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Just Another CFB Playoff Idea

So here is my newest idea for a playoff. See if you like it and please comment.

The first thing I would do is cut the 12th game of the regular season and bring it back down to 11. This would do 2 things, make sure that a team has a winning record to go to a bowl game, and as you will see, the teams who end up in the NCG would end up playing 17 (or 16 depending on if they play a conf CG) games rather than 18.

So you play out the regular season and conference championship games as it's done now. Then you play all the bowls with the current conference tie-ins (except the NCG, that gets eliminated). All the non-BCS bowls will be played by Dec 31st. One of the BCS Bowls will also be played on Dec 31st in primetime (this will be on a year-to-year rotating basis). The other 3 BCS bowls will be played at 1pm, 4pm and 8pm on New Years Day.

F.Y.I. Up to this point a team could play a maximum of 13 games.

Here's where it gets interesting. The winners of the 4 BCS games get an automatic bid to the playoffs. Then the BCS does the rankings again and the 12 highest ranked teams that didn't get an auto-bid will make the playoff as well.

Now we're left with 16 teams. They get seeded according to their BCS ranking and the first round of playoffs will be at the higher seeded teams home field. ***disclaimer: two teams from the same conference cannot play each other in the first round. If a situation occurs where teams of the same conference are slated to do so, a coin flip between the teams one spot lower and one spot higher than the lower ranked team will determine who moves into that spot. Example: If the season ended today #7 Wisconsin and #10 Michigan State would be scheduled to play each other in the first round. Since they are both in the Big Ten then there would be a coin flip between #9 Oklahoma State and #11 Alabama. The winner of the coin flip would switch spots with Michigan State.

Down to 8 teams. These games will be played at a stadium within higher seeds conference. This is so that there is not complete home field advantage but still a reward for being ranked higher.

The semi-finals and NCG will be played at pre-determined neutral sites with the NCG played on the saturday before the Super Bowl for the best sports weekend of the year.

Here's an overview of how the season schedule would look using the 2010-2011 Calender.
  • Sept. 1st - Nov. 27th: Regular Season
  • Dec. 4th: Conference Championship Games
  • Dec. 11th - Jan. 1st: Bowl games
  • Jan 11th - 14th: 1st Round of playoffs (2 games each day at 5:00 and 8:30)
  • Jan. 20th - 21st: 2nd Round of Playoffs (Again, 2 games each day at 5:00 and 8:30)
  • Jan. 29th: Semi-Final Round (Games at 3:30 and 8:00)
  • Feb. 5th: National Championship Game

I know what your thinking. There will a conflict with the NFL Playoffs. With the way I've scheduled the games, there won't be. The first two rounds of the BCS Playoff are played during the week while the NFL plays on Saturday and Sunday. The semi-finals are the first playoff games on a Saturday. That is the same week as the NFC and AFC Conference Championship games, and those are both on sunday. So no conflict with the NFL.  

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College Football Restructure

I basically started from scratch. I took all the BCS teams, plus, Notre Dame, TCU, Boise State, BYU, Utah, ECU and UCF. I had to add ECU and UCF to make it an even 72 teams and they were the best choices geographically. So I split those teams up into 6 conferences of 12 teams. Those would obviously be the 6 new power conferences. Which would get automatic bid to the playoffs. I took the rest of the teams and split them up into 4 conferences of 12 teams. I'll explain how they fit into the playoff/bowl system at the end. When sorting out the conferences, I did my best to keep big rivalries intact. (i.e. Ohio State/Michigan, Texas/Oklahoma)  

Power Conferences

Northeastern Conference
Syracuse, UConn, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Boston College, Penn State
Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Purdue, Indiana, Ohio State

Mid-Atlantic Conference
Rutgers, Maryland, West Virginia, Louisville, Virginia, Virginia Tech
NC State, Wake Forest, Duke, North Carolina, East Carolina, Kentucky

Southeastern Conference
Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida, South Carolina, UCF, Clemson
Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Florida State, South Florida, Georgia

Mississippi River Valley Conference
(I know, it's a mouthful)
Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Iowa State, Minnesota
Northwestern, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State

Central Conference
Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, BYU
Oklahoma, Baylor, Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, TCU

Pacific Coast Conference
Utah, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Boise State
Stanford, UCLA, USC, Cal, Arizona, Arizona State

Mid-Major Conferences

Great Lakes Conference
Akron, Bowling Green, Kent State, Ohio, Toledo, Buffalo
Northern Illinois, Ball State, Miami (Oh), Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan

