Posted on: April 15, 2008 10:15 am

Why isn't the NFL Network available everywhere?

    The NFL is making a mistake in not having The NFL Network on cable. The NFL network carries games on Thursdays and Saturdays that people are not able to watch. I understand that they want money to put the channel on cable, but essentially the network is a promotion tool for the most watched sports league in America. Shouldn’t they want their “commercials” shown to the most people possible? I am not an advertising guru or anything like that but why would you not want the NFL network available to every house in America?

    They are showing the 2009 Schedule today at 2:00 and half of the country will have to tune in to ESPN at 6:00 to get the updated schedule. If it could be watched live more people would be watching the NFL Network Commercials instead of ESPN commercial. I just don’t understand their reasoning for not having it broadcast to every house possible. I think that Roger Goddell is doing a great job, but this is one of his mistakes so far.

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