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Premier League, Week 10! Preview

I'm just going to run across some thoughts here.....after this past weekend's games, it has become the anything-can-happen league.


Everton Manchester United , A lot of people have picked these games better than me and so why spoil the fun, Everton won an important get out of jail game....I think Everton is good for a draw, 1-1, 2-2. or does conventional wisdom say Sir Alex's team is going to mad and take it out on Everton? Rooney of course, was originally an Everton product if I am correct and once, I know acted up and acted arrogantly, kissing his MUFC badge there at...Goodison Park. By the way all, I understand this game may be on one of ESPN's affiliates, Deportes or online in case your an odd one and Chelsea Arsenal does not excite you as the early Saturday game.

Chelsea Arsenal , well, Chelsea's loss makes anything possible now? Huh? I hate this ugly side of football that has shown up, first Suarez accused of racism and now this about JT, John Terry, hate this stuff. Playing with Ashley Cole, Didier Drogba, Africans Mikel Obi, Essien if I have these fellows names correctly, it's difficult for me to think JT would do such a thing. Good luck John, I hope to hell this did not happen.

Manchester City Wolverhampton, at home?? Man City surely the biggest Wolves fans would know are a cinch to win this one by 2 goals.

Norwich City Blackburn ... Black burn could surprise here, it does not seem likely, I won't pick this now, but a note to myself. I do think Blackburn has been playing better and against the Spurs, 1-2 was not that horrid, Spurs have been on a winning streak I'm pretty sure.

Sunderland Villa , safe bet for a draw, Black Cats bucked up for a win at Bolton, Aston Villa is not Bolton.

Swansea Bolton , If Bolton doesn't get some points, I'd think Owen Coyle is close to being sacked as a coach.

Wigan Fulham , Wigan has 5 points, I read a Wigan fan say, they need to get 5-7 points out of their next 4 games vs. Fulham, Wolves, Blackburn and Sunderland in Oct./Nov. because in December, that is when they will play the top teams, MUFC, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea so Wigan can't be puttering around with 5 or 7 points when the new year comes around. Problem here is I think Fulham are fairly good but they are in 17th place.

West Brom Liverpool : This could easily be a draw.... but I think Roy Hodgson got a draw with them last year, face it, West Brom's record is more like "they won last week, now they will lose to a bigger team", not that they are going to draw West Brom, Now, I think the Reds will take no one listen to me.

Sunday: Last Sunday there were 5 games, this Sunday one.

Spurs/QPR, see these games have become largely unpredictable, I will feel safe picking Spurs to win though, they seem to be a hot team.


Stoke Newcastle.
Halloween, gotta be the Potters finally giving defeat to Toon, maybe not but I will definitely pick low scoring Stoke, where will the goals come from?? To win this match.

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10 biggest routes in PL history

Hey, it happens from time to time, it is part of the game.

One of the matches is Tottenham 9 Wigan 1, Man Utd. defeated Arsenal earlier this year 8-2. I can remember both of these. It seems when I go to a West Ham forum, they talk of some game in the early '60s on Boxing Day. I'd like to know when the last double digit win was? Chelsea 8 Wigan 0, so Wigan suffered two real bad defeats in about 2 years time. Let's see what other ones we have, Nottingham Forest 1 MUFC 8 in 1999, need we go on to send blushes to fans of these teams? Man Utd. 9 Ipswich 0 so see, MUFC has had more of their share of being on the upside of these games. By the way, Ipswich one earlier that year, 3-2 vs. Man Utd. and Ipswich ended up being relegated that year after all. Middlesbrough 8 Man City 1, Sven's last game with City in 2008, 'Boro to soon go down in '09 I believe?? Was Liverpool even involved in any of these games? It doesn't look like it.  Newcastle 8 Sheffield Utd. 2, Magpies (Barcodes) with Alan Shearer playing for them. Kind of ugly. I don't think we need to go through more of these. One commenter says Arsenal got a big 7-0 win one year.

Is a 4-0 or5-1 loss, not all that uncommon so much better than a 6-1 loss?

And if you follow the NFL, well, one sees those lopsided wins ever so often as well. But we don't need to go into that!! Foot in mouth

Not really that important to know about but seeing it happen in the PL this weekend, strikes up curiosity like when they have stats on the worst misses on goal.
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7 managers in 4 and a half years, Leicester

At first, I felt it must be the norm for Sven to get the boot at Leicester, it seemed he was let go in similar fashion managing Mexico, a job I don't think he was suited for in the first place. But now, I think it does seem rash, Leicester at 19 points is only 2 points out of a playoff spot in the Championship League and 5 points out of a spot for automatic promotion. The Foxes currently sit at about 19 points. Sure, there are some aspects about Sven's managing that are suspect. I'm sure, Erikkson will be able to find another coaching job in quick order.

Millwall thanks to a hat trick by Henderson defeated Leicester there 0-3 on Saturday. I've got to think sacking Sven is a bit rash. True, they lost to Millwall but Leicester just defeated Derby 4-0 about 3 weeks ago. Here is there webpage at Soccerway showing their results.

If the departing of Erikkson on mutual terms seems to be unjust, I'll probably hope Leicester stay down.

Perhaps a lot of money was spent by Leicester as well.

Next up, WHU vs. Leicester.

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MLS Playoffs

MLS playoffs are set but you figure it out! Here are some links!

