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The Kitty chases the Mouse

Her eyes shifted as fast as her pulse raced. This information was dangerous to the power brokers and politicians which meant her life was in danger.

The file containing the evidence of the impropriety was attached to an e-mail from an address that did not identify itself. After a few cross references she had enough information to believe the information in the e-mail was credible and that scared her. Did she know something that no one else did? She decided to shutdown her computer and get out of the coffee house immediately.

She almost ran back to her car but managed a very fast walk. She could not stop looking over her shoulder. Calm down she commanded herself but her heart was in open revolt and beat wildly as she chirped the tires on her Audi.

Where do you go with something so dangerous? She decided a near by park may provide safe harbor and she pulled in to gather herself and consider what she had read.

Why me? Why did this e-mail show up in my account? No reason was obvious. What did the sender expect her to do with the information? No answers, just more questions.

The e-mail file hinted at a plan to influence the presidential election. It was a daring and dangerous plan. If successful the plan would elevate the trailing candidate to the front runner and most likely the presidency. If it failed it could destroy the United States. Either way the trailing candidate would become president.

The plan was simple actually. The best plans always were. And it was put into motion to change the focus from potentially winning a war in Iraq for which the trailing candidate had incorrectly positioned himself to focusing public opinion on the economy. Of course the plan was to put fear into the American public by shaking their confidence in the banking industry. How do you do that? Five months before the election a member of the Senate Finance Committee would write a letter alerting Americans of a potential bank failure in California that could require government bailout. The Senator did not even have to name the bank, the paranoid investors would assume any number of institutions and damage them all.

Within 24 hours of the Senator's letter, the largest mortgage bank in California was under attack as investors pulled their money out as fast as they could. When it was over, the bank had so little capital it could not cover it's debts. The bank failed and the government bailout came. At this point the plan was to highlight the failed policy of the current administration and damage the front runner who was not a strong economist by his own admission. If it came off as planned the Democrats would have their October surprise and their candidate would be elected comfortably. The risk was what happens if this bank failure is the first domino of many. Could it damage the economy to a point of collapse? The planners considered this risk but eventually determined they were destined to rule America no matter what and the risks were dismissed as unfortunate but necessary.

When Charles Schumer wrote letters about the California Mortgage giant Indiemac in June of 2008 he single handedly destroyed that institution and all of it's value for its shareholders. The scrutiny of the failure caused other banks to falter as well as the confidence in the industry was shaken. Politically the discussion about winning or losing in Iraq became about gettig out of Iraq to use the funds to clean up the mess. Obama became president. The economy is in free fall.

Was this the plan or was it the consequences of a failed plan?

At this point she saw the two black Crown Vics pull into the park. Were they tracking her? And how? Her wireless was shut off.


Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean people aren't trying to eat you. I know many people who are trying to eat me!!  LOL.

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My hands smell like....?

A seven year old girl and her grandpapa go fishing for her first time. She is so excited she can hardly contain herself as they walk through the waist high grass to the pond on the back of his property. Grandpapa carries the tackle box, the poles, and a satchel filled with sodas and snacks. She carries only her great expectations to catch the largest fish every caught, at least out of Grandpapa's pond. She is a tomboy and is not afraid to bait her own hook and worms are fun to hold, especially when they squirm they sort of tickle.

Grandpapa casts her line and hands over the pole. And she waits. And waits. Her excitement soon gives over to the inevitable boredom that comes when the fish aren't biting. After an hour, she thinks fishing is zero fun and is ready to find something else to do. But what was that twitch? The bobber was pulled downward and disappeared completely! Grandpapa tells here to hold the tip up and start to reel the fish in. After several minutes of cranking with her little arm the fish was right there in front of her. Grandpapa reached down and picked the fish up with his hands. He was so excited, he grinned from ear to ear. He handed the fish over to the little girl. He called it a bluegill and it was only as big as his hand, but to the girl it was huge, a magical creature from beneath the surface. Ouch! the fins stick your fingers. They released the fish and eventually headed back to the house.

The little girl ran all the way back to the house to tell her grandma that she had caught a fish. Grandma asked how big was it to which she replied, "This big!" Holding her hands about a foot apart. "Wow, congratulations on your first fish." When the girl's parents returned, the story of the fish was retold, only this time the fish was a little bigger. Every time the fish story got a little bit bigger, eventually the legend of the fish grew to such proportions that the little girl had "actually" caught the largest fish every caught in Granpapa's pond. The fish was so big she could never hope to catch another that would live up to her legend. As a result, she was a one term, fisher girl.

