Posted on: October 29, 2011 10:15 am

Chicharito Does It Again!

It is no small coincidence that ESPN Deportes carried the Everton/Manchester United game, they carried it, I'd surmise because Hispanics and more specifically, Mexicans are supporting their hero, Javier Hernandez, El Chicharito, okay, the guy is not Cristiano Ronaldo but I questioned about 2 weeks ago, why Manchester United used El Chicharito as a substitute versus Liverpool, he came in in about the 79th minute and tied the score up at about the 85th minute. Chicharito on the bench against Manchester City, I don't believe he was even used as a substitute though eligible apparently and Manchester United got scorched in that game, 6-1 or if you don't count the 3 goals after 90 minutes, 3-1, it really was more like a 3-1 game if you watched it not to take away from the late scorers. Now today, Chicharito starts against Everton and you got it, about the 14th minute, Javier Hernandez, El Chicharito got Man Utd's lone and winning goal. Surely, Manchester City, David Villa, Balotelli were great attackers that day, City was by far the better team but you still might wonder why Chicharito was not used in the game.

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Posted on: October 29, 2011 9:26 am

USA's Brad Friedel plays for Spurs

Friedel in fact, has 8 starts for the Spurs this year, preferred over his cohorts. He's been playing in the PL for a long time, see how many games he started every single match:
 It would not absolutely surprise me to see he is playing better than Tim Howard but you can't quite say that, Howard has his gaffes and Everton also keep Marcus Hahnemann, American on their squad as goalkeeper. He says Yoga has helped him stay in tip top shape.
 Speaking on behalf of "Thomas Cook, travel company", I know Man City a few years ago had some company called Cook on their jerseys, perhaps Thomas Cooke. Oh well, Tottenham QPR is the lone Sunday match.
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BBC article on Everton, MUFC

I don't dislike Wayne Rooney at all but I hated it when he kissed his Man Utd. badge in the Everton Stadium, Goodison Park in front of the home crowd, The Scallies I think they call 'em.... and I've read a lot today, it seems this spring, Everton did beat Man Utd. at Everton. But, I think Everton lacks the kind of offensive power right now to keep up with Man Utd. We'll see. That's why there are upsets in the world of sport. You never know, we may see all kinds of surprises, 2 weeks this year have had big surprises.
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Hey, is my wife tracking me??

Why these delays? I love the Zumba lady, I mean she is out of my class but I know somehow I get followed on the net, okay, I spent time making these, will not edit this post but I am still undecided with 2 or 3 of these and they may change, I'd really like to Pick an Everton Draw, Blackburn won their league cup the other day, slowly they've been improving and I don't appreciate how last year went and sacking big Sam but I can't be against the whole club because of the acts of owners, still I lean towards B-Burn not being able to defeat Norwich who seem to be very good.

Just a note, in the Championship team, Southampton and others are newly promoted and doing well.

In Spain, it is my understanding that Levante and some other clubs doing well are newly promoted and in the PL, obviously the newcomers are doing fair, especially Norwich, I think Swansea is doing real well as well. Well, I'm in 12th place about in the table, so no big deal if I put my predictions out early, but I will amend them and then post later.
Saturday, October 29, 2011:

1. Everton 1 v Man United 2

2. Chelsea 3 v Arsenal 1

3. Manchester City 4 v Wolves 1  

4. Norwich  v Blackburn   ?????? I think Blackburn or Wigan forget which, Blackburn I believe play Chelsea next weekend, so that will probably be a loss. So they need to do something.  Their own fans (see
 ) for the most part, majority don't think their team will win, I was against B-burn last year, but I don't take it out on their fans now. I went ahead and picked the upset. Blackburn did get a League Cup win during the week.

5. Sunderland 1 v Aston Villa 0

6. Swansea 1 v Bolton 0

7. Wigan 2 v Fulham 0  Lawro thinks Wigan may win

8. West Brom 1 v Liverpool 2

Sunday, October 30, 2011:

9. Tottenham 3 v QPR 0  

Monday, October 31, 2011:

10. Stoke 1 v Newcastle 0  

Three of your own (From above dates only):


11. Southampton 1 Middlesbrough 1 'Boro 1 loss all year, least of all teams.

12. West Ham 3 Leicester City 1


13. Leeds 1 v Cardiff City 1  Check Soccerway, compare 2 teams, Leeds has not defeated Cardiff since 1957 according to their records. Leeds dang me, I mean Cardiff has overwhelmingly so won most of all those in the 2000s, the 2 teams did not meet for decades.

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Argentina hasn't been as good recently.