Western States Conference
Air Force, Colorado State, Idaho, Nevada, Utah State, Wyoming
San Diego State, UNLV, Fresno State, Hawaii, New Mexico, San Jose State

Eastern States Conference
Army, Navy, Marshall, Memphis, Temple, Western Kentucky
Southern Miss, Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Troy, UAB, Middle Tennessee State

Gulf Coast Conference
Tulane, Arkansas State, Rice, La-Lafayette, La-Monroe, La-Tech
New Mexico State, UTEP, North Texas, Southern Methodist, Tulsa, Houston

Season Format

Go back to the 11 game season.  Each team get one bye week during the regular season. 8 team playoff at the end of the season. Each power conference champion gets and automatic bid to the playoff. The remaining 2 slots in the playoff will be filled by the 2 highest ranked undefeated mid-majors. If there are no undefeated mid-majors then the 2 open slots would be filled by the 2 highest ranked non-conference champs from the power conferences. The only way a mid-major team can get to the playoff is if they go undefeated.

All the post-season bowl games will still be played, except for the Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, Cotton and Gator, which would be part of the playoff. Any team with at least 6 wins is eligible for a bowl game. Here's where it gets a little confusing, the 4 mid-major conference champs get automatic bids to the FCS playoffs if they are not in the BCS playoff. They have the choice to take the bid to that playoff or decline it and go to a bowl game. The BCS National Championship Game would always be played on New Years Day. 

Using the 2010 Calender, this is how the season would play out.
  • September 4th: Opening Weekend
  • November 20th: Regular Season Ends
  • November 27th: Conference Championship Games (which are essentially the 1st round of the playoffs)
  • December 4th: Off week
  • December 11th: BCS Playoff Quarter-Finals
  • December 18th: BCS Playoff Semi-Finals
  • December 25th: Off week
  • New Years Day: BCS National Championship Game
Here's a link to the 2010 calender if you want a reference to look at


Playoff Format

Qu arter-Finals
1 vs. 8 - FedEx Orange Bowl, Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL
4 vs. 5 - AT&T Cotton Bowl, Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, TX
3 vs. 6 - Allstate Sugar Bowl, Superdome, New Orleans, LA
2 vs. 7 - Toyota Gator Bowl, Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

1/8 vs. 4/5 - Rose Bowl pres. by Citi, Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, CA
3/6 vs. 2/7 - Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, University of Pheonix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

BCS National Championship Game
1/4/5/8 vs. 2/3/6/7 - FedEx/Citi/Allstate/Tositos BCS National Championship Game, Rotating Site

I think this would be a great system if the NCAA and BCS we're to do some major restructuring. This would obviously not work because the current conferences would lose so much money along with a bunch of other reasons.

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Doug Marrone's Inagural Season in Review: Offense

With the season now over it's time to take a look back at what we saw and look forward to what we can expect next year.

QB - While Greg Paulus showed flashes of what we saw when he was in high school, I think Marrone probably should have gone to Nassib more often. He seemed a lot more comfortable in the pocket and has a rocket laucher for an arm. Yes, Paulus is now "the most accurate QB in Syracuse history" but 95% of his passes were bubble screens and little dump offs on roll outs. In the end I think together they did a pretty good job. But Nassib will be very good in the next few years for us.
Grade: B

RB - Delone Carter was huge for us this year. He did an excellent job rushing for over 1,000 yds and kept us in a lot of games. Antwan Bailey and Avrin Collier also showed some flashes of great things and will be a good 1-2 punch next year. I would have liked to them get Bailey into the wildcat (or stallion as Marrone called it) more and had them put more of a variation into it instead of Bailey just running up the middle every time.
Grade: A

WR - I'm excluding Mike Williams from this because as far as i'm concerned, he was never really a part of this team. I really believe we have a good young group of recievers. The major thing this year was dropped passes and that was especially evident in the last game vs UConn. If they can cut down on the drops, Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales could emerge as 2 of the elite wideouts in the nation.
Grade: B-

O-Line - While they have improved, there is still work to do. They didn't give Paulus or Nassib much time to throw the ball this year and had a hard time opening holes for our tailbacks. Probably the biggest weakness on the offensive side of the football.
Grade: C-

Wrap up - As a whole I think the offense performed well. They were the most productive unit we've had since Coach P's last season in 2004, averaging a hair over 21pts per game. There were alot of games that could've been won or at least been alot closer had the offense not made some stupid mistakes. If they start to cut down on those stupid plays and learn to capitalize on other teams mistakes, they have the potential to be a very good unit next year.
Overall Grade: B 

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Syracuse fires Greg Robinson

