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Top ten greatest Athlete of All Time round 3

So here it is, the top twenty as voted by you. This is the final round to arrive at the top ten of all time. When this round ends I will re-seed the top ten and we will then find the TOP ATHLETE of ALL TIME. Thank you to every one who is voting and taking part. I have really enjoyed reading the reasons for the votes. This will last two weeks and then we will round the list out.

Babe Zaharias VS Lance Armstrong

Jim Thorpe VS Willie Mays

Bo Jackson VS Hershel Walker

Jim Brown VS Walter Payton

Jackie Robinson VS Hank Aaron

Wilt Chamberlain VS Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Jackie Joyner-Kersey VS Jesse Owens

Joe DiMaggio VS Babe Ruth

John Elway VS Deion Sanders

Dave Winfield VS Rocky Marciano

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Where has all the money gone?

   So I sit here and worry about those that have been affected by the recent hurricanes. I listen to the analysts and the government officials as they talk about dollar amount to be assessed to the damage and how the insurance companies are going to take a pounding. People are talking about how claims will not be paid because the insurance companies simply will not have the resources.
   This made me begin to examine my own situation and what would happen if my homes were suddenly wiped out by mother nature. It made me wonder how much would it cost me to replace. Would I be able to lean on my insurance company or would I walk through the rubble only to find out they did not have the money to pay the claims. So I did some simple math to see how much I had paid out over the last 25 years, comparing that to how much I had put in to the insurance company in claims. So here is the breakdown and it can be used for almost all of the 50 million homes in the United States.
   My annual premiums between the two homes are $2650. So for the sake of argument I will break it down to about $1200 a year per home. So I thought that was pretty reasonable considering the value of my homes and they are both insured for a little more than there value should they need to be replaced. Now I tried to put a claim in for some minor water damage to my Florida home that occurred when Fay decided to rent space in the state for more than week. The total damage was about $10K. The claim is still pending. so in the 25 years I have been a homeowner I have paid out over $60K in premiums and have still not yet received any thing as far as a claim. Well that is not to bad I guess, so that leaves some reserve for the insurance companies RIGHT?
   So I then decided to see just how much reserve they had. There are about 50 million homes in the United States and the average premium is about $1100. Sound reasonable right? So lets do the math. That would be just under a $100 bucks a month times 50 million homes. So that is 4.8 BILLION dollars a month.Well that is just about the amount that south florida  had in damage for the last category 4 that blew through. Now I do not want to complicate things to much by adding the interest that the insurance companies make on that but lets just say they get a minimal amount, like what you or I would get in a SAVINGS account. Now when we add that to the annual premiums paid out by WE the home owners, we are talking about over $60 BILLION dollars. Now I realize that I have not been in school since the late 70's and there is a NEW MATH, but that dollar amount is more than the total amount of storm damage of all the storms in the past 10 years. Hurricane Katrina was responsible for about $30 Billion in damages.
   So to surmise, they have brought in $60 BILLION a year for the last 10 years and have paid out about $65 BILLION in the last ten years. So I am asking the public to help me with the math. How do they not have the reserve to pay for the claims people have. Hard working people who pay for insurance so they do not lose everything that they have worked their whole lives for. How can they claim they do not have the money? The insurance companies have made over $750 BILLION dollars including interest in the last 10 years and have paid out less than ten percent of that.
   Who ever believes that we as a country do not need reform is not thinking. Imagine if we added the dollar amounts for all the automobiles insured in this country. I have had car insurance for over 30 years and NEVER had a claim. Who is responsible for this and how does it get FIXED. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the CORPORATE insurance dollars spent to insure any buildings other than HOMES. Also keep in mind that the housing market was slightly smaller ten years ago but the numbers still hold true if you add in inflation.
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9/11, my thoughts.

  The day is upon this great country to once again look back. I should preface these thoughts with a few things so I may cut off some of the comments that may follow.

1) I am from New York City

2) I lost twelve friends that day, not just people I knew but friends I had grown up with and saw often.

3) I believe that Osama Bin Laden is the one responsible for the attacks.

4) I believe that our government has done little to find him or bring him to justice.