The club's head of security, Alberto Perrone, was also removed from his position, as evidence emerged exposing the former police chief's close links with the mob involved both in San Lorenzo and the Argentina national team.
 Argentina is such a gifted soccer nation, some of the best players in the World are Argentine, of course, Messi and Arguedo but this is pretty bad. What in the world?? A player was also assaulted at practice by the rival hooligan mob which in Argentina seems to be a bit like organized crime crossed with Ultras. Argentina's national team has had some disappointments for their standard at least, Venezuela beat them this year.

This 2nd story is interesting because the Nigerians were upset at their previous coach, a lot of fans wanted the previous coach fired who got them only to the semi finals at the African Cup of Nations held in Angola in 2010, now they brought in the fans choice and guess what? They didn't even qualify to go the African Nations Cup but I do think this Siasia fellow did help the Eagles years ago, do well in the Olympics. It's a tough road to hoe. Look at our USA team. In 2002, at that World Cup, Korea Japan we were a hot number, got to the quarters, almost to the semifinals, at one time, both Mexico and USA were in the top 10, even top 6 maybe.

The manager failed to help the Super Eagles qualify for the African Cup of Nations that will take place in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in January.

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Posted on: October 27, 2011 1:14 pm

Direct TV taking off Fox Soccer???

Man, that's pretty sad, a website has been set up to fight this move. We lost goal tv or gol tv, whichever it is. I'd love to see the games they were carrying if they are still on, Spanish League, etc.
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Mexican League is big league

This is exciting stuff, Santos Laguna vs. Club America in certainly close to a state of the art stadium in Torreon, currently tied 1-1 and now, San Luis Potosi vs. Queretaro, the Mexican Division I've been informed has only 18 teams, the teams play 18 games, not two games against each opponent but apparently 1 game vs. each, the crowd is pumped so it is almost like all of these are playoff games, I did enjoy the FC Dallas NY Red Bulls game but this is totally different. This is big league, I even heard some singing earlier, a full schedule on this Wednesday night.. San Luis jumped to a 2-0 lead but Queretaro has come back to make it 2-1 here at the end. It'd be a blast to see a game, I've got to wonder if the strife in Mexico really has that much impact on your regular citizen because at these games, it does not seem so. It's a country of 100 million and no we don't need them all coming up here but these games are pretty good. I've been to the Pacific coast down there but .... that's actually one of the danger areas especially Sinaloa where the biggest cartel resides, I sure would not go to that area, a section like San Luis Potosi, Puebla and Mexico City would seem to be relatively safe.

Mexican League

I use to watch it, now a friend of mine is a big Pumas fan so I try to catch their games. About 2 more games after this and then the tournament of the top 8 games. I'm not all sure about how their system works, they have relegation but currently, they don't really show teams that would get relegated in about 2 weeks time. San Luis wins, they are battling to get into those top 8. The emblem for Santos Laguna is pretty cool looking too, I think they are a 'hoops' team meaning jerseys a bit like Celtic, hoops.

Santos-CA ends 1-1, actually blocked penalties by both goalkeepers (arqueros) in the 2nd half... once I could only get the Mexican games with regularity so once, we got the other leagues, I cooled on it but my friend is a fanatic that now, I'm getting back in the swing of it, good matches. I tried picking their games once before but did not do too well, I may try again though the teams seem a bit inconsistent, at least some of the teams like Pumas, they were 1st for a while, then lost 3 games straight, one a bad 4-0 loss, now they are back in 1st place. Pumas, the UNAM team, Universidad Austonoma de Mexico but I don't know how exactly it fits that this well known University has a professional soccer team.

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I won't go into this but as having been a big supporter of the 3 Lions, it'd be a kick in the gut if John Terry did what he is accused of and though I don't think he's an example of moral virtue, I find it hard to think he'd stoop so low as to say something racist on the pitch.

I open up the Daily Mail, oh know, doesn't look good....
BUT then again, Ashley Cole, CFC team mate is saying he heard nothing per the Sun story:

Ironically, he took the armband back from Ferdinand's older brother Rio and the racist allegations will prove highly embarrassing if both players are sharing an England dressing room next month.

Kind of ironic.

Yeah, the Chelsea crowd, Joey Barton, maybe Rooney too have often been called "Chavs" over in England and this would be another episode. A tawdry I said previously, with team mates such as Drogba, Essien, Cole, Mikel, Malouda, I find it hard to think JT would be using some racist epithet on the pitch. The word doesn't seem to be the big bad one but a poor choice of language, like if I were to say "you white ------" and I use that as an example since I am Anglo meself!

It seems from what I can tell, Terry did not use the really really "bad" word but some other usage of the language. Read the articles.

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