Posted on: June 22, 2008 4:43 pm

Cincinnati Reds Batting Order

I've noticed that our manger, good ol' Dusty Baker uses interesting lineup combinations. To my utter disbelief, I saw 1B Joey Votto in the leadoff spot one game. This is not a jab at Votto, whom I consider one of the team's best hitters, but Votto is not a leadoff hitter. The same goes for Jay Bruce as well. While thinking about that, I decided creating a batting order that would have the best chance of success against an opponent:

1: Brandon Phillips, 2B

2: Jay Bruce, CF

3: Jeff Keppinger, SS

4: Joey Votto, 1B

5: Adam Dunn, LF

6: Edwin Encarnacion, 3B

7: Ken Griffey Jr., RF

8: Pitcher

9: Paul Bako, C

To me, Brandon Phillips should be the leadoff hitter because of his speed and power. Instead of trying to hit for power like what he does in the 4 hole, he could concentrate more about getting on base and setting the table for the rest of the Reds lineup. Bruce would be a good #2 hitter because he doesn't hit into many double plays and would complement the righty Phillips. The #3 hitter should be the best hitter, and I think that is Jeff Keppinger for the Reds. He may not hit for power but he makes solid contact and is not an easy out. I like to think about what would happen with his RBI production if he batted there. Votto needs to get more at bats and he will if he is moved up 2-3 spots in the order. His power capability allows him to drive in the runners who bat in front of him. I like Dunn in the 5th spot because of his power and his OBP, although the strikeouts remain a problem. After having two straight lefties, Encarnacion should be the 6th hitter. Although he doesn't hit for a high BA, he has nice power. I expect that EE will still finish around .275. before it is all said and done. Ken Griffey would be a great 7th hitter and would make a tough out for a player that low in the order. I am a big proponent of having the pitcher bat 8th, so that the catcher Paul Bako could bat 9th.

Is this lineup a good one, or would somebody else like to propose an alternate lineup?

Posted on: May 27, 2008 2:11 pm

MLB Predictions and Playoffs

Here are my baseball predictions after about a third of the season. Please don't make fun of me too bad with all of my picks...

American League


Boston Red Sox - 95-67

Tampa Bay Rays - 88-74

New York Yankees - 86-76

Toronto Blue Jays - 83-79

Baltimore Orioles - 71-91


Cleveland Indians - 90-72

Detroit Tigers - 90-72

Chicago White Sox - 84-78

Minnesota Twins - 75-87

Kansas City Royals - 66-96


Los Angeles Angels - 97-65

Oakland Athletics - 85-77

Seattle Mariners - 77-85

Texas Rangers - 76-86

National League


New York Mets - 93-69

Philadelphia Phillies - 90-72

Atlanta Braves - 87-75

Florida Marlins - 74-88

Washington Nationals - 61-101


Chicago Cubs - 96-66

St. Louis Cardinals - 86-76

Cincinnati Reds - 83-79

Houston Astros - 79-83

Milwaukee Brewers - 77-85

Pittsburgh Pirates - 72-90


Arizona Diamondbacks - 94-68

Los Angeles Dodgers - 91-71

Colorado Rockies - 81-81

San Diego Padres - 73-89

San Francisco Giants - 67-95



1. Los Angeles Angels

2. Boston Red Sox

3. Cleveland Indians

4. Detroit Tigers


Angels vs. Tigers - Angels

Red Sox vs. Indians - Indians

Angels vs. Indians - Angels


1. Chicago Cubs

2. Arizona Diamondbacks

3. New York Mets

4. Los Angeles Dodgers


Cubs vs. Dodgers - Dodgers

Diamondbacks vs. Mets - Mets

Mets vs. Dodgers - Dodgers

World Series - An LA Series!!!

Angels vs. Dodgers - Dodgers in 6

Posted on: May 25, 2008 10:27 pm

Dusty Baker, aka The Worst Manager in MLB

Dusty Baker is an awful major league manager. When he was the manager of the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs, I respected him because he took the Giants to the World Series and the Cubs to the NLCS and I was hoping that he would be able to take the Reds over the hump this year. So far, Dusty has not looked like the manager I knew in the past and instead makes the decisions of a senile, old man. Some of Dusty's decisions that should be questioned.....

1) Why the faith in Corey Patterson? Patterson is absolutely awful. Almost anyone would play better than Corey. Game line today: 0-8, 3 K's. He certainly contributed to the Reds loss today. Patterson is a holdover from Dusty's tenure as manager with the Cubs so he brought him over to the Reds, and with unfortunate consequences.

2) Unusual, and usually idiotic pitching changes - I've seen too often where Dusty has brought in pitchers to relieve the starters and see them getting their brains bashed in, even though the starters are going strong. I don't know if Dusty has a clue how to manage the pitching staff.

3) Interesting lineups - Dusty puts unusual lineups on the field sometimes. If I were the manager, I would have my best players play every day and maybe give them 1-2 days off a much. Baker gives these guys way too many days off, especially with the rookies because he probably doesn't want to hurt their development. Case in point: He has been slow with 1B Joey Votto, even though Votto is completely ready for the major leagues.

I hope Dusty starts becoming a competent manager again because many Reds fans like me are getting impatient...

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