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Posted on: July 27, 2011 3:59 pm

Cardinals are about the now, not about the stats

The stat guys will wonder how the Cardinals could ever trade Colby Rasmus, who is 24 years old and ranked just behind Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier and Ryan Braun in OPS+ last year.

I'm wondering if the Cardinals just made the move that puts them in position to win the National League Central.

I'm not convinced, but I do know that the Cardinals had to improve their bullpen if they were going to have any chance to top the Brewers, Reds and even the Pirates in the bunched-up NL Central race. They did that already, and as CBSSports.com colleague Scott Miller reports, the Cardinals remain engaged with the Padres in an effort to acquire closer Heath Bell.

By acquiring Edwin Jackson (who the Blue Jays got from the White Sox Wednesday morning), the Cardinals could move Kyle McClellan back to the bullpen, where he had so much success last year. They also acquired veteran right-hander Octavio Dotel and young lefty Marc Rzepczynski from the Blue Jays, adding significant depth to a bullpen that is tied for second in the majors in most blown saves.

"Dotel is pitching good," said one scout who watched him in the last week. "He's not what he once was, but his velocity is up, and his slider is sharper."

According to Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Cardinals tried to obtain James Shields or Jeremy Hellickson in exchange for Rasmus, but the Rays held tight to their decision not to move either one. Strauss reported that the Cardinals turned down a package of Jeff Niemann and J.P. Howell, before settling on the Jackson-plus-bullpen-help package from the Blue Jays.

For Toronto, the Rasmus trade is another example of buying low on a top talent, much as the Jays did last year when they sent Alex Gonzalez to the Braves for Yunel Escobar. Escobar was an out-of-favor talent, much as Rasmus is now.

Rasmus feuded each of the past two years with Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, and the word around the Cards was that Albert Pujols wasn't fond of him, either. As talented as Rasmus is, it was starting to appear that things would never work out for him in St. Louis, much as it appeared things wouldn't work out for Escobar in Atlanta.

Jackson is headed for free agency at the end of the year, and Dotel is 37 years old, so it's not as if the Cardinals were dealing with the future in mind. But with a team that is built to win now, and with Pujols in the final year of his contract, the Cardinals are understandably focused much more on 2011 than on 2012 and the future.

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Dodgers get Dotel from Pirates

The Dodgers have acquired reliever Octavio Dotel from the Pirates.

Dotel has been closing in Pittsburgh, where he had 21 saves in 26 opportunities, but the Dodgers will use him in middle relief. Jonathan Broxton is their closer, and Hong-Chi Kuo became an All-Star pitching the eighth inning.

Posted on: August 18, 2008 12:46 pm

It's the bullpens -- in the AL Central, anyway

The Indians and the Tigers are two of the biggest disappointments in baseball this year. No question there.

Here's the interesting part: You can blame both teams' demise almost completely on their bullpens.

Don't believe me? Here's the evidence:

AL Central Standings, based on only the first six innings of games

                            W             L          T        GB
1. Twins          60            50       13        --
2. Indians       60            50       14        --
3. White Sox   58            49       16       1 1/2
4. Tigers          58           53        13       2 1/2
5. Royals         51           62        11      10 1/2

In other words, if you take out the innings usually pitched by the bullpens, the AL Central would be an amazing four-team race, and the Indians would be tied for first place. Not only that, but in this six-inning world, the Tribe never trades away CC Sabathia at the beginning of July.

What does it all mean? Two things, as far as I can tell. One, White Sox GM Kenny Williams was smart to spend his money last winter on Octavio Dotel and Scott Linebrink. Two, the Twins were smart to sign Joe Nathan long-term, rather than trade him away.

Oh, and by the way, the six-inning rule doesn't help the Yankees. They'd be 55-56-13 if games ended after 6.

It does, however, help the Mets -- big time. They're 68-40-16 after six, compared to 51-52-18 for the Phillies and 52-58-15 for the Marlins. In the six-inning world, they'd have a huge lead in the NL East, as opposed to the two-game lead they hold in the real world.
Posted on: July 26, 2008 7:10 pm

Williams: 'The climate is awful'

The White Sox were looking for pitching even before they put Scott Linebrink on the DL Saturday with a sore right shoulder. But so far, general manager Kenny Williams isn't encouraged.

"The climate is awful," Williams said before Chicago's Saturday night game in Detroit. "But that's from my perspective. Obviously the Yankees were able to get something done. But from our vantage point, I'm not really seeing anything that makes sense."

Even with Linebrink out, it's believed that the Sox are focused more on getting a starter than on getting a reliever. But they've looked at both.

Manager Ozzie Guillen said that in Linebrink's absence, he'll normally use Octavio Dotel in the eighth inning, and D.J. Carrasco in the seventh. But he said he would also consider using Matt Thornton if the opponent had a lot of left-handers scheduled to bat in either the seventh or the eighth, and he said he would consider Dotel in the sixth or seventh if he thought that was the most important inning of the game.

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