Last night on Hannity, PE Obama was caught in a fish story. On Dec 19th, Obama claimed his stimulus package would create 2.5 million jobs by 2010. On January 9th it was 3 million and on Jan 10th it was 4 million. All by 2010. That is the creation of 5,500 jobs an hour for every hour starting now through 2010. Obama has proudly proclaimed that 90% of his job creation will be in the private sector. That sounds great but wait a minute....10% of 4 million is 400,000 government jobs. I submit this admission as proof that Obama plans growing government.

So what is the big deal, Smorgie? Those follks will do great things for our economy, getting them to work that is. Doing what? What will they be doing? And will they be doing it 30 years from now?

Rest assured my little minnows, the big fish will continue to eat.

I think I just felt my bobber twitch.....

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Smorgie ogles her gardener...mmmm

I have this young man who takes care of my yard for me. He is 20 years old and uses the money to put himself through college. He is a very handsome fellow with dirty blonde hair worn a little long. He would be a surfer dude if there were any in Ohio. Ladies, I want you to know he is even more handsome when it is hot, because that is when he takes off his shirt. I must let you know, I fear he may suffer from dehydration some days so I make sure I present him with a cool drink as often as possible. Just applying the golden rule ladies! Anyway, I was thinking about hiring him to be my new regional sales manager reporting directly to me. He is soooo nice to look at and he does work hard (like his abs). I think he is qualified.


Is this what a majority of Americans wanted when they voted for Obama? Change was the slogan and it was shaped by the individual and the media to mean whatever to whomever. But here it is folks. The change you voted for is manifesting itself in some very dangerous ways. This week PE Obama leaked his nomination for the head of the CIA only to be rebuked by his own party for not consulting them. The people he forgot to consult were only the senior democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee, incoming chairman Diane Feinstein and outgoing chairman, Jay Rockefeller. Oops! Now that is not the dangerous part. The nominee, Leon Panetta, has no intelligence experience whatsoever. He was a congressman from California and Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff. Those are his credentials folks. Then there is that pesky little fact that Mr. Panetta is a self proclaimed passivist. Is this the person you want running YOUR intelligence agency? It is your agency, they work for you.

Keep in mind, previous attempts at having a politician run the CIA have been a disaster. Porter Goss comes to mind in 2004 when he, a bureaucrat, brought in his own team and fired the senior staff at the CIA. Those senior staffers are career intelligence officers. They know what they are doing. Goss was quickly shown the door in 2006 and efforts were made to restore the morale of the folks in Langley.

My stupid person of the week may have to go to the man soon to be at the top. Come on Obama, stop picking your cronies for these jobs. You promised us you were going to stop business as usual in Washington. Your choices so far are very suspect to me for some of you posts.

  • Hillary Clinton (former Presidential candidate) at State - her credentials are what? Trial lawyer, wife of president, Senator. Is she trained in international affairs? And then there are those massive donations to her husband's foundation from all around the globe.
  • Bill Richardson (former Presidential candidate) as Commerce Secretary. He faces an embarassing investigation about money from donors and New Mexico government contracts being awarded to those donors back in August 2008. Media just now got around to reporting on it I suppose. He took his name out of the hat. Thanks Bill.
  • Ram Emanuel for Chief of Staff. He is from the Chicago political system just like Obama. Quoted as saying, "Never waste a good crisis." As he alluded to the economic crisis and the Obama agenda. Fear mongering from the Democrats.

I'm going to stop here before my blood pressure gets up too far.


A question before I go...... why do Americans think a big government making decisions for them is the way to live? Obama's proposed agenda is consolidating power under the government's control, power that used to belong to the individuals of this country. I want freedom to make my own choices, not have the government do my thinking for me. Am I alone? Please Obama supporters, tell me why I am wrong because this stuff scares me to death.

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Felt up for 20 bucks....

