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Keep Lamps at Captain!

Hey, truly, Spain may have dominated but as they say, at least they didn't look like a bunch of guys playing for the first time with each other in the way they would pass it back and forth and there is truth to that when the team had the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, no mistake, Gerrard has contributed in some key England wins over the years but I think this team today gelled and this was but one game, there was some good passing out there and honestly, Rooney can be a liability with his play, great for Man Utd., not much for England. Experimental team but it can be tweaked but in the right direction not back to the old guard.

To other news stories, first off, Redknapp had his heart scare? Poor Harry, I'd pray for him but now, this is heavy stuff about the tax court.

The indictment reads: "Mandaric and Redknapp, between 1 April 2002 and 28 November 2007, with intent to defraud and to the prejudice of HM Revenue and Customs, arranged for $145,000, paid by Mandaric as a result of or in connection with Redknapp's employment and as a reward for services, to be transferred to a Monaco bank account opened by Redknapp for that purpose, in order to conceal the said emolument from HM Revenue and Customs and evade the payment of income tax and national insurance contributions thereon (whether by the operation of PAYE by the club or otherwise)."

Much more at the article.
This sounds really serious... you've got to think maybe Redknapp's heart problems might be related to this.

I know a lot of people would disagree but I like Allardyce, I think he could coach England, more heart problems, so then? After Fabio leaves, who might come in??

And back to the 3 Lions, this team today did well enough and as stories say, Spain did have the better attack, all of their big guns were out there, Villa, Fabregas, Mata, everyone. The problem is if Lamps is made permanent Captain and the rest of this team were to stay as is, you'd have those saying "well, where's Rooney?, where's Gerrard?" and on and on. It does present a problem and if they failed, they'd blame it on Capello.

England play again Tuesday versus Sweden, a team who historically, they have a number of draws with. It would not surprise me to see a John Terry Captained England team again, draw Sweden. However, if England can score, obviously, Hart in goal has to be about as good as any goalkeeper in the world today. He made some splendid saves.

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Upset in the cards for the 3 Lions??

Here, 30 minutes before game time, I say England can get a draw at least against the vaunted World Champions, really, England should be able to get something.

Franky Lampard has been having a good year with Chelsea and has been there top scorer, at the least, I don't think Spain will absolutely maul the 3 Lions. Verdict, 1-1 draw.

As for who should be a striker for England, I'd go with Darren Bent 1st then consider Jermaine Defore before everyone else. I believe he was let outside of the National Team that went to South Africa. Bent seems like a good fellow too, on and off the field. He may not be great but as of recent years, I believe England would have a 'chance' with him in there against everyone except perhaps your top-notch teams like Spain, Netherlands and Brazil.

While on this topic, if the Euro qualifiers were still going on,  Wales is one of the hottest teams around, their last coach stood down and in came Gary Speed. Wales topping Norway today, 4-1 and granted, a friendly.

Sammy Vokes getting goals in the 88th and 89th minutes.

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Barca's Scottish Hero

Seems there could be a few Scots who use this board,

This story talks a bit about it... just alerting everyone to this, that website is something.
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Good, at least London is hosting the Athletics Championships:
 in 2017.

I have to feel sorry for Bosnia to the football matches today, they really don't deserve to go down to Portugal and though the two countries drew 0-0 in Bosnia, you have got to think that certainly gives the Portuguese the advantage. I did not know too that Portugal let go of their former manager and hired their current one during this Euro Cup qualifying campaign.

Czechs won home 2-0 over Montenegro. Turkey got blasted in Turkey by the Croats 0-3, so Croatia certainly has a foot in the door to the Euro 2012 tournament. Ireland 4-0 over Estonia there. I think that covers it all.

Fox soccer is running a lot of FA Cup stuff currently. More power to them, they are good games from the lesser known clubs. Tomorrow I know they will have some FA Cup game on.
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AFCON next year.

Traditional Powers missing from the coming African Cup of Nations.

No Egypt, No Cameroon, No Nigeria. Or even Togo who has been going in recent years, no Algeria either who were at the World Cup.

More traditional nations there, I embolden, italicizing the 2nd (or 3rd) tier powers:

Group A:
Equatorial Guinea
Libya, kind of wonder how they got in.
I hope Senegal can win it, I do like one of the Guinea teams but unsure of which one it is, there are at least two countries with that word in it.

Group B
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast Cote D'Ivoire
This group B does indeed appear difficult, Burkina Faso actually has won one AFCON, one they hosted.

Group C
Morroco seems to provide Europe with a fair number of players.

Group D
Reasonably difficult group.


, traditional powers, Ghana who has won the most AFCONs after Egypt at 5 or Ivory Coast, Tunisia or even Senegal might be able to win this whole tournament.

FIFA rankings here in case one wanted to reference these teams.

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African Nations Ratings.

The Libyans actually are playing fairly good soccer right now, that is a story in itself, there was a charity match recently held for Libya and many of the participants were Italians, Libya really is just across the Mediteranean and I may have mentioned it once before, one of Colonel Gaddafi's sons once played some Italian football.

One recent African Cup of Nations saw Libyan and Egyptian fans fight a tiny bit with each other, you know, throwing seats at each other and crazy stuff like that.

It appears the giant nations stay up high in the rankings but missed the AFCON all the same, Nigeria, Cameroon and Egypt.

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Newcastle United

The international break coming up of a 14 day break for most teams will be in Newcastle United's favor, when they come back, they will face Manchester City. Manchester City certainly represents the best in the PL at the moment, being 5 points clear on top. IF Queen's Park Rangers and Wolverhampton can play City respectfully, never mind that Fulham drew them, I think Newcastle can challenge.

Former Magpie Alan Shearer weighs in:

Fans of club fan in England often see this through club colored tinted glasses, I really don't care for the way Chris Hughton was let go a year ago but you can not argue with Alan Pardew's results.

So, unless there is some sort of curse with renaming St. James Park, Sports direct, I think the next few games could still see the Barcodes successful.

Those matches are:

  • Man City away 
  • Man Utd. away
  • Chelsea home
  • Norwich away
  • Swansea home
Still, respectfully, it's not enough to say Newcastle has not faced anyone strong, they've now faced 11 of the 20 teams in the PL.

Pardew is receiving some acclaim but I look at teams he formerly coached, there is Charlton at the top of League I, not long ago, they were in the top flight. Likewise, Southampton just got promoted out of League I into the C-ship and not with Pardew at the helm. Both of these saw Pardew as the manager.  Still, I would suspect a top 6 finish for Newcastle just like Shearer says, even to number 5 making them qualify for the Europa league.

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Wearing poppies on the shirt.

In the news we currently have these stories about wearing poppies on the shirts for England, Wales and Scotland to follow suit as well. I was not always aware of the origins of the poppy. It's really important to some. I'm surprised this never came up before. I know there is a famous poem about the poppies.

In Flanders Fields
By: Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, MD (1872-1918)
Canadian Army

In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.


I may not understand the whole of the situation as well as I should but it seems to me fifa is being their usual shoddy selves.

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