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Posted on: February 8, 2010 6:03 pm

Honoring Aparicio -- and Vizquel

Remember when the White Sox had to un -retire No. 3 so Harold Baines could wear it? They had honored Baines by retiring his number, but made the mistake of not first waiting for him to retire. So then he came back, and naturally he wanted his number back. And so they gave it to him, even though they had retired it.

That was comical.

Now the White Sox are un -retiring Luis Aparicio's No. 11 so Omar Vizquel can wear it.

This isn't comical. This is appropriate.

Aparicio is the greatest shortstop ever from Venezuela, the country's only Hall of Famer. Vizquel is the greatest modern shortstop from Venezuela, and a possible Hall of Famer.

When Vizquel signed with the White Sox, he asked the team about Aparicio's number. Later, Vizquel asked Aparicio about it. Aparicio told Vizquel -- and the White Sox -- that he'd be honored.

That sounds right, because it's an honor to Aparicio to have another great (though aging) shortstop from his country wear his number. And an honor to Vizquel that he's deserving of No. 11.

One side note: The White Sox originally assigned Vizquel No. 17, which isn't retired but is known in Chicago for belonging to Chico Carrasquel, the first Venezuelan shortstop in the big leagues. And while Vizquel has worn No. 13 throughout his big-league career, he can't wear it in Chicago because that's manager Ozzie Guillen's number -- yet another Venezuelan shortstop.

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