Posted on: May 31, 2008 1:09 pm

Picking on Bochy

A pet peeve of mine is when teams going nowhere (i.e. Giants) play washed up veterans instead of promising rookies.  What is the point of playing Omar Vizquel?  He is 1 for his last 25 and hitting .197 overall.  Why keep a young guy like Emmanuel Burriss on the team if he is only going to sit  the bench?  Why have Burriss bat 8th when he does play?  He is a huge stolen base guy ( 68 bases in the minors last year) but how do you utilize his speed when everytime he gets on base the pitcher bunts him over!  Wouldn't it be better to at least bat him 7th so he has a chance to steal when he does get on?  That kind of situation directly reflects upon Bochy's managing skills.  He sets the lineup.
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