Last week the Wall Street Journal ran an opinion article about what Obama's National Healthcare Plan might be like. The author took most of their points form Tom Daschle's book on the subject and for those that don't know he has been appointed to lead the effort in the new administration. The main point of the article was the almost certainty of metered health care. By metered, they mean there will be an oversight committee (appointed, not elected) that sets the treatment plans paid for under the plan and to which age groups the service will be provided. Sorry, grandma, you are too old for knee replacement surgery. The author was looking to put fear into her reader with these comments but there is truth to it none the less.

On Tuesday of this week, the WSJ printed several responses in the Letter's to the Editor page. These responses were from healthcare professionals (doctors and administrators). They brought up some great points. Like how is this any different from an insurance company today. They put limits on treatments today. True. But two such responders went on to write (paraphrasing) that many of the current treatments are marginal or only slightly better than cheaper treatments and, therefore, should not be used or more clearly, not covered under the plan. There is truth in this statement, but history shows that breakthrough invention is built on the backs of many failed attempts, marginal attempts and only slightly better attempts at improving whatever situation is at hand, be in medical or industrial or commercial. What this means to me is our healthcare system and the drive toward new cures and treatments may very well stagnate. We have to remember pharmaceutical companies are in the business to make money for their shareholders. It is that simple. If there is no money in new treatment options or the method of approval is too protracted, research will not happen. The regulations require a drug company to spend potentially hundreds of millions of dollars just to get it to market. If the National Healthcare System won't pay for the use or treatment, the drug companies will stop research and development. Progress in healthcare may cease or slow so greatly that twenty or forty years into the future we will have changed very little.

Think about the last 25 years with respect to heart by-pass surgery. It went from a radical surgery requiring many months of recovery to a ho hum procedure that sees the patient home in a few days. In those 25 years, the procedure has improved in small ways with better medicines and techniques. Each one slightly or significantly better than its predecessor. The result is what we have today. And those techniques and medicines have found their way into other procedures like joint repairs.

The root problem that causes a system to restrict the treatments is driven purely by cost. If it is too much, we will not do it. Eliminating treatments is one way to lower the cost. But what about lowering the cost of practicing medicine. I recently had my annual Ob-Gyn visit. The bill to the insurance company was $430 for one visit. Insurance paid $157. I paid $20 out of pocket. The doctor billed $430 and he received $177 (and was happy about it.) Does this make sense?

How about tort reform? You know, doctor screws up a procedure (they are human), sued for malpractice, settlement is for $5 million, lawyer gets $2 million, client gets $3 million. Oh, the patient is fine mind you, a little worse for the wear, deserves some compensation no doubt to make up for their loss. But the lawyer got how much!!! Doctor's insurance goes up. He passes the cost on to you and me.

So here is the rub. A National Healthcare System is probably a good idea. But how do we do it without killing our economy (cost) and still allowing the entrepreneurial drive that leads to innovation? How do we ensure that people want to be doctors in the future. If their hands are tied many may choose to do something else with their talents.  Caution is absolutely needed as we move forward.


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Gag reflex has been triggered! Spit it out!

Hard to swallow, may have to spit this one out.

Another stupid person(s) to point out per my New Year's resolution.

I was eating my lunch today with a friend of mine in a crowded bistro. The fellow next to us was reading out loud to his table mate the virtues of Obama's economic stimulus package from his newspaper. Both these gentlemen were excited about the prospects of tax relief and the immediate impact to the economy. These fellows are dyed in the wool Obama supporters and they were gushing about the proposal as if it were revolutionary and just what we need to get the country started in the right direction again. They actually said, "Damn George Bush!" Amazing.  (Didn't W send us all $500 or $1000 checks last summer?)

How does it taste to you, America?

Obama's plan is for a two year tax relief that amounts to $500 per worker or $1000 per couple for each year. Depending on the number of paychecks you get, either 24 or 26, this amounts to roughly $20 per check for a single. Let's see, that buys about 10 or 11 gallons of gas (at today's price) every couple of weeks. Or about 8 coffees at Starbucks. Or a round of drinks for a few friends. Maybe a box of condoms, a six pack of Keystone Light and some mints. Might cover the co-pay for a doctors visit (might not). Covers the cost of a month's supply of birth control pills. Good for 5 beers at a Piston's game. I can get half a new bra at Victoria's Secret or a week's worth of thongs.