5) I miss my friends and feel the pain of their family EVERYDAY not just once a year

  Now with that being said here are some random thoughts I try and process everyday and even more so on the day. I feel a lot of anger. Yes most of it goes toward the cowards that ran the planes into the buildings and the "leader" of those that did and continue to persecute the innocent. The innocent are those that can not defend themselves and do not know why they are being attacked.

  I think of the twelve friends I lost that morning and that in the years since there has been no change for the good of mankind. I think of the FACT that while tomorrow is a day to remember those who died , innocent and not knowing what they were dying for, and to remember those who died trying to save those they never knew and yet still not knowing why. I think that the day should embrace those who survived and the loved ones of those who died. I think that through this that statement is more true than many could even imagine. A symbol that was used against the people of this great country by some very evil people, as well as a symbol that is and will be used against the American people by some very bad people dressed in the clothing of the people only to disrobe behind the doors of the Buildings and show less compassion than the evil that started the whole day of remembrance to begin with.

  I wonder, most times out loud, why nothing has been done. Why the people that are put into the position to protect the country and those who VOTED them into office continue to use the day as a spring board for their own agendas and have not extracted the revenge owed to those people who deserve to have it. Why do i say revenge and not justice. Well that is an easy one. Justice is for those who have a chance of rehabilitation. These monsters have no chance. Finding the true wrong doer , the one that really should pay for the crimes, should be the foremost assault. The ones that showed the way to those who have wronged the innocent should also feel the pain and suffering of the vengeful. The only way to truly get revenge is to see the eyes of the "wrong doer" as the pain is unleashed and the revenge carried out. That is only the way I see it as it pertains to where I come from.

  Lastly i would like to commend those who have stood up for the innocent, the soldiers. The men and women of the United States armed forces that have given their lives and limbs to defend what they believe in. With out question, they stand their ground and shoulder the burden of entire country. Receiving very little in compensation or thanks. The politicians will use the day to try and spin their own agenda and try to divert the realizations of the day to push for election. Meanwhile the soldiers will push on. They will fight and some will die, yet they will not quit. All they will ask for is the ability to do their job and continue the hunt. I for one hope they get the chance to actually hunt down those responsible and in a very public manner, eliminate them from the living.

I would like to hear what you have to say. I only ask that you keep the language clean and your thoughts focused.

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Top Ten Greatest Athletes of All Time

  As I wonder the CBS Sportsline boards, i am always seeing the diverse and well campaigned for thoughts on who the people think is a great athlete. With this in mind i began to put together my newest blog. Who really is the greatest athlete of all time. So here we go. This will be simple. List your ten greatest athletes of all time. Any sport, any decade and for any reason YOU see the reason they should make the list. After two weeks i will tally the names and come up with the usual 64. The brackets will begin and with any luck we will have a definitive top ten list. At the end I will throw those ten under the bus and we will find out who is number ONE.

  As always thank you for all your input. This should be one for the ages.

As an example here is my top ten in no particular order.

1) Babe Zacharias

2) Jim Thorpe

3) Bo Jackson

4) Jim Brown

5) Jackie Robinson

6) Wilt Chamberlain

7) Jackie Joyner-Kersee

8) Gordie Howe

9) Michael Jordan

10) Dave Winfield ( the man was drafted by the NFL, MLB and the NBA and he never even played college football)

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Greatest sports movie of all time... The results!

  Well it came down to the Dreamer and the Champ. Boxer versus the Farmer.

When we began this quest three months ago, I never thought it would have such a great response. YOU have shocked me. The voting was great and so where the comments to back up your picks. So without further delay, I offer you the CBS Sportsline Members Greatest Sports Movie of All Time. Well almost at least. The voting is a tie. I have not cast my vote as of yet.

Field of Dreams - 24

Rocky - 24

  To be fair with this I should explain why I am voting the way I am. All of you follow my blogs as I have followed your. With this in mind all you need to do is read my SAD Blog and you will see why my vote to decide the winner goes to, FIELD of DREAMS.

So the Greatest Sports Movie of All Time as voted by the CBS Sportline Members is.................FIELD of DREAMS.

  Thank you all very much. It has been a pleasure.

Make sure you watch for the next Not just Sports but Life Blog......Greatest Athlete of All Time.

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Sports Appreciation Day! S.A.D.

Sports Appreciation Day!

