Posted on: June 15, 2008 8:34 am

Lakers/Celtics Game 5

 Anywho, Lets get ready with story #1.  Game 5 Lakers/Celtics.

Its Sunday morning with about 13 hours until tip off of Game 5.  It’s also Father’s Day. Yay! Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there like me.  Well, lets move onto Game 5.  Of course I am Celtics fan and I am looking forward to a 17th Championship, but as for Game 5, I strongly feel the Lakers will win tonight.  I feel they will try to save some face by putting on a good show tonight.  Plus the Celtics really don’t NEED to win tonight.  They have 2games at home to win it.  I’m sure they’d would love to win it in there own building. 

Some thoughts on the series as a whole.  Going into the series, I saw many “experts” say the Celtics hadn’t faced an offense like the Lakers.  I thought this was strange for the sole fact that the Lakers hadn’t faced a TEAM defense like the Celtics.  Last I checked, defense wins championships, so why they were focusing on offense seemed odd.  I do remember reading one story(I believe it was just a general AP article)that DID mention how they thought the Celtics offense will explode this series because they were not facing a stifiling defense like they did against Detroit and Cleveland.  I also saw many articles and posts on how the C’s couldn’t win on the road.  Again strange, they just took 2 from the Pistons in the Palace.  That is supposedly one of the hardest places to win in.  Yes, they had struggles prior, but they seemed to get the kinks out. 

As for the Lakers, their offense is quite spectacular but they did show signs off having difficulty against teams like that Jazz.  I also think there defense at points was not AS bad as people said.  I think most people tried to go and double on Kobe which left the other shooters open.  That is what killed teams.  Kobe demands a LOT of attention and rightfully so.  He is the best scorer in the game today.  As for the defensive supporting cast, a player like Gasol needs to gain some muscle and show some backbone inside.  He is WEAK inside.  I think he could be better with some bulking up, but he also needs an attitude adjustment.  He’s too much finesse and not enough grit.  As for Odom, I am not sure what happened to him.  I always thought of him as a decently tough inside guy, but I guess not.  He is great shooter for a big guy.  I also think he can play very well inside if he would stay there.  I think the Lakers suffered greatly from not having Bynum.  He will stay inside and tough it out.  The Lakers should have a good team for the next few years.  I expect to see them in the finals again.

As for the C’s, they have at least 2-3 for years of the Big 3 left.  With the group they have, I expect to see them in the finals again as well. 

Anyways, I expect the Lakers to play with pride today and come out on top 98-90.  However the C’s will win game 6 back in Boston to ice it.  Enjoy the game folks

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