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Posted on: September 23, 2011 12:06 am
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Rays: We need to run the table

NEW YORK -- The way the Rays made up ground on the Red Sox, you'd figure that they've been winning every game.

They haven't.

They have a chance in this wild-card race because they've played well . . . and mostly because the Red Sox haven't.

The Rays have swept just one series all month. They've had just one five-game winning streak, and none longer.

Now they figure they need one.

The Rays were sure they needed to beat the Yankees on Thursday, and they did, 15-8. They're sure they need to sweep the Blue Jays this weekend and home, and they believe they'll need to sweep the Yankees in the series that begins Monday at Tropicana Field.

They're two games back of the Red Sox with six to play, but the Rays have decided it's now must-win time.

"We pretty much have to win every game," Matt Joyce said. "We came here [Thursday], and we said, 'Let's win every game. Let's just win the rest of them, and see what happens.'"

Go 6-0, the Rays figure, and they'll count on the Red Sox losing at least twice in six road games against the Yankees and Orioles.

Go 6-0, the Rays figure, and they won't have to worry about the Angels, who fell to three games back of Boston (and one game behind the Rays) with their walkoff loss in Toronto.

"We're going to have to count on the Yankees taking care of the Red Sox," Johnny Damon said. "But we also have to take care of business. . . . We kind of feel we have to [win them all]. We can't rely on Boston losing all of them."

The Rays believe they missed a chance this week at Yankee Stadium, believe they should have been able to get a split of the four-game series, believe especially that they should have won Wednesday's day game with James Shields on the mound.

They got a break because the Red Sox lost three of four at home to the Orioles.

"We're kind of fortunate," manager Joe Maddon admitted.

They believe the schedule that looked to be against them when they left Boston on Sunday (also two games behind) may now have turned slightly in their favor.

They know that the Red Sox are on the road the rest of the way, and they believe that the Yankees may be more motivated to win this weekend against the Sox than they'll be in the three-game series against the Rays that follows.

"Boston playing Baltimore in Baltimore, that's not going to be easy," Maddon said, with a twinkle in his eye.

Maddon was in the unusual situation Thursday of rooting hard against the Angels, and his good friend Mike Scioscia. But there was no doubt he was happy to see the Blue Jays win.

The Rays have had plenty of help already, and they know it. Now, they believe, it's time for them to help themselves.

"We have to win every game, pretty much," Maddon said. "There might be room for one hiccup. . . . [But] you think you've got to run the table."

That would mean a seven-game winning streak, counting Thursday's game against the Yankees. That hardly sounds impossible.

There have already been 22 winning streaks that long in the major leagues this year. The Royals won seven straight. So did the Cubs. And the Twins.

Seven of the eight teams currently in a playoff position have had at least one seven-game winning streak (everyone but the Braves).

The Rays haven't. Not yet.

Now they think they'll need one.

Posted on: December 10, 2008 11:22 pm
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Tigers trade Matt Joyce for Edwin Jackson

LAS VEGAS -- The Tigers, who missed out on both their top two choices for closer, have instead traded outfielder Matt Joyce to the Rays for starting pitcher Edwin Jackson.

Jackson had become an extra part with the Rays, who plan to put rookie David Price in their starting rotation in 2009. Tampa Bay has been seeking an outfielder to replace Rocco Baldelli, and still could use another bat to replace designated hitter Cliff Floyd.

"This certainly doesn't take us out of the running for a DH/right field-type player," Rays general manager Andrew Friedman said. "But it gives us depth."

Because of the number of outfielders still available, both on the free-agent market and the trade market, the Rays believe they can be patient as they try to acquire another bat. The Rays would prefer a right-handed hitter to complement a lineup filled with lefties, but sources said they won't rule out a hitter simply because he's left-handed.

The Tigers had focused on getting bullpen help, but they also have rotation issues. Justin Verlander, Jeremy Bonderman, Armando Galarraga and Jackson are now set, but the Tigers have little confidence in Nate Robertson or Dontrelle Willis.

One name to watch for in spring training is Rick Porcello, the Tigers' top draft pick in 2007.

The Tigers aren't sure what they'll do about the clsoer job. They don't have the money to play for Brian Fuentes, and they don't believe that Trevor Hoffman can succeed in the American League. They could try to trade for a closer, possibly George Sherrill of the Orioles.

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