Posted on: April 10, 2008 2:10 pm

Combine and Draft thoughts!!

Might be a bit later commenting on the combine but with the draft coming up I thought I'd toss something out there.

Why is there a combine???  I seriously can't think of a good reason for it.(ok I"m sure there are a couple but not for the point of this blog)  Does running a 4.2 with no pads on mean anything?? Does benching 225 lbs mean anything.  My answer is no!! These guys spend months training for these specific tests, so of course they should be good at it.  OR how about the all important interview........seriously again these guys are coached into how to answer and to say all the "right" things.  Wouldn't a teams time and money be better spent on simply watching tonnes of game film on guys and digging into his past history, as in how does he spend his off time. 

Also for how teams scout QB's, why do some get labled as system Qb's?? Don't all NFL teams run an offense system?? Isn't that the whole point of having an O coordinator is to have a system and then getting players that fit into that system to make it successful, or adjusting that system to the players you have to be successful.  If you draft a system Qb, shouldn't you create a system that plays to his strenghts rather then trying to change him and have him fail when he can't get the system you are trying to force him into to. 

Anyways just my thoughts on what's coming up and something to keep in mind when your team drafts a guy who was average in college but had an amazing combine, especially in 3 years when he is a back up guy and you're wondering why your team blew a top 10 pick on the guy!! 

Any thoughts send me a message!!

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