Posted on: April 10, 2008 10:06 am
Edited on: April 10, 2008 10:07 am

Rangers Win 4-1/Mets "walk" away with one

Was an outstanding night for both my teams going. Rangers win 4-1 over the Devils.

Devils looked demoralized at the end of the game and it is probably now creeping into their heads that there is no way they are advancing, lol Rangers capatilized when they needed to and the Devils probably wish they had Gomez back. Shanahan was outstanding last night and the only question that remians is how many games do we play with the devils before we move on past them.

Meanwhile over at Shea, the Mets WALKED away with victory as the Phillies attempted to see just how many errors they could produce with Jimmy Rollins out of the lineup.

Kyle Kendrick (shown above) only looked good in form last night as he attempted to walk the entire lineup. Mike Pelfrey, who for now has been thrust into the #4 slot in the rotation, looked pretty decent last night. I hope to see him in his next outing cut down on the pitch count and go a little deeper into the game. Angel Pagan continues to come through and almost makes ya wonder if we even want Alou coming off the DL anytime soon. Carlos Delgado continues to show that he still has much left to show. early going in the season has him batting over .350 and getting on base every chance he can get. only question so far is when Jose Reyes will steer clear of the Mendoza line but it is still very early in the season and I look forward to good things. 


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