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Go Red Wings . Game 1- The First W , 3 to go

First things first  . Wow, what a game ! .

 Perfect day for a Red Wings fan . Great weather in Detroit . Red Wings victory in game one .

 I had the day all planned . I needed to get batteries for the camera . Went to a Meijer near a buddies who i was picking up . Walked in the door and they had some new Wings shirts so i picked a few up . Batteries, check. New shirts i wasnt planning for , check .

Picked up my friend 2 hours before game time . I knew where i was going to park and how to get there . I needed to get down there early enough because where i park you have to walk 1/4 mile or so . I also had never tried to bring a camera into the Joe , so I wanted time to take it back to the car if they said no.  I have learned as I have gotten older , having pictures to show people helps them understand your memories better then you can ever explain. The whole picture worth a thousand words thing . I also had to pick up tickets at will call and I figured that would take awhile too . I didnt want to miss one second of action , so I planned accordingly .

 Will call took about 15-20 minutes . Walked into the arena, they looked at the camera . Told me to enjoy the game . Sweet . So i had about 45 minutes to go til game time now . I didnt walk around much, we found our seats and tried to squeeze into them. Fortunatly they were aisle seats . Game 2 tickets are in a different spot . Not going to be as comfortable I already know , but i will get different angles and pictures .

My camera is a very good camera for not having a big expensive zoom  lense . I fiddled with it some, took some pictures, tried to see what worked and what didnt . The singing of the national anthem i tried to zoom as far as i could to see Karen Newman . I tried the telescopic lense....Damn, I could get a great look at Karen for being on the other side of the arena . Damn did she ever look good in those clothes she wore .

 On to the game .

Nervous , I had hoped we would come out strong .  We did . I expected The Pens to do the same .  They did .

I think the Penguins are a little cocky . They have had their way with the Eastern Conference these playoffs. They think they are a superior team  . I think they are believing their own hype. Dont get me wrong, they are a good team but they just dont have the Stanley Cup Playoff experience Detroit does .

The first period was very tight . Back and forth action, lots of shots on both Goalies . It seemed like a feeling out period . The Pens tried to play their game, and soon saw that isnt going to cut it . Sydney played with a lot of passion and desire. i could see it in him . The crowd erupted when Lidstrom scored his goal.......so much so we didnt know it wasnt a goal ,according to the refs ,for a few minutes . The old conspiracy thing did seem to creep in. The annointed ones team was getting the breaks . 4 Power plays , a no goal call .

The Penguins did a good job of getting some good quality scoring chances . They just seemed to miss putting the puck in several times . The thought came to me about what Dallas said in the previous round about the Red Wings making them do things they didnt want  to do .

I was at the end where Samuelsson scored first . When i saw his rap around attempt i figured for sure it was a futile attempt . I heard and saw Fleury do a good job of stopping them all playoffs . Glad  Samuelsson didnt know that . SCOREEEEEE!!!!!!! First blood . I dont think in this series that scoring first will be as big as it has been in previous series . Scoring the first goal in Game one at home , after all the pressure the Pens had was nice though .  I was at the end the Penguins shot on twice. There were some very close calls, a few how did they not score theres . Ozzie played great . The whole team played well . Few mistakes. No dumb penalties . The crowd was one of the best I have ever been with at the Joe . During the regular season Wings crowds arent always into it . This was not the case for game one . The crowd brought their "A" game, same as the Wings did . It was a great site to see after they scored all the towels waving. In between the "Lets go Red Wings "chants and the "Oz-zie "chants .

Something alot of people seem to be overlooking .  This game was very tight , All the way until the last 3 minutes of the game when Detroit went up 3-0 . The Wings did stifle the Pens offense, but a lucky goal could have turned momentum in the Penguins favor at any moment. Its easy to look at a 4-0 score and think Detroit kicked their ass . That wasn't the case. Hopefully and im sure Detroit will realize this ,and not let up . Wings fans, dont be fooled this is still going to be a tough series . The Wings need to duplicate game one and not let up until the Penguins have been broken

GO WINGS!!!!!!

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