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Odds And Ends: Red Sox, Oswalt, Angels

Links to start the week off...

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Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Sheffield, Rays, Red Sox,

On this date 43 years ago, Tom Seaver signed with the Mets for a $50K signing bonus. Seaver originally agreed to a deal with the Braves, but the contract was voided due to Seaver's status as an amateur at USC. After being ruled ineligible at USC, and the Braves were forbidden from signing Seaver, any team willing to match the original $50K signing bonus were included in a lottery for the rights to the future hall-of-famer. The Phillies, Indians and Mets literally had their names placed in a cap and the Mets were selected. The regular season is only days away and inevitably a former Mets pitcher will throw a no-hitter. Let's see what is being written in the Blogosphere...

Cork Gaines writes for RaysIndex.com. If you have a suggestion for this feature, Cork can be reached here (cork@raysindex.com).

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Rosenthal On Jeter, Jenkins, Keppinger

Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports posted a new column last night.

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Heyman On Bargains, Andruw, Buchholz

The latest from SI.com's Jon Heyman...

  • Heyman runs through his top 13 free agent bargains, beginning with Orlando Cabrera, Bobby Abreu, and Jon Garland.
  • Andruw Jones will decide next week whether to opt out and become a free agent again.  Heyman reminds us that the Yankees, Braves, and Phillies were previously interested.  He says a Yankees person "hedged" when asked if they'd rejoin the Jones pursuit.
  • The Twins sent a scout to watch Ivan Rodriguez before he signed with Houston, but Heyman figures they must be confident about Joe Mauer's back after standing pat.
  • The Red Sox "remain uninterested in the Rangers' proposal from a few months ago of Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Clay Buchholz."  Buchholz has allowed one run, nine Ks, and two walks in 8.6 innings this spring.
Posted on: February 20, 2009 9:03 pm

Rangers Sign 16 Players

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Rangers have signed 16 players to 2009 contracts. These players include Scott Feldman and Matt Harrison, who are both expected to make the Rangers starting rotation.

Position players include catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia and right fielder Nelson Cruz.

Here's a list of the others:

The Rangers have yet to sign Josh Hamilton, Taylor Teagarden, and nine others.

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Salty, Teagarden Likely To Remain Rangers

Jeff Wilson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram notes that the signing of Jason Varitek "should end any more talk of Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Taylor Teagarden being traded to Boston."

Saltalamacchia will head into spring training atop the Rangers' catching depth chart, but Teagarden can win himself consideration with a strong showing in camp.  Salty, 23, hit .253 last season with three home runs and 26 RBI in 198 at-bats.  Teagarden, 25, batted .319 with six dingers and 17 RBI in 47 at-bats during a short time with the big league club.

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Jason Varitek Rumors: Thursday

7:58pm: Alex Speier of WEEI provides us with a Varitek-relevant quote from Curt Schilling's appearance on the Big Show:

1CI 19ve talked with Jason a couple different times about this. I think there 19s probably some discussion going on around the parameters of a deal since it was put on the table. In fact, I know there (has been). I think you 19re going to end up with a deal that nets Jason the $10 million over two years, somehow guaranteed or tied into some incentives, that keeps him here, or I think he might end up taking the one-year deal. I 19m not positive, but at the end of the day I think it 19s going to be Jason Varitek catching for the Boston Red Sox, which is really all I care about."

5:01pm: Former teammate Sean Casey had this to say on the MLB Network Thursday:

"I'd be shocked if 'Tek doesn't come back to Boston. The fans love him there. The guys in that clubhouse love 'Tek. I can't imagine Jason Varitek putting on a uniform besides the Boston Red Sox. I saw him a few weeks ago. I know he wants to come back to the Red Sox. So I hope they get that done. I think it would be good for both sides, no doubt about it, especially that pitching staff."

3:50pm: Varitek faces a Friday morning (8:30am) deadline, says Tony Massarotti.  Massarotti's source adds that Varitek is "very seriously considering the option of sitting out the 2009 season and/or retiring rather than accepting the contract offer made to him last week."

Massarotti adds that the Red Sox are expected to reopen trade talks for Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Miguel Montero, independent of Varitek.

9:55am: A quote from WEEI's Michael Holley in regard to Jason Varitek this morning:

"I have moles who have told me if the deadline were today, no deal."  Catch the audio here, about 13 minutes in.

The deadline is tomorrow.  Michael Silverman noted today that if Varitek declines the current $5MM plus an option offer, the Red Sox would either move on or make a lesser offer.

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Cafardo's Latest: Crede, Gagne, Rangers, Brewers

Some quick notes from Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe:

  • The Twins and Giants will be monitoring Joe Crede's workouts in Arizona next week. Both teams have had ongoing interest this month.
  • The Twins and Rangers are continuing to seriously consider Eric Gagne.
  • Cafardo notes the growing sentiment among middle-market teams that patience could land an all star caliber player for a "low-risk one-year deal."
  • Milwaukee would prefer to save and make a "Sabathia-like" deadline deal rather than spend now.
  • Adam Melhuse signing with Texas could be a signal that Taylor Teagarden or Jarrod Saltalamacchia are en route to the Red Sox. Cafardo cautions that's probably not the case since the Rangers have not come down on their asking price of Clay Buchholz.
  • Watch for the Cubs to reengage the Padres and Jake Peavy now that they have found an owner in billionaire Tom Ricketts.
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