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Posted on: December 29, 2009 11:30 am

Yankees search for help in the outfield

The Yankees have been searching for outfield help, but the New York Daily News reports that because they missed out on Mark DeRosa does not mean the club will seek expensive options (like Matt Holliday or Jason Bay).

A Yankee official told the Daily News (before the DeRosa deal was made), "No chance on Matt Holliday, no chance on Jason Bay.... Zero. None. Underline it."

The Yankees are thinking of much cheaper free agent optionslike former Blue Jay and Cub Reed Johnson or Jerry Hairston Jr. Or, Brett Gardner could have a chance to compete for a role there. They will also troll the trade market.

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Gammons' Latest: Teixeira, Cameron, Montero

The latest blog post from ESPN's Peter Gammons is up.

  • Gammons talked to a source close to Mark Teixeira who says Tex and the Red Sox are not that far apart.
  • The Yankees backed off on the Mike Cameron trade because Melky Cabrera is showing improved plate discipline in winter ball (his walk rate is up, though it's only 15 games).  Additionally, Brett Gardner has believers in the organization.
  • The Diamondbacks were unwilling to trade catcher Miguel Montero to the Red Sox for Daniel Bard, while the Sox wouldn't part with Michael Bowden.  Gammons says it hasn't been seriously discussed but wonders if the Red Sox would eat the $22MM owed to Eric Byrnes to get Montero.
  • One part of the post that is getting attention is when Gammons names a bunch of things "we don't know," implying that he suspects these things are possible.  For example: "We don't know whether the Red Sox will decide not to pony up and sign Teixeira or whether there really might be a three-way deal among the White Sox, Angels and Reds that would put Jermaine Dye in Cincinnati, Joey Votto in Anaheim and Chone Figgins in Chicago."  So, not quite a trade rumor here.  The Reds would, of course, want more for Votto if he's even available.  When this semi-rumor makes the rounds it must be discussed in the proper context - the paragraph's theme was things we don't know are accurate.
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Odds and Ends: Patterson, Lowry, Alvarez

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Jarrod Washburn Rumors: Monday

8:44pm: The Mariners aren't amused with the Yankees, blaming them for the way negotiations have been portrayed publicly.

4:18pm: Media drama?  On the Seattle side, Larry LaRue says "arrogant New York writers" and the "near hysteria of the internet and blogs in late July" caused some to believe the Yankees were close to getting Washburn for nothing.  LaRue believes GM Lee Pelekoudas "has probably talked to 20 other teams, too."

On the New York side, Peter Abraham says the Yankees are the lone team interested in Washburn, and the idea of Seattle having leverage is "a bit comical."

12:05pm: Geoff Baker believes the Mariners have some leverage in this situation.  He believes that if the Yankees are only offering salary relief, the Ms can afford to wait until August or the offseason.

8:31am: Jarrod Washburn remains a Mariner, but Kat O'Brien of Newsday has the latest on trade talks with the Yankees.

The Yankees still don't want to send more than a middling prospect for Washburn.  Meanwhile, the Ms hope Hank Steinbrenner will demand Brian Cashman acquire the pitcher, even if it means trading Melky Cabrera or Brett GardnerJoel Sherman describes the situation as a game of chicken between the Yankees and Mariners.

On the catching front, the Yanks asked the Rangers about Gerald Laird and Jarrod Saltalamacchia but didn't get anywhere.

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Yankees Eyeing Bannister?

Should the Jarrod Washburn deal fall apart, the Yankees are exploring an alternative in Brian Bannister for Melky CabreraBob Dutton of the Kansas City Star writes,

"Nothing appears imminent, but the framework for a deal seems to exist because New York has already shown a willingness to part with [Melky] Cabrera. Add this: The Royals nearly obtained Cabrera in a trade-deadline swap two years ago for veteran outfielder Reggie Sanders before Sanders suffered an injury."

In this scenario, David DeJesus moves to left to make room for Cabrera in center.  And Mark Teahen would get back to his natural position at first base.  Cabrera is making $461,200, only $40,200 more than Bannister, and both are set to reach arbitration after this season.

The Yanks prefer Washburn but are in negotiations after the Mariners rejected an offer of Cabrera and Kei Igawa for the lefty veteran.  Seattle might want Brett Gardner as well as for the Yankees to take on all of Washburn's $14MM contract through next year.

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Yankees Still In Talks For Washburn

Updating a rumor that seems to have died down in the last few days, the Yankees and Mariners are still having serious discussions about Jarrod Washburn, reports Dan Graziano.

Up until a few days ago, the Yankees wanted to include Kei Igawa and Melky Cabrera in the deal but the Mariner's didn't particularly appear interested in neither player.

The Mariners asked about Austin Jackson, but were turned down, and now two other prospects have been thrown into the hat: Brett Gardner and Justin Christian.

Washburn has a no-trade clause, but Graziano thinks he would waive it for a shot at a pennant race.

Alejandro A. Leal writes for UmpBump.com. Comments? Rumors? alexo05 [at] umpbump [daught] com. 

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Jarrod Washburn Rumors

3:09pm: Jayson Stark says the Yankees view Washburn as a salary dump, and won't include even low-level prospects unless the Mariners eat money or take Igawa.

1:27pm: Peter Abraham says the Yankees are trying a new way to get Washburn.  Neither Abraham nor Geoff Baker believes Washburn's no-trade clause will be an issue or something the Yankees would compensate for.

9:59am: SI.com's Jon Heyman says Seattle's request of Cabrera and Gardner for Washburn is "a non-starter for the Yankees."

FRIDAY, 9:21am: Joel Sherman says Igawa is not part of the Washburn discussions.

THURSDAY, 5:36pm: According to Ed Price of the Newark Star-Ledger, talks have progressed on a possible Washburn-Yankees trade.  Price says the Ms aren't sold on Kei Igawa, but the Yankees are willing to discuss Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner.

4:56pm: This is a bit out of order, since Abraham's info below actually came out after this Seattle PI column from John Hickey.

Hickey says the Yankees, Cardinals, White Sox, and possibly Brewers have talked to the Mariners about Washburn.  The pitcher's no-trade clause allows him to block a deal to the Yankees but not the Cards or Sox.  He seems willing to waive the clause, anyway.

11:12am: According to Peter Abraham:

One trade the Yankees could make now if they wanted would be Kei Igawa and a B-level prospect to Seattle for LHP Jarrod Washburn and DH/1B Jose Vidro. The Yankees would take on $16 million (plus a $500,000 buyout for Vidro) while shedding the $9.4 million owed to Igawa. 

So for roughly $7.1 million, you get Washburn for this year and next and Vidro for this season. Washburn would likely want something to waive his no-trade clause, which includes the Yankees.

I agree with Abraham - that seems pretty reasonable.  As he says, you can just DFA Vidro.  Washburn alone is worth it, as long as the prospect isn't anyone special and he doesn't demand a ton for the no-trade compensation.

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