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Jets Droped the Ball v. The Patriots

Another game v. New England......Result:  another loss for Gang Green.  The Jets looked good v. Miami last week, but that was Miami and this is New England.  Im still trying to figure out why the Jets are not letting Favre throw the ball.  I mean, he is the same quarterback who has thrown for more yards and touchdowns then anyone else in NFL history right?  So why are the Jets pounding the ball up the middle on the goal line for 3 straight downs?  And not only that, can Schotthenheimer maybe mix it up a little bit?  They ran 3 straight runs up the middle with no wide receivers and 3 tight ends.  Last time I checked, the front 7 of New England was one of the most solid units in the league.  Talk about playing into a teams strength.  New York ran very well against a not so string Dolphins defensive line.  Different story against the Patriots.

The Jets secondary did a very nice job on Randy Moss (2 catches for 22 yards).  Wes Welker was a different story.  They had a tough time defending him in the first half.  They were only 10 yard gains or so, mainly 2 yard passes for 8 YAC and they had a hard time reading it and stopping it.  The defense line did a pretty solid job for the first 3 quarters, until Lamont Jordan got his 62 yards late in the game to basically run out the clock for the Pats.  Overall the defense did a descent job, limiting the Patriots to one touchdown.

The bottom line is that Brett Favre is your quarterback.  He had a solid game (18-26 for 181 yards, 1 TD 1 INT).  And seemed to get a better rapport with Laveranues Coles this week.  The pick hurt though, coming midway through the 4th quarter when the Jets really needed him to get them down the field.  We all know that Favre is going to throw picks, he's done it his whole career, and we have to accept that.  But Mangini and Schottenheimer need to have Favre throw the ball more.  Favre's thing is to improvise and if he is handing off, its a little tougher to do that, especially in the red zone.  Again though, the Jets had opportunities to win that game and didn't capitalize on them.  Stay tuned for next week when the Jets get some Monday Night face time against the very angry, but 0-2 San Diego Chargers.  Stay tuned.........

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Posted on: September 12, 2008 2:16 pm

Jets v. Patriots Sunday

Here we go Jets fans.  The first installment of the 2008 season.  Jets v. Pats.  A week ago at this time, we were looking forward to Brett Favre v. Tom Brady.  As we all know, Brett Favre v. Matt Cassell is not exactly the same thing.  With that being said, the Jets need to jump all over this opportunity.  A week ago, we were saying if the Jets lose to Miami, we could be looking at an 0-3 start.  Now it is conceivable that we could start 3-0 or 2-1.  That all depends on how San Diego rebounds from last week's last second loss to the Panthers.  But we'll get to that next week.  For now, the task is what it is.....BEAT THE Patriots

One main key for the Jets is for Favre to get on the same page with Coles.  I think they will have a better read for each other this week than last week.  And Keller needs to be more involved in the offense this week.  The Patriots have a very good front seven, so running will be tough this week.  Favre will be airing it out on Sunday.  As we saw last week, Favre and Cotchery worked very well together.  So if Coles gets on the same page, then that will open up the middle for Keller and Baker.  Which would also lead to some rushing yards for Jones and Washington.  Speaking of Leon Washington.  I expect him to have a bigger role in the offense this week.  The Jets need to throw everything they have at the Pats on Sunday.  The Jets should use more of Brad Smith this week too.  Even if it is just as a decoy.  The Patriots secondary in slightly above average at the moment so I expect Favre and Mangini to test them early and often. 

The defensive line played a very solid game against the Dolphins last week.  Jenkins really set the tone for the line last week and I believe that will continue this week.  The secondary looked sharp last week as well, but Revis needs to be on Randy Moss like glue on Sunday.  Expect Harris to have a really solid game on Sunday and Gholston to play a bigger part in the defense.  This is the Jets and Mangini's chance to make a statement to New England this week.  If the Jets can pull out the victory, then their confidence level will be through the roof and that can carry them for a little bit.  It should be a good game on Sunday, and I expect a victory for Gang Green.  I say 24-20 Jets.

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A week ago, the Jets had to beat the Dolphins.  Otherwise they were looking at a possible 0-3 start.  Now they are 1-0 and Brett Favre is being Brett Favre.  So week 2 approaches and their old friends from the north roll into town.  But this time, there is some hope for gang green.  Favre will be there, but Brady wont be.  I'm not saying the Jets will win the division, cause there are 15 weeks to go.  But for the first time in a long time, they have a chance.  That is something the Jets have not had in quite a while.  Brett Favre, "The Old Gunslinger", falls in the Jets lap, and the Jets have a chance.  He is still learning the playbook and was hardly perfect v. the Dolphins, but he is here (and healthy....knock on wood).  New York added a lot of big name and expensive free agents in the off season, and the biggest headline of all that is that Brady will be out for the season.  This is the Jets opportunity to make some noise and get in the playoffs.  The buzz is all around them right now (with all due respect to the Super Bowl Champion Giants).  But Brett Favre gives us a chance, and thats all we are looking for.  LETS GO JETS!!!!!!!
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Personal Seat License - What a load of.......

Anyone think that it is a little ridiculous that an NFL team is charging you money to buy a seat in their new stadium and then charge you for season tickets??  As you season ticket holders of the NY Giants must know by now, in order to get your tickets in the new stadium you have to purchase a PSL.  And from what i've heard the price is between $1000 and $20,000.  It is a one time fee, and you own that seat, so you are free to sell it down the line for whatever you want.  But last time I checked, Giant tickets, or NFL tickets in general, are not that cheap.  So there telling me that if I have season tickets in the last row of the upper deck, I have to pay $1000 to keep them and then lay out at least another $1000 for 8 games and 2 pre-season games.  First off, I am  Jets fan and they are monitoring the situation and plan to make an announcement themselves in the near future.  I have been on the Jets season ticket waiting list for the past 4 years and will probably have tickets when the new stadium opens.  But to think that I have to pay an extra $1000 or so just to have a chance to get season tickets, well that just plain sucks.  I also heard that the Cowboys will be charging up-wards of $100,000 to get a license for tickets in their new stadium.  Obviously for the really good seats.  Not sure how accurate that is, but I heard it on NY radio this morning.  Now I love football.  Nothing beats getting to a 1pm game at 10am and tailgating before and after the game.  Its an all day experience that happens at least 8 times a year.  But with the prices they already charge for food and drinks, which will change when the new stadium opens, and parking and tickets and now a PSL.  I guess casual fans will be all around banned from the NFL at this rate.  Might as well save your money and buy a plasma TV and get the NFL Sunday Ticket and just stay home.

Any thoughts??

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