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Posted on: August 19, 2008 11:30 am

CHEATnese Women' (widdle gurlz) Gymnastics

I really don't know which is more disturbing to me...... that the Chinese Women's Gymnastics team has the audacity to parade out a bunch of underage kids and expect the world to believe they are 16 or that the F.I.G. and I.O.C. are blatantly ignoring the obvious indiscretions of said team.   Multiple sources, including OFFICIAL Chinese agencies had previously listed the ages of at least two of the three in question as too young to participate in this Olympics.   But of course this was all quickly solved by a simple glance at the passports of the trio.....which of course were issued by the Chinese government.   Yeah, NO self-interest involved there.   There is even a Chinese girl who ADMITTED that a few years ago she was only 14 when she competed.   And yet, we still hear nothing as far as an inquiry into these flagrant acts of cheating.   For these organizations that strive so hard to maintain that their's is a legitimate sport and then arrogantly ignore these atrocious acts so that they "don't embarrass the host country" is beyond ludicrous.   Not only should they, AND the Chinese ruling body, be delving into this full force, they should also retroactively negate the standings and awards of the gymnast that openly flaunted her ineligibility.   Worse, this even casts a shadow on the Chinese Men's team that has performed brilliantly and been rightfully rewarded for their abilities.  

And I thought the Reggie Bush and his "Friends & Family Plan" while at USC not being vigorously investigated by the NCAA is an abomination!
Category: Olympic Games
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