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Posted on: December 10, 2008 4:07 pm

Angels thinking about Plan B (or is it Plan C)

LAS VEGAS -- The Angels already lost out on one of their big-ticket winter targets, when CC Sabathia agreed to his huge contract with the Yankees.

And while owner Arte Moreno said that he always considered Mark Teixeira the top target -- ahead of Sabathia -- the question now is what the Angels do if Teixeira also goes elsewhere.

According to sources, the Angels have not had serious discussions about making a run at Manny Ramirez. They have discussed pursuing Raul Ibanez, or possibly Adam Dunn or Pat Burrell, if they lose out on Teixeira.

The other possibility would be to trade for a hitter, but the Angels would prefer not to do that.

The Angels face serious competition for Teixeira from the Red Sox, who have also made the first baseman their top free-agent target. Both the Nationals and the Orioles are interested in Teixeira, too. Both have the advantage of playing close to Teixeira's Maryland home.

Teixeira is said by some to favor the East Coast, but several executives said they expect it simply to come down to the most money and the most years.

The Red Sox are in a slightly different position from the Angels. While the Angels have let Garret Anderson and Juan Rivera leave as free agents, and thus have an outfield opening, the Red Sox wouldn't need to go to Plan B if they lose out on Teixeira. Even if they sign him, in fact, they would then have to trade Mike Lowell.

The Red Sox met with Sabathia earlier this week, and they also met with A.J. Burnett. But officials familiar with their plans say the Sox were never seriously interested in either pitcher.

Posted on: June 25, 2008 12:17 am

Who called J.P.?

Cito Gaston looks great.

Relaxed. Happy to be back.

And then there's J.P. Ricciardi. Even on a night when fans were cheering his new manager and his Blue Jays team was pounding the Reds, 14-1, the Jays general manager was trying to put out another fire.

It started Tuesday afternoon. No, it started last week, with Ricciardi's ill-advised critique of Adam Dunn on his Toronto radio show. But it got going again Tuesday afternoon.

Ricciardi, who had been trying for days to apologize to Dunn, said that Dunn had called him (on his cell phone, no less) and that he'd finally delivered the apology. The only problem was that Dunn said he hadn't called.

Could Ricciardi have made up his story about the call? Doubtful, since he had to know that reporters would check with Dunn (who was, after all, in the same stadium).

Could Dunn have made the call and then lied about it? Doubtful, because he seems to want this all to be over with, almost as much as Ricciardi does.

So who made the call? Good question, and one you can bet that J.P. Ricciardi would like an answer to.

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