After over a year of speculation, it's official, Greg Robinson is out as the head football coach at Syracuse University. At 2:30 on sunday afternoon, Syracuse athletic director Dr. Daryl Gross stated this:

      “I have made the decision to move our football program in a new direction and have informed Greg Robinson that his tenure as Syracuse’s head coach will end at the conclusion of this season. Coach Robinson worked very hard to try to establish a winning program, one that could eventually compete for the conference championship on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the progress we expected to see has not occurred.Greg has been professional and honorable in how he has handled his responsibilities as head coach.  He has been dedicated to teaching and guiding the student-athletes in his charge, and passionate in wanting Syracuse to be a quality and successful program. I thank Coach Robinson and his entire staff for creating a highly competitive culture in which our players never gave up, and for his development and leadership of our student-athletes in the classroom and community. His commitment to community service was outstanding. He leaves the program with a solid base on which we will continue to build. We wish Greg and his family the very best moving forward.The timing of this announcement allows us to end rumor and speculation and provides us ample time to hire a head coach who has shown the capability to produce a winning football program that the Syracuse nation can be proud of.  That process will begin immediately and will remain confidential until a selection is made.”

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Syracuse beats...........NORTHEASTERN!??!!?!!!???

Well it wasn't pretty, but Syracuse finally pulled off a win on Saturday, defeating Northeastern 30-21 on homecoming weekend at the Carrier Dome. The win was once again highlighted by the running game. Curtis Brinkley rushed for 145 yards and a TD. Doug Houge also had 100 yards and got into the end zone once on the ground. This is the first time since 2004 that Syracuse has had two 100 yard rushers when Diamond Ferri rushed for 146 yards and along with an INT return for a TD and almost single handedly beat #17 Boston College 43-17.  Damien Rhodes was the "other" RB  that game with 107 yards.

Cameron Dantley also played very well, completeing 14 of 17 passes for 165 yards and a touchdown. He spread the ball around well as he completed passes to 7 different players. Tight end Mike Owen led the Orange reciving corps with 3 catches for 29 yards. Freshman Marcus Sales had 2 grabs for 41 yards. Doug Houge had Syracuse's only reciving TD of the day,  an 8 yard strike from Cam Dantley mid way through the quarter.

The defense as usual, played god awful. They gave up 21 points to a team from div 1-AA (I still refuse to call them the FCS). Other than the 2 INT's they only had one pass breakup the entire game. They didn't have one sack and only had 5 tackels behind the line of scrimmage totaling 9 yards.

Overall, the offense did thier job but the defense nearly lost it for them. Which is kind of ironic since Greg Robinson is supposed to be a defensive mastermind. Hopefully, even though we won, this put the nail in the coffin and G-Rob will fired. We need a change. A 9 point win over Northeastern just dosen't cut it.


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Brief Big East Breakdown

  1. West Virginia - With Pat White as the leader it's no secret thet WVU is the front runner in the Big East.
  2. South Florida - Grothe and top D lineman George Selvie are coming back and USF wil have another good year and should stay in the top 15.
  3. Connecticut - Former WR Tyler Lorenzen is back under center this year and so is thier duel threat at running back in Dixon and Brown.
  4. Pittsburgh - Lesean McCoy will lead this team back to the thick of the big east race with 1500 yards rushing.
  5. Rutgers - Mike Teel is back at the QB position and their 11-1 2006 season is in the past as this team continues to slide back down to the bottom of the big east.
  6. Cincinatti - They lose thier starting QB and are going to be the typical one year wonder.
  7. Syracuse - Andrew Robinson now has a year of college ball under his belt and the Orange will have thier top RBs Carter and Brinkley back after injurys last season.
  8. Louisville - They will be a trainwreck this year, the bottom feeders. They lost Brohm and thier secondary is a mess.   
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Syracuse in the draft

Uhhhhhh. Not much to say here. First time since 1975 that they didn't have anybody drafted. But as much as it pains me to say this I'm not suprised.
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Syracuse Football Spring Wrap up

From what I heard from Greg Robinson's press conference it looks like this team has made leaps and bounds to having a decent record this year. Our main weakness the, offensive line has improved alot and replaced alot of thier fat with muscle. He said that Delone Carter and Curtis Brinkley will be 100% for training camp in August so we will have our top 2 running backs for '08. Also, Andrew Robinson is set to have a stellar 2008 campaign, with 2 solid targets in Mike Williams and Laver Lobdell. He did say that he still has no answers in the secondary. Overall i think this team will improve alot in 08,  belive it or not i could see them winning 6 or 7 games this season.      
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