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Posted on: July 31, 2008 5:23 pm

State of the Outfield: Bruce and some ideas

The past few years, the Reds were absolutely STACKED in the outfield. We couldn't get rid of them fast enough. Wily Mo, Hopper, Freel, Dunn, Griffey, Chris Denorfia, Kearns, Hamilton, Hairston, Bruce coming down the chute, and those are just the good ones. If only we could get some pitching, our team would be great. Now, we've got the pitching coming around, and the outfield consists of...Dunn, Bruce, Hairston, Patterson. Woah. Now, consider that Patterson's average is worse than several pitchers, Dunn (at least common sense would sya so) won't be a Red next season and Hairston has a lifetime .260 average, and we look screwed out there. So what do we do? Hopper and Freel will PROBABLY be back next season, but Freel has never been good as a starter and Hopper isn't proven. Drew Stubbs could be good, but he's still at High A, and if Bruce is any indication we aren't going to let that kid play in the majors till he's batting .600. I still say that we trade/sign Alex Rios, although I don't know if we'll be able to But here's one interesting suggestion I heard a little while back that we CAN do. Move Votto, who has played outfield before in high school and possibly in the early minors, to left field and move Edwin to first. Votto has always been noted as a good athelete with an above avearge arm for a first basemen. Dunn was NOT noted for his athleticism or his arm, and he played left for us for several years. Even at worst, Votto can cover more ground than Dunn could out there. The move for Edwin to first also eliminates Edwin having to THROW to first, which is where almost all of his errors come from. This will allow Edwin to give up the attempt to shore up his arm and just focus on what he's still on the team for: his hitting. Of course, now we'd need a new infielder, but we have more of those internally, and this solution also improves the fielding. If Dunn stays, we woulnd't do this move, but we'd also be less desperate for an outfielder. Maybe its too radical for some, but I think that the pieces are falling in place for it to be given a shot.

Posted on: May 30, 2008 10:44 am
Edited on: May 30, 2008 10:47 am

THANK GOD! Bruce is here!

Dear God, they FINALLY did it. The Reds made, dare I say it...a smart move. While I question the removal of Hatteberg (guy bats around .290 for his career, great glove and is left-handed. If anything else, he'd be good trade material late in the season. Heck, Jeff Conine got a good deal last year, and he bats .260), we did what mattered, which is get Bruce the heck up to the majors. And how does he respond? Six straight appearences on base. Only one player has ever gotten more to start off their career. Ever. No, he won't keep this up all season, but he can be at least as productive as Patterson is. 0-8 in a game where your team gets more than 20 hits?!? That's a DOUBLE golden sombraro, ladies and gentlemen. The average monkey can do better than that. Certainly the #1 prospect in America can. Even if he does go 0-8, at least he'd be learning against valid competition. The way he was playing in the minors, you'd think he was Jesus reincarnated into a inhuman-slugging-percentage-batting
form. There is a reason we were willing to let go of Hamilton. The loss of a superstar centerfielder is okay when you have another coming down the pipeline. And now he's finally proving it. He won't make the all-star game, or challenge the Triple Crown. At least not this year. But a year or two from now...well, lets just say I don't think Josh Hamilton will be remembered much.
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