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Quite a site, the new stadium Ireland has built to replace the old Lansdowne Road ground: http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/imag
additional info here: http://www.stadiumguide.com/lansdow
in Ireland of course. I did see the old Lansdowne Road stadium too and it was handsome if a bit old timey looking.

Another nice one is old Saltergate stadium, the Recreation Ground that was used in the movie "The Damned United",  http://www.stadiumguide.com/salterg
ate.htm ,
used by Chesterfield for years, used in the movie since it was like the old Football grounds. It appears Chesterfield has now moved into a modern stadium.

Chesterfield F.C.'s Saltergate stood in for Wembley Stadium, the Baseball Ground, Carrow Road, and Bloomfield Road. Saltergate was chosen because it had not had any significant modifications since the 1970s, though some repainting work was done by the production team to differentiate the grounds from each other.- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Da
Except for the roofs, I've been to a few old stadiums here in the US as well that might work, often concrete monstrosities.

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The Victory Movie and other sports movies

I stopped buying DVDs at Walgreen's where I go occasionally when I saw it was an unneccesary expense unless they have something really good, the World War I movie, Noel is a great movie but anyway, I was at Walgreen's tonight and they had 2 sporting movies I enjoy, 'Victory' or 'Escape to Victory' as it is called in the UK with Sylvester Stallone, Bobby Moore, Ossie Ardiles, Pele, Michael Caine and others. Then, it is actually 2 movies for the pirce of 1 ($3.99 not too bad) so the ohter movie is 'American Flyers' which is a cycling movie with Kevin Costner in it, I really like the music in American Flyers especially the main theme "Let's go, American Flyers" and at times, I've been an avid cyclist .....anyway, I happened to have the VHS video of Escape to Victory but I really did want to get the American Flyers movie some time and there they both were together.  You'll find no shortage of criticisms of these movies but all in all, they are pretty cool. Escape to Victory has been called the best soccer/football movie of all time. I don't know why, there are quite a few baseball movies around that are thought of as being very good but there really are not even that many American football or soccer movies that are called great. Well, it's nice to have the convenience of a DVD on one's computer. Oh, and of course, "Hoosiers' the basketball movie is surely, if not the greatest, one of the greatest sports movies around, I would think the Knute Rockne movie, rather old is also a great American Football movie (with the memorable line, "Do it for the Gipper"). Maybe I will talk about all sports movies in some blog post. From Blockbuster, I did happen to watch the "Hand of god", dramatization of the life of Diego Maradona in Spanish and made by an Italian/Spanish collaboration. It was fairly good.

As long as I am here, I will say other good soccer movies would have to be, sorry, some people call it cheesy but all in all, the hooligan movie "Green Street" I enjoy, probably because I'm an American with not too much of an idea of how the real hooliganism is or was in England, even with some awareness, I do like it though it may not be a real soccer movie. Real soccer movies are movies like Goal and Goal II, I think there is even a Goal III. The Robert Duval movie in my view is better than the "Goal" movies where Duval plays a manager of a small Scottish team. 'A shot at glory' is the name of that movie. Of course, there are movies in other languages about soccer, the German movie "Miracle at Bern".

As long as I started this blog, I did go ahead and look to see what are thought of as being the best soccer movies of all time:


Well, how could I forget the one on Brian Clough?? "Damned United", I read the book too. Yes, I liked it, at times, we have to be in the mood for a movie just like last week, despite my being a big believer in the Championship League of England, I opted to pick a few Spanish games instead, I just wasn't in the mood to pick West Ham vs. Peterborough.

I also have the movie "The Cup" about some young Tibetan Monks going to a whole lot of trouble to try to watch the World Cup final on TV. It was okay. Forbes mentions 'Shaolin Soccer' which I've heard about but have not seen oh, and I'm sure 'Bend it like Beckham' is on the list, I've only seen parts of that one but it looked okay.

Does Forbes not even mention the "Goal" movies, I thought the first one was reasonably good, the guy went to play for Newcastle.

Here is a list of the best American Football movies: http://www.sportsinmovies.com/best-

But I think baseball is where the great movies are found even if it is not my sport, "Field of Dreams", "Babe Ruth story", in fact, I even have '61' on Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle, good movie again.

Say what you will about 'Escape to victory', the opening, 2 minutes in when they roll the introductory credits and title I've always loved for dramatic effect, the Red Cross car top at first when the camera is so close I would think reminds one of the St. George's flag, the beginning has always been bad and cool and looks like you are about to see a real war movie. Really pretty good and the game vs. the Germans is pretty good as well.  5 Stars? I don't know.

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