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Posted on: May 2, 2008 2:47 am

I'll See Your 0 for 4 and raise you an E3

Another day, another blog. And now that I know at least 2 people out there in Blogland read this, I have to make sure I catch all the typos. My favorite, Pressure. Thanks a lot.

I was reading Eric Kay's blog yesterday about how Will Nieves should be starting over Paul LoDuca and it inspired me. Because there too is an overpaid veteran on my Mets whose playing time should be nonexistant. So Mr. Kay, this beautiful Friday morning consider yourself my muse.

I'm not the first Mets fan, or 965th for that matter, who thinks Carlos Delgado has worn out his welcome in Flushing. I'll admit, I was pulling for him in the spring to regain that Delgado form and start mashing the ball again. But after one month of pop flies to the shortstop and throwing 10 pitches to my 3 year old daughter yesterday, I've realized she makes better contact than Carlos Delgado does now.

I think its time the Mets cut bait with Delgado. Maybe they can trade him to the Pirates for a fungo bat. Now that Matt Morris is gone, I'm sure Pittsburgh is in need of a new hopeless reclaimation project. Maybe he should just hang them up and be the new poster boy for Just For Men. Come on, don't lie. You've also been wondering when Keith Hernandez was going to leave the announcers booth just to tell Carlos that his 'stache is trash and his beard is weird.

But again, I'm not here to state the obvious. I'm here to offer 5 better alternatives for the Mets at 1B who don't have a major league job.

1. Olmedo Saenz - For starters, he's in the Mets minor league system, so it'll save the Mets negotiations and paperwork. This pudgy 1B hit .190 with the Dodgers last year, so he'll give you Delgado numbers, but cheaper. Plus Saenz will keep the Mets above their set Latino quota if Carlos was to leave.

2. Ryan Klesko - Klesko unoffiically retired last week because he still hasn't received a job offer. I'm sure a little paper and a starting 1B job can lure him back to the field. Big Ryan can easily give you a .265 AVG with 20 HR. The only problem is he's hurt an awful lot, so he and Moises Alou will most likely have to rotate 3 days and every other Sunday out of the lineup a week.

3. Jay Gibbons - The Mets could use a little juice in their lineup. And while I don't mean that literally, you have to wonder who's distributing the 'suppliments' now that LoDuca is with the Nationals. On the field Gibbons can do 10 HR and a .250 avg in his sleep. Which might be more than Delgado will give us awake.

4. Julio Franco - I know Satchell Paige is rolling over in his grave. The man may be old, but he still looks younger than Carlos Delgado. And he swings harder too. So if I was going to have an old man swinging a bat in my lineup without much chance of making contact, I'd prefer the one swinging harder. Plus think of what a lift to the Mets clubhouse it will be to see El Padre Tiempo walk through the doors again.

5. Billy Crystal - What? He looked like a tougher out against Paul Maholm than Delgado would be.

So Omar Minaya, if you're reading this, which Im sure you are because it'd be absurd to miss a day of my blog, please take this list to heart. Because as a Mets fan, if I'm going to boo an underproducing 1B, I'd rather it be one getting underpaid.

Be back tommorow, when I will delve into the lost art of the game of Pepper. Okay, maybe not.

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