  As a child growing up in the care of the C.H.S. I had very few opportunities to play organized sports and even fewer chances to see the games live. I do however remember the day I fell in love with sports and to be more exact, Baseball. Every year just after Thanksgiving the children in the home would get together to make out the list of things they would like to receive for Christmas. As a "lifer", the term for the older kids deemed unadoptable, i would sit back in wonderment. Each child would go to task writing the list. You would even see some verifying with Webster as to make sure they spelled each item correctly. The joy this brought to the faces of those kids was my gift. I enjoyed the hope they showed.

  For me and my little brother who had also been in the system for many years it was always the same thing, another waste of time but at some point we would cave in and make our list. He was 5 at the time and I 13 so this was always for me an effort in futility and yet I tried to be positive as not to cause him any more unnecessary pain. Every year he would put the same thing on the list. Parents. That was the list. The first few years he would be specific but as time passed the list became one word. For me it was always a grand gesture that I would put knowing that no matter how big or small I made the list I would get the staples, socks and underwear. Well this year I thought it would be really funny to put an unattainable gift, my attempt to appease my sense of doubt I would guess. I put down three words. Live sporting event.

  I had seen a few games on TV and was a fan of the teams all my peers hated. Being from NYC I chose the Dallas Cowboys in football simply because the team and I have the same birthday. I chose the NY Rangers for hockey because the left over jerseys we had for our street games were the Islanders and I despised them for that reason. I chose the SA Spurs in basketball because the only game I had ever seen was one with the Red, White and Blue ball and that was cool. As for Baseball I had chosen the Yankees. I had read a story about the great Thurman Munson and so I chose his team. I did not care that they were from New York or that they had won a bunch of games just that his story had so touched me has a young boy.

  So now that the background is set up I can finish the tail of Christmas. When the day rolled around we all come running down our respective hallways to see what we have. Everyone skips past the dining hall, which is amazing in and of itself but that is another tale, and head right to the large group hall. There it stood for all to see, THE TREE. All the kids smiled and when they noticed all the gifts wrapped under the tree they screamed for joy.I casually leaned on the wall and waited to see my little brother emerge from the pile.

  He had a little box and a very large card with his name printed in large letters on the envelope. I have to admit I was shocked. I was also perplexed as we had never seen this before and I was on my tenth Christmas in the system. He came over to me with a look on his face as to say what do I do now. I sat him down and told him to open the box. As he ripped it open it was a very unique gift, it was from a set of parents and it was a picture of his new room. The card was next and it simply read "We would like you to come and live with us" and had a picture of a young couple included. He was so over joyed he could not contain his reaction and vegan to jump and scream and thank Santa Claus and anyone else that would listen. When he finally calmed down he sat next to me and began to cry. "Will you be coming with me?" he asked. I had no way to answer him, I had no words to say. I was just about to try and put a sentence together when the young couple in the photograph touched me on the shoulder, almost as if on cue. The young lady grabbed my brothers hand and the young man help me to my feet. They guided us to the House mothers office and told us the news. Within in days he was gone.

  The only promise that was made to me was that we would stay in touch. When my brothers new father came around the following April i was , to say the least, shocked. I was in the courtyard playing chess. He walked up to me with the house "parent" and asked if I would like to go for a visit. I of course said yes. We got into a car and were driven into the City. We arrived and took a series of subway trains and when we emerged there it was. Yankee Stadium. I saw my little brother running towards me and tried in vain to hold back the tears. I had not seem him in nearly four months and now we are going to our first baseball game together. It was the greatest day of my childhood. He had gotten his Christmas wish and now I had received mine. I watched him and the game and to this day love the game.

  No matter what is happening around me I can always take myself back to that day , to that very second when the world was right, if only for a moment. It was baseball. I have since changed the train I take to the game as the Mets play in Queens but I still love baseball and I still remember the very second I fell in love with Sports.

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The government says we can put a value Life.

I recently read this article and was appalled that there is even a way to put value on an Americans life. So I thought I would get your opinions.

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Here's your ROYALTY CHECK.....

It has often been said that you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. With this in mind I want to know, if you got paid for the song that best describes you. What would it be. Not your favorite song , but the one that if we asked your better half or best friend to describe you with a song they would say ,"Simple it is ______" I can not wait to see how this turns out.

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