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WCC Preview

In what was arguably the best season for the WCC since Bill Russell and his back-to-back NCAA Championships in the 50s, the WCC proved it was coming along as one of the best mid-major conferences in the country. Three teams Gonzaga, Saint Mary's and San Diego all got into the tournament last season. A good thing for the conference is:

  • Most of the better players are back for another season
  • All of the teams will improve greatly from last year
  • Sweet Sixteen and Final Four talk is surrounding three teams again. (Yeah you probably know who)

Well in my preview, I am going to start with the top team in the WCC and make my way down, like most regular people do. My preview is unlike most others as I try to make you laugh as well as give quality information, so that YOU THE FAN can make an ACCURATE prediction yourself in who is going to do great in this so-called "Mediocre conference."

The Best of the Best in the WCC

  1. Gonzaga Bulldogs logoGonzaga Bulldogs - Stepping in first with their dancing shoes ready are the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the long lost Cinderella Team from 1998, who beat Florida to get to the Elite Eight. From then on, they have only made the Sweet Sixteen a couple of times. Well this year, they return what could and I strees the word could be the best team in Gonzaga history. Jeremy Pargo, a playmaker will have you saying "He just did what?" and Josh Heytvelt is what I call underrated in terms of the BIG men. What people fail to realize is that Gonzaga has the talent to do well every year, however, just falls short due to injuries or just plain out choking. I don't believe that is what is going to happen this year. This team is loaded, probably not going to the Final Four, but can make thier case for an Elite Eight Appearance. Remember, Mark Few has NEVER led "his" team to the Elite Eight. That was a different coach. If you are that desperate to know the name, GOOGLE
  2. San Diego Toreros logoSan Diego Toreros - Yes I have the nerve to say San Diego will finish #2 in the WCC. THIS San Diego team is just plain looking a lot better than last year. They return everyone who went to the Round of 32 last year. People like Brandon Johnson and Gyno Pomare are two outstanding players that completely dominated Gonzaga in the WCC tourney finals. In a one game scenario I really would not want to face this team at all. I think this team will make the NCAA Tourney and might beat Gonzaga a time or two since Bill Grier knows Mark Few's tendencies so well. San Diego will also challenge Gonzaga for the WCC Regular Season crown, however, I feel that they will fall a game or two short since they play Gonzaga and Saint Mary's twice. These three teams will absolutely beat each other up. Lets not forget that other teams in this conference can pull off upsets as well.....

  3. St. Mary's (Ca.) Gaels logoSaint Mary's Gaels - The Gaels have two incredible shooting guards who, in turn will end up splitting their time with each other. Carlin Hughes and Wayne Hunter are going to be pretty darn good in the second chapter of the WCC. This story book team from last year beat Gonzaga once last year, and may very well do it twice as they also return a solid guard in Patrick Mills who was the bread and butter for the Gaels. The Gaels may have only MADE the tourney last year, but expect them to potentially do some damage. Yes, they were only a 10 seed, however, they were very underrated.

  4. Santa Clara Broncos logoSanta Clara Broncos - This is one of the more pesky "lower bottom feeders" in the WCC. A guy I really like from this team is John Bryant who averaged nearly a double double every single game. He averaged 18 points and 9.6 rebounds per game, while nearly leading to an upset over Gonzaga in Santa Clara's last game of the season losing by 4 points. John Bryant, let me tell ya, Is pretty damn good, and very entergetic on the court, and can really play with the best of the conference. One downfalll of the team is the loss of Brody Angley who was the Broncos second leading scorer averaging 11.5 points per game and just over 4 assists. If you are a fan of a WCC team, watch out for the Broncos of Santa Clara.

The Not-So Best of the Best. These teams are the ones that make you wonder why Gonzaga, Saint Mary's and San Diego get all the hype leading up to tourney day. These teams are not very good, thus landing in the NOT so Best of the Best in the WCC. These teams are just awful, but you wanna watch out for them. You play horrible one game, and this could be a blemish that you don't wanna have on your tournament resume.

To start off the Not-So Best of the Best, I will introduce you to the first team that could be on the rise, but is still as bad as those horror movies in the Movie Theatre. These teams are scary, also only because they play within the conference, but to some pollsters, they are do-nothing teams that should be so-called "pushovers" Lets get to the teams.

  1. San Francisco Dons logoSan Franscisco Dons - One Major factor that could help San Franscisco get outta the Not-So Best of the Best, is Dior Lowhorn. He plays well, usually the whole team does. Granted Eddie Sutton coached this team the last half of the season, but a coach can't fill all the holes needed to succeed in such a tough (at least for USF) conference. This team is on the rise, but don't expect too much of a turnaround. The Dons will be lucky to finish .500 in the WCC.
  2. Portland Pilots logoPortland Pilots - A game here and there prevented Portland from being a better than face value program. Finishing with an abismal 3-11 record in the WCC, the Pilots suffered through a great deal of pain watching their team lose not only blowouts, but the heartbreakers that made the poor Pilots fans cry. I kinda feel sorry for the Pilots fans. They were sincerely in about 5 of the WCC games that they didn't win. Oh so close! Can they turn around some of those games this year? We will find out near Martin Luther King Day.
  3. Pepperdine Waves logoPepperdine Waves - Yes this team is bad, but that is not the question. Will they improve from their 4-10 conference record from last season? I really don't think so. They lost their two best scorers in Tyrone Shelley and Malcolm Thomas. This team will be improved in a few years, but I know this team wants to reclaim the glory they once had in the 80s and early 90s from this conference. Trust me Pepperdine. You will be back. But I don't know how soon.
  4. Loyola-Marymount Lions logoLoyola Marymount Lions - From pesky WCC team, to the bottom of the pit in total obscurity. I am not sure what to say to you guys except congratulations? You guys are number one in playing horrible in the WCC. You have also lost your two top scorers, but I don't think you Lions fans will be suffering for too long. Once your freshman and sophmores turn into Juniors and Seniors, then you can all call up the doctor to see if you are good enough for a higher ranking.

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