Posted on: September 15, 2009 3:33 am

Week 1: Bills @ Patriots

Ok. I'll be quick because it's late and I really don't feel like going into it a lot.

First, The good:

1. Tom Brady to Ben Watson. The guy that everyone (including myself) was about to be cut/traded/etc has now saved the team week 1... Didn't that happen last year? *cough Matt Cassel cough*

2. The pass coverage. Despite how effectively at times the Bills could pass on the Patriots, there weren't many opportunities for deep passes because the corners and safeties had good coverage. The bills played a good game, but Lee Evans and Terrell Owens were nonfactors in terms of deep burners. All of that despite having mediocre pass rush at times.

3. Brandon Meriweather. I think that sums it up. Force a fumble to save the game. Was in tons of places. Definitely is taking a step in the right direction.

4. Tully Banta-Cain. A welcome surprise. I didn't expect much from him coming in and he had 2 sacks.

Now, The bad:
1. Tackling. It was just awful. I lost count. People were out of position and slow. Gary Guyton is not Jerod Mayo. (Captain Obvious, reporting for duty.) It's week 1, thankfully it didn't kill the Patriots.

2. Matt Light's first half. Where was he? Aaron Schobel embarrassed him. 1 sack and 1 int and 1 tripping penalty, but still, it was worse than that. he was practically a revolving door at times. Good thing he showed up in the second half.

3. The Defensive interior. Where were they? Wilfork had a sack. So did Mike Wright, but did I miss the rest of the pressure? I know Jerod Mayo was out, but did that really help 3 rookie OL to block an All Pro caliber line???

4. Gostkowski missing an easy field goal? Why? Poor guy. You win some, you lose some.

The Ugly:

1. The Patriots recognition of screens. Basically, the bills would just block everyone else and dare Vince Wilfork to chase down the back. It was painful to watch. 10+ yards on the plays the Patriots made famous.

2. Jerod Mayo going down. What is wrong? Please let it be minor. I am afraid it isn't. Not saying he won't be back next week, but without him, the team will be bad on tackling. He's a monster in the middle.

3. Terrell Owens. Did anyone see him fuming? It was funny. I feel bad for Trent Edwards already. And you know if a Patriots fan does, it must be bad...

4. Missing people: Julian Edelmann, Matthew Slater, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Sammy Morris, Myron Pryor. I know not everyone can be on the 45 man roster, but I thought these guys were locks (Except lawfirm...). Did morris even get carry? If he's not going to play, I'd rather have BJGE on the roster. I'm glad slater wasn't there (next week, he'll break out for 4 TDs probably...) because he's my "next to go" patriot... baring a monster trade again.
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