Here is the no-nonsense schedule of fixtures:
 , you still have to figure out who the wild card teams are though.
(critical of format)
  (Philadelphia source, so the emphasis is on the Philadelphia Union but the schedule for all teams seems to be there. Of course, the MLS website surely has this info as well)

Anyway, the playoffs begin Wednesday with the Wild Card playoffs, I could not even find the schedule over at Soccerway.  Pay attention to what is on TV, surely Fox Soccer will have some, maybe ESPN, ESPN2, the Spanish language channels Galavision, Univision and perhaps Telefutura could be carrying some games as well. Maybe the Championship game makes it to ABC.

I assume that the Wildcards will playoff against each other thus, the WCs are NY RedBull, Columbus Crew, FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids....

But perhaps out of those four teams two will advance because there are six seeded teams. Galaxy, Seattle, Real Salt Lake in the West, in the East, Sporting KC, Philadelphia Union and Houston Dynamo.

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Munich defeated, Barsa draws.

Upset weekend this weekend, Bayern Munich defeated by Hannover, Barcelona/Sevilla draw, Manchester United thumped.

Fulham lost, Wigan lost, Wigan needs to start playing with 2 strikers, they play this fellow Rodallega as a single striker it sounds like Bobby McMahon on Fox Soccer was saying. 9 man CFC lost, I was not able to see many of the English games today.

Houston Dynamo/LA Galaxy on 7 EST on Galavision, one of the Spanish language channels, they ran 4 games yesterday from the Mexican League, I watched some. At 4:30 EST on Univision, the Mexican Classico it sounds like it is called is on, Club America vs. Chivas Guadlajara, the thing is I don't think either of these teams are a power this year. They bill the "Classico" in the MLS as Galaxy vs. Chivas USA, I heard Liverpool Man Utd. billed as the English Classic and then, Barcelona and Real Madrid is called I believe the "Super Classico".

I really enjoy the Mexican Football, it is a great country, too bad, the country seems to be suffering right now from violence and crime. I wouldn't even want to go there or to some of Central America as well.

AC Milan came back from 3 down to Lecce to win 4-3. An odd weekend of football.

And Manchester City, from Soccer way, seeing that the 2nd and 3rd best scorers in the league all season has been Arguero and Dzeko (
 ), I figured, they are a rather potent club. Now one has to wonder if anyone might be able to take them on, oh, but Fulham did draw them not too long ago. Fulham, in 17th place, clearly Bolton, Wigan and Blackburn are the poorest teams in the PL, Blackburn's result, 1-2 to a good Spurs team is not that bad, nor was Wigan vs. Newcastle but after sticking up for some of these clubs including Fulham, I've about had my fill of teams that are not rising to play better football. I'm just sorry that Bolton, Rovers and the Latics are all up there together in that same area, all losers. Blackburn and especially Wigan should consider a coaching change and I've given Roberto Martinez every benefit of the doubt, McLaren stepped down at Nottingham Forest and since, Forest have won two of their games. So, I just think there is something wrong at these clubs. Martinez could have taken a job at Aston Villa of all things but refused to continue at Wigan. We will see, perhaps these managers deserve another week or two. As for Bolton, they hired Owen Coyle away from Burnley and it turned their season around about 2 years ago. I don't know now what they should do, they are rather poor. Sunderland putters along... not great but not the worst, in fact, Sunderland has a positive GD.

I think we are seeing the newly promoted teams, especially Norwich and Swansea are better than the drop zone PL teams, in fact, one might wonder if the best teams in the Championship League, Southampton, 'Boro, Leeds, WHU under Allardyce are better than a good number of Premier League teams.
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It would be great to see Hearts win this, Rangers are a bit of a beast in the SPL this year.

My understanding is that after Rangers and Celtic, Hearts have won  4 titles in Scotland, perhaps Hibernians and Aberdeen have too from the webpages I found, I got out the wikipedia article on them,
. Four Four Two had an informative article on them once.
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You've got to like the Wolves for one thing.

I'm looking at the starting selection, everyone is from the "home islands" or home nations, oh, an Irish coach but everyone is from over there, 11 of 11 starters, 1 Wales, 1 Scotland, 2 Ireland, the rest English. Blackpool had a lot of British/home nations, I don't know if they ever had every single starter homebased.

For the record, Swansea has close to the same chemistry of lineup here in this early game, Vorm, the Goalkeeper is a Dutchman, 1 Spaniard, 3 Welsh, the rest have the England flag.

Penalty or Freekick in the 33rd minute, Freekick the replay shows....Wolverhampton still might score. Nice try.

Good game, Wolves have been knocking on the door, Vorm has made at least 3 good saves.


Last week, I made some 2-2 draws, this week I'm thinking in making predictions, I have too many teams not even scoring 1 goal, meaning zero goals....I think that is probably wrong, I'll bet in this Wolves game, Wolverhampton will get a goal but Swansea might end up getting another too. Maybe the score is lopsided, I think it's been entertaining. Poor Mick McCarthy.

Utd.City early tomorrow morning should I be able to see it. QPR/CFC later on.

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John Barnes comes out and supports Luis Suarez

This was breaking, I know I've blogged a lot today but if anyone knew what being up against Racism was, it was Jamaican John Barnes when he played in Liverpool. I believe he even wrote a book about it, "out of my skin" or something similar. The interview makes you wonder about what Evra said about Suarez?

“Luis Suarez is fantastic but I wish it was not all about Gerrard and Suarez. Liverpol need a better squad so there is not too much focus on them because if Suarez suddenly gets injured and can’t play you have got a problem and Liverpool can’t win," Barnes told
Suarez is very important to the Reds as they are a bit lean with the big names and Gerrard has just returned.

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