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Posted on: August 13, 2008 7:34 pm

The Complete Game - A Dying Art

I think one of the biggest changes in the sport of major league baseball over the past century has become the role of the starting pitcher.  I'm sure managers, like they have for the past 100 years have wanted their starters to go out and pitch the whole game and bring the team to victory, but a starting pitcher in 1907 was at least 12 or times more likely to go the distance in a game than a starter in 2007.  What I decided to do to illustrate how complete games have declined over the past century, I took a look at the league leaders by team in complete games for every tenth year from 1907 to 2007.  The results are interesting

1907 - (152 games played) St. Louis AL 129 CG,    (153 games played) St. Louis NL 127 CG

1917  - (152 games played) Boston AL 115 CG,*  (153 games played) Boston Braves NL  105 CG   *=Babe Ruth led the AL with 35 CG.

1927  - (153 games) Chicago White Sox, AL 85 CG, (154 games) Pittsburgh NL 90 CG

1937  - (154 games) NY Yankees, AL 82 CG,  (152 games) Boston Braves NL 85 CG

1947  - (154 games) Detroit Tigers, AL  77 CG, (154 games) Boston Braves NL 74 CG

1957  -  (154 games) Chicago White Sox, AL 59 CG,  (154 games) Milwaukee Braves NL 60 CG

1967  - (162 games) Minnesota Twins, AL 58 CG,  (162 games) S. F. Giants NL 64 CG

1977 - (162 games) Baltimore Orioles, AL 65 CG (J. Palmer, 22), (162 games) Houston Astros, NL 37 CG

1987  - (162 games) Boston Red Sox, AL 47 CG, (162 games) LA Dodgers 29 CG

1997  - (162 games) Toronto Blue Jays, AL 19 CG (162 games) Montreal Expos 27 CG

2007  - (162 games) Toronto Blue Jays, AL 11 CG (162 games) Arizona Diamondbacks, NL 7

I'll comment about how I feel and my beliefs on this later.  I just want to let you know that of all these league leaders in complete games listed that those teams finished the season everywhere from last in the league to World Series champions, so as far as attaching importance on who throws the most complete games is sort of moot. 

Anyway, happy reading, and please discuss what you think.     

Posted on: July 19, 2008 3:42 pm

AT THE BREAK - AL/NL MVP, Cy Young and Royals MVP

Now that the All-Star game has come and gone, who are the front runners for the best of awards in MLB?  I want to know what my readers think.   I'll give the categories and who I think the mid-season front runner is.  Whether you agree or disagree, your comments will be appreciated and rewarded, I'll give you a five and enter you into a drawing for a 7 day, 6 night vacation to one of three luxurious resorts.  Shortly before the drawing you will be notified that you have indeed won 1 of 5 wonderful prizes if you attend the drawing.  At the time of the drawing you will be entertained to a 90 minute presentation by one of my cordial sales staff offering you a bargain to own a piece of these 3 wonderful resorts.      Without further ado....

AL MVP?   Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers.   Honorable mentions, A. Rod, Josh Hamilton, Grady Sizemore

AL Cy Young?  Cliff Lee

Top AL Closer?  Mariano Rivera.  No blown saves, best ERA and WHIP among closers.  Joakim Soria IS the second best.  2nd best ERA and WHIP among closers, only 2 blown saves.

NL MVP?  Lance Berkman, Houston Astros.  Honorable Mentions, Hanley Ramirez, Chase Utley and Albert Pujols.

NL Cy Young?  Brandon Webb, Arizona DiamondbacksCole Hamels, Tim Lincecum and Edinson Volquez are right there with him.

Top NL Closer?  Kerry Wood, Chicago CubsBrad Lidge is arguably as good, but I gave Wood my vote because of his better WHIP.

KC Royals Best Player?  David DeJesus.  Although Jose Guillen led the Royals in HR and RBI, DeJesus is hitting over .300, leads the Royals in OBP, is hitting over .400 with RISP and has played all 3 outfield positions this season without committing an error.

KC Royals Best Pitcher?  Joakim Soria, closer.  I had to give the Mexicutioner the nod over Zack Greinke.  Soria has been consistently overpowering this season, with special emphasis on the word "consistent". 

Any comments on the all-star game.  Great pre-game introduction with all the living HOF players that could make it on the field.  I would have loved being there.  When in the history of the game, has there ever been greater talent , past and present, on a baseball diamond?  The game was a classic itself.    

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