Posted on: June 22, 2008 12:22 am
Edited on: June 24, 2008 7:48 pm

Philly Soul

Could the Soul be the ones to break  the Philly jinx , going over 38 years without a chanpionsip team?

Although a championship for the city would be great,  is this what we really want to hang our hats on?

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Posted on: May 16, 2008 10:46 pm


Lacosse  the sport gaining the most new college teams across the nation, is having the NCAA Chanpionsips this week. Exciting yes.

ESPN purshased the rights for the championsips, and puts it on ESPN U , which few cable companies have. Why purchase the rights then not let anyone see what a great sport it is? 

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Posted on: May 15, 2008 1:34 am


Great season. A tad worn out and injured but who would have thought from worse to the division finals.

Props to Holgram for a quick fix, with some time he will built it for the long haul.

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Posted on: May 13, 2008 7:10 pm


Howard getting hot  the last month sent the Phils past the Mets last year. He still strikes out at an amazing rate, and his ground ball % of hits is amongst the lowest in baseball.

If the Phils are going to make another run, he has to start making contact along with Pat The Bat  continuing to have a contract ending year.  

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Posted on: April 28, 2008 10:03 pm

Game 3

Guts and luck. To outshoo the way they were and still hang in for the win is amazing. The last two games had rewrite of Game 1 all over them as the Habs suge late. If the Flyers pull off the next one in Philly, they are going to play for the Cup.

Does our almost 30 year drought for a champ in city end here? 

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Posted on: April 27, 2008 2:21 am


Last two years and the Birds trade out of the first round of the draft. Is it that do not see value there or is it really the  fiscal part of signing a first round pick. 

Today they traded down 22 slots in the draft. One would be hard pressed to find  the last team to slide that far on purpose.

On the other hand, they did come up with two value picks in the second round, so maybe Andy does know. After blowing the fist game of year last season, he saw he needed a return man, he got him today . Hopefully the tackles hold out for another year  and they use their two first round picks in the next draft to resolve another problem

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Posted on: April 22, 2008 11:04 pm


What a series. Two teams who did not make the playoffs last year , give us the best hockey of round 1. In the end, it was the Flyers power play, second in the league this year, and 20% during the series, that turned the trick.

Both goalies making three bell saves with the winner coming on a back hand rebound. Hats off to the Caps coming back from 1-3 to give us this great game 7.

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Posted on: April 22, 2008 4:43 pm


Pistons might just be out quicked by this band of no names. Perhaps 3  out 5  in the regular season wasn't a fluke.
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