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Posted on: September 14, 2011 4:54 pm

Rockies' Alfonzo gets 100-game drug ban

First Manny Ramirez, now Eliezer Alfonzo.

Never thought you'd hear those two names linked, did you?

Ramirez retired this spring, when baseball told him he'd be suspended for 100 games for a second drug violation. Wednesday, Alfonzo became the second player to face a 100-game suspension, and the first to actually have his suspension enforced.

Rather than retire, he said he didn't do it.

In a statement released by the players' union, the 32-year-old Rockies catcher denied using drugs, even though baseball said he had tested positive for an unnamed performance enhancing substance.

"I am surprised by this positive test," Alfonzo said. "I learned my lesson in 2008 and have not taken any prohibited substances since then. With the union's help, I intend to fight this suspension and look forward to appearing before the arbitrator in the near future."

In drug suspensions, normal appeals are heard and ruled on before baseball makes an announcement. So Alfonzo has already presented his case once, and had it turned down.

Alfonzo has played just 25 games with the Rockies this year, after playing 31 games with Triple-A Colorado Springs. He previously played in the big leagues with the Giants and Mariners, and in the minor leagues with the Cardinals, Brewers, Cubs and Marlins.

His previous suspension, for 50 games, came in 2008 when he was with the Giants.

"I made a mistake and want to apologize to my family, my teammates, the fans and the Giants organization," Alfonzo said in a statement then. "I know what I did was wrong and now I will pay the penalty. As a father, I now have to look my children in the eye and explain to them that I have made a big mistake, one unfortunately that they are going to have to deal with as well as me."

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