Now I don't mean to sound like I won't accept the money. I will of course. But let's be real. Is $10 bucks a week gonna cause you to go out and spend our way out of recession? Is it going to make a dent in your credit card or mortgage payment? Is it going to restore consumer confidence? Anyone rushing out to buy an American car with the extra $40 a month? Maybe with all those rebates GM and Ford are throwing around you can get one for $40 a month (get real folks).

Who is the stupid person here? I will let you decide.

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Smorgie licks another woman...

I had a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year's Eve and hope you all had similar if not better experiences. One of my resolutions this year is to seek out stupidity and call it out for all to see. My first installment in 2009 relays just such a stupid person.

While driving along in the Queen City last Friday evening I encountered a stupid person. I was driving along the I-275 beltway in Cincinnati approaching rush hour traffic in one of the interminable construction areas. Years ago I gave up driving fast in and around the city and have taken up the role of right lane slow driver. It is just easier and way less stressful, I recommend some of you with too much stress give it a try. Back to the story. I pulled into the left lane to pass some slower merging traffic which I went around in good time, but apparently I did not return to the right lane fast enough for the person behind me. This lady came along side and slowed, blew her horn and gave me the finger. Happy New Year to you I thought to myself. Oh well. Let it go, Cyndi. The woman moved on ahead of me.

At this point I had a great view of the back of her Toyota Prius. She had several bumper stickers that struck me as interesting and down right hilarious in retrospect. The one that caught my attention was a simple statement: Envision World Peace. Ironic that a woman who drives aggressively in her eco-green machine and flips people the bird, is interested in world peace don't you think? World Peace? How do you actually have world peace when people of different ethnic or religious or geographical demographics just don't like each other. Beyond reason or logic, it is just a visceral hatred. We can't even seem to love our neighbors here in the US.

The bumper continued to extoll its knowledge to those trailing in her dust. She had the Make Love Not War sticker. The Jan 20th End of an Error sticker - a big fan of Bush, not. An Obama 08 sticker was there.

As you all know when driving in traffic, you can swerve and pass all you want, in the end you never get very far. As it turned out, this peace loving road raged lady never got very far from me. In fact, the slow lane was moving a little faster and I ended up passing her. She actually swerved toward me as I drove past at all of 35 mph. I apparently had gotten under her skin rather badly with my correct driving. Let it go Cyndi.

The rest of the drive went rather uneventful and I arrived at my destination, a wonderful restaurant to celebrate a friends promotion within a local non profit organization (a charity). Amazingly, the lady in the Prius entered the parking lot right behind me. She was going to the same place! What a coincidence. Or wait....maybe she was really pissed at me and wanted to kick my butt! I didn't know which. She parked and went into the was just a coincidence. So I went in to meet my friend only to find the Prius woman sitting at the same table with an open seat on her left. Hugs and greetings for all of our friends. Pleasantries and introductions were exchanged for those who did not know everyone at the table. This is when I got to meet the Prius lady. She recognized me immediately. The look on her face was difficult to discern. Was she still angry at me? Was she embarrassed by her actions? Was she waiting for me to say something mean? Whatever it was, she was very uncomfortable. I only smiled and said it was nice to meet you. I took great pleasure in remaining cordial and nice to her all evening, I never let her know that I knew she was the lady who flipped me off only 20 minutes prior. She began to relax and the dinner and drinks came to a close. People were beginning to leave and the conversation died down. Eventually she and I were seperated from the others by a chair. So I turned to her and said, "So you are a peace advocate, huh? How do you expect to attain peace in the world when we don't even have peace in our own country?" The Prius lady was flustered and she stared at the table for a second or two. She looked me in the eye and apologized for her actions out on the roadway and I accepted it with no ill will. We continued our evening and she was really a nice person. She was smart and funny. She is devoted to Obama, which is okay by me, I respect that. We sparred back and forth over some of our political differences but ended the evening as friends. In parting I asked her what I did to warrant the rage on the road out there on the way to the restaurant, not trying to rub her nose in it but to truly understand what I did. She said I was just in her way, she was late for this meeting with her friend.

She apologized again and I told her not to worry about and thanked her for her honest answer.

Looking back I wonder how often we all get so wrapped up in ourselves that we begin to look at those neighbors around us as only hinderances to our own progress. I looked inside myself too. I admit I lose sight of the what is really important , too. I just hope I can keep reminding myself that the person in the next car is a person with a family, with desires and wants, with ideas and beliefs, and with hopes and dreams.

