Posted on: January 11, 2010 9:38 pm

random musings.......


My Chiefs have picked up Charlie Wies off waivers.  Conditions of the contract are still pending, but it has been leaked that the Arrowhead Charter for team travel is removing two first class seats for accomodations.  Imagine if Romeo Crennel is brought aboard, could both be seated togther ?

Dwayne Bowe needs to go. 

The hammer is being lifted out west in the sun drenched beaches of California.  Mike Garret is bumbling around seaching for Pete Carrol's shadow, could it be the one and only Jack del Rio of the bumbling Jacksonville Jaguars ?  Garret's track record for football hiring has more blemishes on it than a computer screen being corrected by a blonde with whiteout.  Yet, Jack is a Trojan man, and he wore it well many years ago.   But, the hammer is being lifted....

Dwayne Bowe needs to go.

Pete in the land of Starbucks and Seahawks seems interesting.  Two first round picks in the first 14.  His division foes have QBs that include Alex Smith of the 49ers, Matt Lienart, and whoever that other guy is.  Future Hall of Famer from the Cardinals will be retiring.  It's a division that can be won with some luck and fortune.  Then again, the Seahawks need a franchise RB, a franchise WR, a franchise TE, and a defensive makeover that would make Hollywood starlets blush.  Seems like a much nicer place to be as the hammer is lifted.....

I am not a fan of the Raiders.  That being said, Tom Cable should get at least another year.

I am not a fan of the Broncos.   That being said, they deserve the HC they hired.

I am not a fan of the Chargers.  That being said, it would be nice to say our division included the Super Bowl Champions.

Dwayne Bowe needs to go.  Of course, history tells us that wherever he lands, he'll be All-Pro within a year.

Did I mention something about a hammer being lifted.............
Posted on: September 30, 2009 11:50 pm

da Bucs are bad. even worse than my Chiefs.....

Let's face it.  The Buccaneers have taken a page right out of the NFL history books.  Their own page, to be exact.  Inept coaching.  No running game.   No passing game.  No run defense.  And no pass defense.   Special teams look like a Chinese fire drill.....

I knew the Chiefs were going to be in a massive rebuilding movement after the years of Hermy Squirmy Edwards  ( fancy talk for saying " yea, we're bad too ").  We have no rushing game, our best running back spits on ladies in bars better than he gains 1rst downs.  And he has the record to prove it....

Our passing game is a debacle.  And to prove such a point, our new coach stated in his post game press conference that he was attempting to establish an identity for the team----as he kept running the ball in the 3rd and 4rth qtr last week....and shelved the passing game.   Whatever happened to trying to win the game ?

sigh..........gonna be a long season
Posted on: September 11, 2009 12:50 am

When is it ok to pass wind..................

Reading the NFL links from around the country, I came across this tibit.   And that raises the blog title..........just when is it ok ?  After the 3rd date ?  Never, until married ?  What about the locker room ?  I remember many many years ago on the team buses, it could get polluted...............and does this ever happen on the college womens tennis traveling bus ?  How about the womens gymnastics team ?

Suggs: "We can fart around our coach"

Ravens linebacker-defensive end Terrell Suggs had an interesting reply to the difference between this year's Ravens team compared to last year.

"I think we’re more mature," Suggs said. "We had that weird awkwardness of having a new coach [last year]. And now, we all can be ourselves around each other. We can fart around our coach, stuff like that, you know? It’s [like] the first time you move in with somebody. It’s just kind of weird. But, now we’re good.”

Asked whether he could fart around his coach last year, Suggs said, " You never knew how he was going to handle it. But this year, he farts too, so it’s cool.”


Posted on: August 24, 2009 12:09 am

What's going on with the 49ers........?

This will be short.  Not long.  Won't take long.......

Am I the only one scratching their head over the San Francisco 49ers approach to the 2009 NFL Season with the quarterbacks they currently have on the roster ?  Seems ludicrous to me.  And this is what the off-season has brought to the table of Mike Singletary ?

Gore is a fine back, but there's gonna be 8, maybe 10, in the box.............

Maybe the folks in the Bay area need to ring up the Vikings to see who's being dangled.......
Posted on: August 13, 2009 11:39 pm

Fantasy busts for NFL 2009

We've all been there.  Holding onto a guy who we just can't let go,....surely this will be the week he breaks out....Here are some of my choices for NFL fantasy busts this year.  And there' even one who I never put on waivers until it was too late......sigh.

