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Notes: Novermber 5th, 2011

Liverpool? This is two draws to the newly promoted clubs, Swansea and Norwich at home I believe, Liverpool defeated a 10 man Everton and the red card in that game some have thought was bogus and they defeated West Brom likewise with a fall that many question that led to a penalty kick. I did not see the Everton game and I think the WBA call could go either way. Andy Carrol missed a sitter so I hear....those things happen. But of course, we can't forget Liverpool were defeated badly by Tottenham, nonetheless, they remain in the top 6 teams.

On top of this, Chelsea really, lost to QPR, lost to Arsenal, I thought the Ivanovic pass to Lampard heading it in was a great goal but they had a fight against Blackburn. 


To Mexico, a country in turmoil but man, they are playing some good football down there...Pele said in 5 years Mexico will be better than Argentina and Uruguay, they certainly have talent.

I'm still learning their playoff system, it sounds to me like they have 2 champions a year, an opening (apertura) and closing (clausura) tournament of the top 8 teams per campaign. Sound confusing? The soccerway page might be of help.


Last comment, Wolverhampton in my view played Man City very good. Now today, we saw a Man City team that had to be resting a few of the starters get by Queen's Park Rangers. But the Wolverhampton Wanderers display I thought was gutsy. Tomorrow is really a six pointer vs. Wigan. I really don't see Wigan winning this at all. The Latics would be fortunate to get a draw. Wigan does have some talent, Victor Moses, selected for the Nigerian National Football/soccer team and others. We will see.

Bolton Stoke, well, I stuck my neck out on this one? And you know why? The Oct. FourFourTwo did have an article on Owen Coyle so possibly misled, I'm picking an upset.

Likewise, all this time, I saw the Everton game as being a possible loss for Newcastle and then, Lawro picked the Toffees to win, so again a throw of the dice and that didn't work out. One has to start thinking Newcastle is better than Chelsea and Liverpool at this point. Chelsea need Drogba? He's not to be found though it's clear they have others to step up, Lampard and Mata for example. Lampard is having a good year. Maybe he should be team captain if he's selected for the England team.

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Leeds' American-born Goalkeeper

Well, one should not put too much emphasis in a 0-5 game, I mean, Man Utd. can't dwell on their big loss 2 weekends ago and Arsenal can't dwell on their big loss earlier in the season, it's one game and you move on.

But Leeds lost this past Wednesday at home, 0-5 to Blackpool and who was in goal? Paul Rabuchka, place of birth, California.He gets an England flag next to his name playing for Leeds though he apparently was born in the USA. Interestingly he played previously for Blackpool, in fact, making a number of appearances for them over a 5 year stretch. What is also interesting is that he gave up 3 goals, okay, may have had some other miffs that led him to being substituted about an hour into the game. 3 goals were given up when he was in there, so 2 goals were given up once the 18 year old replacement Cairns came in. Can't expect as much from the youngster.

The 30-year-old would like his time again, no doubt, but this transfer and this opportunity has swallowed him. The walls caved in spectacularly against Blackpool but the seeds of his demise were sown four games earlier on the night of his full league debut. Rachubka was in arrears from the moment he coughed up an injury-time goal and gifted a point to Coventry City.

Anyone who doubts the effect of a mistake which came at the end of an otherwise steady performance should revisit Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Cardiff City. Rachubka was not culpable for that result but his demeanour was anxious; the sign of a player who knows people are doubting him even if he is not yet doubting himself.

So was it all that bad? Time will tell but it was only one game. but this article is telling.

These are the things we often don't know about, perhaps Millwall will stand a better chance against the Tangerines in the weekend match, still would have to give the advantage to the Seasiders at home.

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Maps showing Footy Clubs of England

These first ones are of London. Interesting.

The colors are at times, confusing, Fulham is very clear, it being the black area. The red of Arsenal likewise makes it stand out. It should be said this is general information. Chelsea and Tottenham are shades of blue so one needs to look at the map closely.


By no means should these be taken as absolutely set in stone however.

This second map supplements the first. I really thought South End was near London as well?  They, like Grey's Athletic must not actually be in the 4 first FA football leagues. That is the explanation I would expect. Perhaps I was thinking of Leyton Orient. One of those clubs is referred to as a sort of little brother to WHU.

The date of the map seems to be 2010. Clubs move up and down the leagues.

Map of England as a whole showing football clubs:
, I like this "home made one very much.

This one is okay too:

A lot of people would not know Merseyside is so close to Wales where Cardiff and Swansea are located.