World peace? Let's start with peace in America first. It begins with each one of us living the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. Stop the road rage, stop the bird flipping. Drive safely for your sake and that of your family. Respect each other.  In the words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other."

If she ever flips me off again, though, I am calling the cops!!

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It's just my way...

“What happened to your arm?”  “I, ah, fell against the dresser.  It’s no big deal.” “Hey, I’m your friend, don’t give me that.  Did he do that to you?  Was he drinking again?” “You just don’t understand. He works hard but never gets ahead and I put demands on him and he just snaps sometimes. That’s just his way.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Conversations like this happen everyday with regards to many different forms of abuse, be it alcoholism, domestic violence against a spouse or child, or any other sad situation where a person is abused. We have all been educated to look for signs of abuse and, hopefully, to report what we see to the authorities so that abuse can be stopped.  Medical professionals are now trained to look for signs of abuse. Teachers and others are also on the look out for forms of abuse and neglect.   By this time we are all paying attention or at least we should be.   That said I heard many discussions this week in the media where the punch line in each story was “that is just the way it is, the Chicago way.” Now this is different from physical or mental abuse of people since it is only politics.  Or is it? None of us can ignore physical or mental abuse when we come face to face with it.  But here we are using the same logic a victim of physical abuse uses to defend their tormentor.  That is just their way = that is the Chicago way.    Farfetched? I don’t think so. Our politicians are hired (elected) to do a job on our behalf.  When they abuse their power for personal gain we are being hurt by special interests or even criminal intent. If we choose to ignore it, to wash it away with a simple that’s just the way it is.  Then we are contributing to the problem. We are enabling them to continue their abusive behavior.  We are all so very cynical about politicians and their purported honesty.  We all know at least one joke where that is the punch line.  Yet we continue to fall for their promises and elect their selfish interests to represent us all.  We are all victims, victims of an abusive relationship where we hold the power to stop it but are either unwilling or afraid to act.   Americans – please stop enabling these abusive politicians or you will continue to play the part of victim.  When the Constitution was framed the founding fathers never dreamed anyone would want to serve multiple terms in any office because it took time away from the farm or their business.  They used words like civic and duty to describe the roles of office holders not bureaucrat or politician. It falls to the voter to invoke term limits on these life long politicians. But we don’t. We tolerate it. We re-elect them. We build statues and name streets for them.  We encourage them to abuse us more.   We are all victims. The Chicago way illustrates it for us. 
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Detroit sux

As the Lions fullfil their destiny to become the worst team in the history of the NFL (sorry Tampa Bay your day has come), the car industry is falling apart and we struggle to find a way out of this mess.  Folks are mixed.  Some what them to go into bankrupcy and renegotiate their UAW contracts thus emerging as a fraction of their former selves.  Others are for a bailout - classifying the Big 3 as too large to fail. 

One argument is the elimination of the CAFE standard.  This is the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard which stipulates that manufacturers must have an average fuel economy of the fleet of 27.5 mpg for cars.  On the surface this seems like a wonderful environmentally sensitive idea.  Who can argue?  The problem is the Big 3 have to make small cars that offset their larger, profitable cars and sell them at a loss.  That is a poor business proposition. 

Now before  you say "Smorgie, Toyota and Honda don't have the same problem."  Well, not exactly.  You see in order meet the CAFE standard, they only count cars made on shore.  Imports don't count.  This hurts the Big 3 because they must continue to make their small cars in the US to offset their less fuel efficient cars - and they do so at a loss.  Instead of allowing GM or Ford to go offshore to produce fuel efficient cars they can sell at a profit in the US they are required to make unprofitable cars and give them away at a loss right here at home.  Is there any wonder these cars suck, having been stripped of as much value engineering as they possibly can? Toyota and Honda don't make their smallest cars here.

I think it is time the Big 3 bring a business plan to Washington that requests the elimination of CAFE, a restructuring of contracts, and allow them the freedom to make cars that people want.  If you politicians want to raise some cash in the process try the best approach for once.  Let's pass an unpopular gas tax that will drive the right behaviors through consumerism instead of government mandates.  Allow the Big 3 to import cars from offshore and sell them at a profit.

As for the Lions, can't we outsource them to Canada or something?

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