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Posted on: June 19, 2009 11:47 am

Mets - Perez and Maine

The New York Post suggests Oliver Perez is getting closer to joining the Mets' rotation after throwing three shutout innings without incident in an extended-spring game in Port St. Lucie, his first action off the mound in more than three weeks.

On the flip side, the New York Daily News reports that John Maine may not be ready to be activated from the DL next week as originally planned. Rehab coordinator Guy Conti, who oversaw Maine's 60-pitch session in Port St. Lucie, told pitching coach Dan Warthen that Maine looked "rusty" during the session, which included facing batters for the final 30 pitches.
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Why Are So Many Pitchers Still Unsigned?

We are nearing Memorial Day, and many pitchers whose resumes would normally have landed them at least a minor-league deal by now remain unsigned.

  • Pedro Martinez is still homeless. While the complication may be in part due to Pedro's salary demands, it is surprising that nobody has signed him. Yes, his ERA was an unsightly 5.61 in 2008, but his 2007 stint was far better-2.57 ERA in 28 innings. His 87 strikeouts against 44 walks in 109 innings also suggests a pitcher who can help a team on the back end of a rotation. Given that it is Pedro Martinez, there is upside well beyond that, of course.
  • Odalis Perez remains strangely unsigned after his even stranger signing that wasn't with Washington this spring. Perez turns 32 on June 7, and had a perfectly average 2008, with a 4.34 ERA in 159 2/3 innings. Obviously, those numbers could help any number of teams.
  • Paul Byrd did what he always does in 2008-posted an ERA in the mid 4s (4.60 to be exact), struck out around four per nine innings, and kept his team in the game. Yet Byrd has yet to sign with anyone, either.

The lack of movement on these pitchers can't be due to overwhelming performances by all the starters currently employed. After all, there's Jamie Moyer and his 8.15 ERA, Carlos Silva and his 8.48 ERA, Oliver Perez and his 9.97 ERA... plenty of others at sixes and sevens, from Scott Olsen to Scott Kazmir. (Even as I type this, Moyer is giving up another home run. No, really.)

My suspicion is that teams view Martinez, Perez or Byrd as band-aid solutions. And that would be fine, normally. After all, band-aids have a rich tradition of stopping people from bleeding.

But the trade market for pitchers has the most top targets it's had in years. The Padres are already 10 games out, and Jake Peavy will likely hit the market. If Cincinnati fades, Aaron Harang could be available. If Toronto falls back to earth- and the smart money still has them finishing fourth- Roy Halladay could be someone else's ace by August. And Cleveland's Cliff Lee will be a prominent target as well.

There are even second-tier options that can help teams now and in the future, from Baltimore's Jeremy Guthrie to Seattle's Erik Bedard.  And in the current economic climate, teams that fall out of the race may have even greater incentive to shed salary as soon as possible.

So it may well be that for veteran free agents, the market will only pick up once the trade deadline has come and gone. And with so many targets out there, once the deadline deals are made July 31, there may not be any place for Martinez, Perez or Byrd to land.

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Odds And Ends: Yankees, Pedro, Mets

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Odds & Ends: Perez, D'Backs, Baez

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Mets, Oliver Perez Agree To Terms

2:50pm: Sherman says the Mets floated various packages that could total $44MM over four years, but Boras and Perez preferred the shorter term at the higher salary.

1:18pm: Joel Sherman of the New York Post says the Mets and Perez have agreed to terms on a three-year, $36MM deal (no fourth-year option).  Sherman says the signing "all but assures" Pedro Martinez will not be re-signed.  You have to figure Ben Sheets is also out.

You know the story with Perez: only 27 years old, with a strong strikeout rate but plenty of walks and home runs allowed.

12:44pm: Matthew Cerrone's sources say the Mets are "close to finalizing" a deal with Perez, perhaps for three years at no more than $12MM per.  Jon Heyman terms it as "on the verge."

11:42am: According to Ken Rosenthal, the Mets are "moving closer" to signing free agent lefty Oliver Perez.  The Mets hope for a three-year deal but a fourth-year vesting option "remains possible."  Rosenthal says the Mets are "cautiously optimistic" about re-signing Perez.  If Perez has another serious suitor, it hasn't been leaked to the public.

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Olney's Latest: Abreu, Manny, Torre

Buster Olney has a new video up, discussing some of the bigger issues in the MLB world right now:

  • One GM thinks Bobby Abreu may have to settle for a one-year, $7MM deal. Quite the dropoff from the initial three years, $48MM he was asking for to begin the season.
  • If the Mets sign a cheaper alternative to Oliver Perez, they may consider making an offer to Abreu.
  • Olney isn't sure if the Giants are in on Manny Ramirez, or just trying to drive up the price for the Dodgers. He says that the Giants won't bring on Manny unless he "fits" offensively, defensively, and contractually. It's hard to imagine Manny's bat not fitting in any MLB lineup, but his glove and contract could be another story.
  • Olney wonders if the recent controversy surrounding Joe Torre's book will affect his relationship with Dodger players.
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Pedro Martinez Rumors: Friday

10:52pm: According to MLB.com's Marty Noble, or perhaps the AP, Pedro said he's received offers but not from the Mets.

9:13am: According to Mark Hale of the New York Post, Pedro Martinez plans to use the World Baseball Classic as an audition for MLB teams.  Hale notes that Omar Minaya's presence in the Dominican Republic was for a prearranged scouting trip but a meeting with Pedro was planned for yesterday.  Arthur Staple of Newsday said that meeting was "more of a courtesy," and Minaya himself said he was "just keeping in touch."

On Wednesday, Jon Heyman wrote that Minaya loves Pedro and some baseball people expect a Mets reunion after the Oliver Perez situation is resolved.

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Pedro Remains On Mets' Radar

Matthew Cerrone discusses an AP report stating that the Mets remain interested in Pedro MartinezOmar Minaya met with Pedro in the Dominican Republic but did not make an offer.  Pedro has yet to receive any offers, though the Pirates are known to have had exploratory conversations.

Cerrone also notes this Jon Heyman report, suggesting that some baseball people expect Minaya to attempt to re-sign Pedro after the Oliver Perez situation is resolved.

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