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Rough Math, PL relegation, part III

Clubs that have been relegated the most:

Crystal Palace 3
Birmingham City 3
Leicester City 3
Sunderland 3
West Brom 3 (5 teams relegated 3 times)

Bolton 2
Charlton 2
Derby County 2
Ipswich Town 2
Manchester City 2
Middlesbrough 2
Norwich 2
Nottingham Forest 2
Sheffield United 2
West Ham 2
Watford 2  (11 teams relegated 2 times)

Barnsley 1
Blackburn 1
Blackpool 1
Bradford City 1
Burnley 1
Coventry City 1
Hull City 1
Leeds 1
Newcastle 1
Oldham Athletic 1
Portsmouth 1
Reading 1
Sheffield Wednesday 1
Southampton 1
Swindon Town 1
Wimbledon 1 (17 teams relegated 1 time)

Clubs with the fewest points in last place: All less than 20 points, 19 points, Sunderland 2003,

points, Portsmouth who were penalized 9 points, 2011, Sunderland 15 points in 2006, Derby County 11 points in 2008.

Team with most points to go down, West Ham, 42 points in 2003, the only 38 game season with this

high of an amount, perhaps they did deserve a break in the Tevez/Macherano matter. There are a

few others close to this figure as well, 40 points. Crystal Palace, 45 points in 1994-95 in 42

games, 38 games starts the following year.

Ties where a team goes down on Goal Differential: 1995, Man City at 38 points, 2008, Reading at

36 points, maybe more.


To the current year, Wigan at 5 points and Blackburn at 6 points are having very poor years and

on a historic basis, it would be difficult for them to make up the differential. A quarter of a season is over, at this rate, they would have around 22 or 20 points, the upswing is is that that difference could still be made up with an extra win or two each quarter.

See soccerway for sources. Hence, 33 different teams have been relegated as the media has said. (5+11+17)

Not totally sure of the math here but it gives us a rough idea.

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Rough Math, PL relegation, part I

After looking at these figures, playing an average of 2 games a week, though the Championship League may not have as high of quality as the Premier League, I've got to like the action.

Rough Math, team in parenthesis is last team surviving relegation drop):

1993-1994 (Ipswich Town 43) 42 matches played

    * Sheffield United 42
    * Oldham Athletic 40
    * Swindon Town 30

1994-1995 (Aston Villa 48)  42 matches played

    * Crystal Palace 45
    * Norwich City 43
    * Leicester City 29
    * Ipswich Town 27

(Longer schedule probably played in early years of PL, surely this year with 4 teams going down in 94-95)

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Don't forget....

Let's not forget the accusers, Anton Ferdinand has had to deal with the law before,
,  his brother is Rio who lost his captain's arm band to John Terry. Likewise, I heard someone say Patrice Evra has some sort of past that involved racism as well, don't know what the person was talking about but I tend to not see much in these current accusations.
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English Premier League becoming more English!

Last week, I noted how Wolverhampton started all British/Home Nation players, I say Home Nation to virtually include Ireland in the mix, a Roy or Robbie Keane is hardly a foreigner and then, their opponents, Swansea were all British except for 2 players out of the starting lineups...but today, it happened that Norwich started all British players, that's what the Sun said even, that's 3 teams right there. Stoke City is heavily Brit, heck, even Man Utd. started 7 British/Irish players in their devastating loss to City, City themselves have a good number of Home Nation players as well. Brits are even creeping into the Emirates. Check boxscores for more exact information.

How about Management? Only a few years ago, a common criticism was saying that no manager in the PL was even English, today we have at least 6 in that position, Hodgson, Redknapp, Pardew, Steve Bruce and Warnock and Rodgers, right, last name of the QB for the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, I'm not too familiar with the Swans coach. Rodgers is Northern Ireland. Okay,  I decided to try to break down the outlay of managers by nationality, this is what I get with Scotsmen clearly in the lead. I'm not positive if I categorized all of these managers correctly.

In no alphabetical order:

  • Scottish; Coyle (Bolton), Ferguson (MUFC), Moyes (Everton), Kean (Blackburn) , Lambert (Norwich), Dalglish (Liverpool), McLeish (Villa)(7)
  • English; Redknapp (Spurs), Hodgson (WBA), Warnock (QPR), Pardew (Newcastle), Bruce (Sunderland)(5)
  • Italian; Mancini (Man City) (1)
  • Dutch; Jol (Fulham) (1)
  • Spanish; Martinez (Wigan) (1)
  • Welsh; Pulis (Stoke) (1)
  • Portuguese; Valles Boas (Chelsea)(1)
  • Ireland; McCarthy (Wolves)(1)
  • Northern Ireland, Rodgers (Swans) (1)
  • France; the obvious, Wenger (Arsenal)(1)
Martinez and Valles Boas both are having problems right now, I personally think they are too young for their jobs. Clearly, the above lineup of managers is bound for a shake up sooner or later. Martinez is really indoctrinated into the system in the UK, having played in England, Wales and Scotland. He better try to get some transfers.

When I thought of this though, this is an important statistic only if FIFA ever makes it a rule, I see some clubs say, with a good number of players from Africa, should they be denied? I don't think so. Brazilians are playing aplenty in Portugal, Spain and Italy, England does not have that many Brazilians that are playing. It does have a lot from Europe. Even the French and Dutch seem to 'barely' be foreigners, the same for some players from other English speaking countries, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It surprised me that Friedel was actually denied a work permit back in the '90s.

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