.

The Mets really need to hurry up and lock up another starting pitcher whether it be Lowe, Oliver Perez, Randy Wolf, whomever and quick because Atlanta could easily swoop in and take 2 of the guys we are currently looking at. 

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