Steve Breaston @ Cardinals
Anquan Boldin was banged up, and  made him a waiver pickup that scored fantasy points.  Now HC Haley is in KC scratching his head wondering how his new team could have such a dearth of WRs. 

Darrius Heyward-Bey @ Raiders
JaMarcus Russell now has blazing speed to throw to.  Oh wait, last  year the leading Raider receiver had a total of 366 yards.  For the entire year........Jeff Garcia can manage the game, but can't make the deep deep throws.  JaMarcus can make the deep deep throws, but can't manage the game..........hmmm

Joseph Addai @ Colts
The offensive line should finally be healthy.  And so new coach Jim Caldwell drafted an upgrade to Addai, who has had only one 100 yard game since the middle of 07.  The Colts are a team to watch, but not for fantasy points in the running game.

Matt Cassel, Larry Johnson, & Dwayne Bowe @ Chiefs
I so want for my Chiefs to reach the pinnacle of a .500 season.......hey, got to start somewhere......Let's see: Bowe has been reduced to the third string as of Monday, no other receivers want to, or  can, catch the ball in camp, and Larry Johnson is just that.  He's Larry Johnson.   Maybe next year I keep telling myself.....

Jay Cutler @ Bears
Other than Devin Hester, who's going to consisently catch and make yards after ?  Greg Olsen has riled up many a fantasy player with his inconsistency come game time.  And it's not like the Jay has Eddie Royal or Brandon Marshall to look for.  Or for that matter, the entire AFC West pass defense to go against throughout the year.

Brett Farve @ ?????????
Face it, he's gonna surface somewhere before the season's over.  There's still tears left for another interview.

Terry Holt  @ Jaguars
He's become slow.  And now he's playing for the Jags.  From the Rams to the cowtown, what a fall......

NFC East defenses @ Giants, Cowboys, Redskins
Bench your homey D in the division after Week 10 when Michael Vick trots out on the field for the Eagles

Matt Hasselbeck & T.J. Houshmandzadeh @ Seahawks
They've become old.  One has a bad back.  The other has become slow.   Who picks Seahawks on their fantasy teams anyway.....

What's his name who full of himself @ 49ers
The dude who's huffing and puffing about reentering the draft next year. 

More to come as the season unfolds.  And it's a great time of the year.  College football and the NFL, doesn't get any better than this..................
Posted on: July 29, 2009 3:06 pm

Farve just needs to go away.....

Well, Brett Farve has finally found another way to stick it to the Vikings.  Granted, he has the right to retire at his discretion.  And in doing so this year, dragging the process out in a public spectacle he has plopped a quandry on Childress, his coaches, and his players.  Oh, and the fans.  Who knows what the mind set of the QBs left behind in this debacle is.  Probably isn't positive.  And how about the rest of the offense.  Defense perhaps ?

Oh, and the Vikings.  I didn't think they could, or would, pull a Lions move.  Or a Buccaneers move from the 80s.  But they did, and did it with all the public airing similar to a Tri-Delt Kegger in Gainesville in the early 80s.  Just seems like a major disservice to their fans.  You know, the ones who shell out $$ for hotel rooms, tickets, tailgating before and after the game.

Farve needs to go away as a player.

The Vikings can't go away.  But they can take a quick cruise to wash away the bad taste this has left................
Posted on: July 27, 2009 4:23 pm

Vick-Would you want him as the BU QB on your team

Well, the NFL Commish has spoken.  Michael Vick is conditionally reinstated.  Two pre-season games, able to practice and work out with a team if signed.  6th game of the season we'll know more.  Yet the question is, would you want him this season, and perhaps more, as the back-up on your favorite NFL team?

In the Wildcat formation, he presents untold problems for the defense.  In the public relations arena, he could very well present untold problems for the team that signs him.  He has served his incarceration as dictated by the court system.  Robert Goodell wants to see the plan Michael lays out for his forseeable future.  Michael has Tony Dungy in his corner as a mentor and consultant.  And yet Michael lied to the owner of the Falcons.  And to the NFL Commish.  And I'll admit that Michael Vick is an incredible upgrade to almost all teams, for most loyal fans cringe if their back-up must take control of a game needed to win, or heaven forbid to finish out the season as a starter.

I, for one, don't care to see him with the Chiefs.  But the Panthers had to utilize Vinny, literally dragging him away from the early bird dinner specials.  Bill Parcells and the Dolphins are a possiblity.  Same with the free wallet of Daniel Snyder and the Redskins.  And let us not forget Al's Raiders.

