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Neymar, plays for Santos in Brazil, suppose to be the next big thing.

Pele talks him up a whole lot. Who knows. 

Ronaldinho is still one of the top scorers in Brazil. Doing fairly well.

Daily Mail is saying Real and Chelsea are trying to sign Neymar.

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Posted on: November 8, 2011 1:38 pm

Robbie Keane key to LA Galaxy winning.

I'll have to review RK's performance against NY Red Bull, I've heard he may have been suffering some from a leg knock but I think he was key to the Galaxy defeating Real Salt Lake and if he is in good health, he is playing in Ireland's Euro matches after all as well, maybe as the Captain but if he is in the final, I think the LA Galaxy will win. Other than that, Houston Dynamo clearly is a potent team and could challenge as well if the Irishman is not playing.
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Would you or wouldn't you??

Can't believe how long winded the original post I wrote was, simple question, should Beckham go play soccer in Mexico? Would you??

Club Tijuana owner Jorge Alberto Hank has approached David Beckham's representatives about a move to Mexico, according to reports.

In a bid to improve interest in the Liga Mexicana, Hank is willing to offer the LA Galaxy midfielder nearly one million euros a month, Eurosport have reported.


Sorry, really, I do rant sometimes.
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International Week coming up.

Internationals Week is coming Friday though Tuesday... the last 4 places of the Euro Cup to be decided.

Let's get to it.

ELO rating first in parenthesis after country's name.
, FIFA afterwards.

Republic of Ireland (24 25) vs. Estonia (80 59)  Obviously, one would think Ireland would win, double if Robbie Keane is in good health and I'd say he's key as to why the LA Galaxy should be able to defeat Houston in the MLS Cup.
     Ireland.  Estonia's ranking of 80th has to be misleading, weren't they in Italy's, Serbia's and Slovenia's group? Serbia lost 3 points for their fans antics.

And at the same time, the USA will play vs. France there. One can't help but remember how Ireland got such a bad deal against France 2 years ago.

Montenegro (50 39) vs. Czech Republic (30 48) The Czechs should be a cagey opponent and could take this but I'd favor Montenegro.

Bosnia (39 21) vs. Portugal (8 9) Well, one of Man City's big guns is Dzeko, one of the scoring leaders in the PL, a Bosnian. I think Bosnia has a good chance here but again, Portugal has been one of the best teams in the world for the past decade, constantly in the top 10. Even. By the way, I don't quite understand the betting odds at times but it seems the oddsmakers give Bosnia a good chance in the first game.

Turkey (29 26) Croatia (12 12) Hoping the Croats can win this, on paper I think they are the better team but Turkey has had two powerful performances in major tournaments over the past decade. Even.

I always thought ELO ratings were better but I question some of these rankings a bit.

More to write about, people call me naive to say it but as for England, but at times, you can't think that English players from the heavily British teams like Wolves, Swansea, Norwich and the Championship Clubs
(check out the scorers) just might do better than the millionaires we always see out there and who often disappoint. Heck, crazy as it sounds, Beckham might even do well as well though in international play, let's not forget he'd been a prat as well, red carded vs. Argentina, failing to make a tackle against Brazil.

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Bolton Wanderers

Is anyone surprised at the 5-0 shellacking Bolton gave Stoke City this weekend, I am but there are some things some may not know.

Back in April of this year, in the FA Cup Semi Finals, Stoke City defeated Bolton 0-5 at Bolton, ahem, at Wembley, maybe worse seeing how that is considered a "spiritual home" of soccer! Bolton's form was fairly good up to that point but since that game, they've only won 3 League games before the game this past Sunday.

And I saw a few people picked Bolton to win but that that game ended Bolton 5 Stoke City 0 is a bit surreal.

You've got to think they stand a good chance to salvage this season now.
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Love Soccerway but be wary of their data!

I wrote a few days ago about the Leeds goalkeeper Paul Rabuchka reported by Soccerway as being born in California but having the flag of St. George, the flag of England next to his name in the roster. I did not question it however, I was looking at the Wolves squad:
George Elokobi:
 Yes, surely a Ghanaian but country and place of birth listed as Somalia and Mogadishu? I say this has to be nonsense. Somalia has been a country in crisis with many refugees and one can often tell a Somalian. The East of Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia have some reknown marathon runners but for soccer, it is East Africa, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon that are reknown. I'd just say, be wary of some of their information. That can not be correct.

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Houston doesn't belong in MLS East.

I may not have everything correct but from what I understand, each team in the MLS, from DC  United to the Vancouver Whitecaps plays each team in the league 2 times. Now, if this is so, they should just make it one conference.

Also, Houston should never have been moved to the East, they may be more Eastern than Portland and the other teams but they had won 2 MLS Cups as Houston and perhaps another one or two as San Jose before being called the Dynamo.

Now, we will have a final with a Western team and an ex-Western team, but I may be finicky, I know for a long time, DC United to mention them again, was competitive and took a title. It just doesn't seem right for Houston to be in the Eastern conference.

Congrats to the Dynamo.
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2 great links and 1 more on history of the game.  Spanish football/soccer/futbol,/calcio news and history as well.
 Hibs sack manager Calderwood... a lot of in depth stories I don't see elsewhere. That's what I get for thinking the BBC was like the ultimate news source for everything.
 Looks like some good history here.
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