And if you wouldn't want him on your team, would you wish him on your rivals ?

Posted on: February 13, 2009 7:21 pm

Limited # of AS and SS ratings avail, as per cbs.

Ok. So now we have been informed by the GolfGuy that only a limited number of Superstar ratings are avail. throughout the cbs site.  Never mind that the site adds new members on a daily basis.  And yes, probably loses some, but they stick around forever it seems, just check your profile.  And we were also informed today by GolfGuy that the decrease in everyones level of ratings, re: 99 to a 96, 98 to a 96, 97 to a 92, etc., is because... and get this:

Guys, As baseball starts back up this week with spring training, different patterns have emerged. Many dormant Community baseball users have started posting again and have bounced back to their previous high standing in the Community. Remember, your overall reputation score is based on all of the Community members. There are only a certain number of Superstars, All-stars, etc ... That is the reason some of you have experienced a slight drop in your reputation over the last week or so. I would expect a little more ‘reputation’ reshuffling as the baseball season gets into full swing. Thanks, Golf Guy which seems to not follow the official cbs policies of :

Things that will hurt your reputation:

  • Infrequent visits to the site
  • Infrequent submissions to the message boards
  • Rating content in a haphazard or contrary manner
  • Not participating in other community activities such as gaming, fantasy and contests
  • Using offensive language when interacting with the CBSSports.com community

IGetNoRespect, You are right in a way. Members are competing for a limited number of spots for each reputation level. Our current system will not allow all 400,000 Community members to become a Superstar even if every member posts 1,000 things per day. Golf GuySome comments from those affected were:

40 Below:     Right but why should some MLB poster get their status right back if the rest of us are active community members? That makes no sense. And why can't everyone be superstar if others consider their posts to be good enough and they are active in the CBS community? Why are we automatically prejudicing people to be stuck at rookie, pro, or all-star - that hardly seems fair or gives an equal voice to everyone -

IGetNoRespect:   I didn't know it is the job of a Community's members to compete against each other. Isn't it the job of members of a community to interact with each, enjoy each other's company, bust each other's chops now and then, and maybe try to learn something once in a while that you didn't know before? Right now, this place is like watching a train wreck. You want to walk away, but you just can't take your eyes off it. Please, Golf Guy, Cole, Blackbird, Admins, help us out. Inform us as to what is going on in more substantive ways than has been done already. We're big enough to take it. It feels like certain things have been done to weed out or isolate some "undesirables," but a lot of others are now caught in the net and not enjoying it very much.SF S 78:     Yeah, I went from a 98 to 95 overnight. Bogus!STARIS1:     went from a 96 to a 92 over night, no warnings or reason.jabronski5375:     Ever since the changes my rating has been stagnent now it just took a six point drop. Can someone please tell me what the deal is. Or better yet make a better set of guidelines so that everyone knows what to do.Carboh:     I agree! To make up a 4point drop because of returning, taking time off posters is a penalty on alot of us!If you need a guiding light, follow the torch of FlyFlyersFly:   Umm, you guys are going to fix this right? There is no way you can possibly place a limit on the number of Superstar members, when you are using a scoring system that bases you on how many teams and players you can rattle off. 40 Below is absolutely right, every change to this site you've guys made has been for the worse. And yeah, why aren't fantasy sports included in the scores anymore? Many of the posters here put a lot of time into their fantasy teams, why shouldn't it give you some reputation points? You guys should really pay attention to what the community members are saying here. Your system punishes people who sometimes post about thing other than sports, and just want to BS with other posters who have become pretty good online friends after being here for so long. Yet it rewards someone for adding all 30 or 32 teams and 20 players to the bottom of their post. Someone posted a picture made out of dashes and dots and it recieved a score of nearly -15000 and that dropped the entire thread score, so the thread dropped to the 3rd page, when pretty much every other post was relevent to the NHL and had good scores. Doesn't this sound like a messed up system? How can you guys actually think this scoring system is going to work for the members of the community?Obviously I feel the current system is mired in a quagmire of Keystone  Cop Business Manual Techniques.  What's your take?  Have you been affected?  Lost the right to change your av?  Can you still glog?  Or maybe you weren't affected.  I'll enjoy hearing from you.

Be safe. Enjoy.  And may the darkhorse come riding a carrying my Royals.....and may by Chiefs find the guiding light......

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