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Posted on: January 20, 2012 11:37 am

This is getting old

Dear Mr. Wilpon,
Please sell the team. Your financial situation causes my alhohol situation to increase because every off season. I see players that would fit our team go else where because you are broke. I sit there all off season saying "Oh man. He only wants 2 million a year? What a great fit!" Then he is signed elsewhere. Sweet.  Then I am forced to watch your bottom of the barrel talent get bashed more often than not because the Mets are so light in the talent department. No wonder David Wright struggles, he has no help. He is the face of the franchise and anyone that has helped him the lineup from the days of 2005 are gone. Mostly because you didn't resign them or traded them off. The only reason the Mets have won games in the past few seasons is because some how, some way, the minor league system had some decent talent in it. Ike Davis, Josh Thole, etc. G.M.s can only find so many diamonds in the rough like R.A. Dickey, but it doesnt matter because they will be gone in the next few years, looking to go somewhere to get a ring. You didn't even have enough money to give Jose Reyes a decent deal. I guess I should help you out. Maybe next time I am in New York I will stop by Citi Field and purchase a few of those 20 dollar Reyes jerseys that are on sale. Maybe I will pick up a Angel Pagan jersey too. Shoot, I need to pick up an Andres Torres jersey. That guy is going to be a real game changer.

Glad we revamped the bullpen, at least you can sell that to us fans.
"If we can possibly get a lead, we will probably win!"

Sell the team. You suck
Thanks for nothing,
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Posted on: January 26, 2010 4:27 pm

Thanks Omar

Jason Bay was a good move Omar. Mets nation would have stormed your office at New Shea if you did not get a big time bat in the lineup. I am not sure if you then went on vacation but I guess you were out of the country when Carlos Beltran got his surgery, but hey it happens. I am thankful you were back in the office to pick up Gary Matthews Jr. but where is the damn pitching???

Jason Marquis- good choice, a reliable guy who does not get hurt?

signs with Nationals

Joel Pienero- a risk but could be worth it.

signs with Angels

Ben Sheets - big risk big reward

signs with A's

Are you serious with this? You are going to go with the exact same starters from last year? The same rotation that 7 starters ended up being hurt? You claimed that the Mets would be built on "pitching and defense" and yet all I see is 1 big hitter and 1 good defensive outfielder. The starting pitching looks horrible from my angle, Omar.

Johan Santana- thank God for him, because after him the talent drops to the C+ range

Mike Pelfrey- Cant be a bigger headcase

Oliver Perez- Dude can't throw a strike

John Maine- good, yet eggshell tough

Who else is there?

Paging Mark Mulder.......anyone? Anyone want to pitch for the Mets?
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Posted on: October 15, 2008 9:19 pm

Mets and the offseason

So here we go. The Mets surrender early and head into the offseason with another dissapointment of a season. Well here we go again. What will the free agent market bring? Oliver Perez and Pedro Martinez are both free agents and I would not be surprised if they both leave. Which means who will fill those gaps? Claudio Vargas? Brian Stokes? Both pitched well when called upon during the season or will the Mets have to go out and pay big $$$$ for a mid level name. I do trust Omar to get some good players. I just want to know what the deal is going to be with Luis Castillo, abviously he was the pick of Willie Randolpf, because he did not not see the field very much after the Willie Firing. Fact of the matter is he has a good glove, which makes the middle infield that much better with Jose B. Reyes, but we shall see. Mets Nation seems to be calling for Orlando Hudson, which I would not mind, but will they have to eat the contract? Damian Easley has played well but he is as old as you can get. For all I know, the 2nd base position has been a revolving door. Jose Valentien, Castillo, Anderson Hernandez, Ruben Gotay, and Easley, so who plays there next year? The Mets bullpen will be the biggest place of change I believe this year. Do the Mets end up with Francisco Rodriguez? How about Brian Fuentes as the set up man? I am surprised he didnt come over before the trade deadline, so we shall see. Maybe there are some other names I have not thought of, but we shall see, oh man oh man, this is going to be a long off season.
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Posted on: August 8, 2008 1:22 am

Mets pen

Oh Johan Santana, how I feel for you. Its been 6 times since you have left with the lead only to see your teammates in the garbage dumb the Mets call the bullpen give up the lead. 3 times the Mets have won, but you dont get the W that you deserve. Your strikeouts and ERA are insane and I apologize for the blowing of leads. It hurts to watch for me, so I know you want to throw a cooler. I think Mets nation can thank Omar for not getting a Brian Fuentes or any arm to help and it looks like it could crack the team with Billy Wagner out now. Joe Smith is a youngin and I expect him to fold every so often and we all know what Aaron Heilman is capable of. Is it reasonable to say that 2006 was the Mets chance and the Cardinals stole it from the best team in baseball. It was not the Tigers thats for sure, but I think this generations Mets team best years could be gone.

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Posted on: July 29, 2008 12:23 am

As much as I hate the birds, I hate the fish

As much as I hate the Cardinals, I hate the Marlins that much more. The Marlins are just sitting back there, waiting and hoping to spoil someone season. They have a good lineup, and hands down I will give Hanley Ramirez the best shortstop in baseball award over Jose B. Reyes and Jimmy Rollins. It could be the sour taste in my mouth from last year that still hurts a bit. I am really just not sure what it is, but I do not like seeing them. Its been a tough schedule as of late. Phillies, Cardinals, Fish, all teams that have sat on top of their respective divisions for a reasonable amount of time.......come one Mets, take at least 2........

Tonight John Maine was pulled due to shoulder stiffness, and the baseball loving woman I was watching the game with, said "why does he just not man up?" And I sat there and thought about that fact as I watched the rest of the game. If I walked out there, do I tell Johnny to man up, or take him out, so  here is what I came up with. John Maine is a mainstay in the rotation this year and for years to come. He is not a triple A callup or even a spot starter, to leave him in the game when he is experiencing pain would be stupid. If it was game 4 of any play off series, I would tell him to man up and keep going, but this early and in the thick of the playoff hunt why risk it? If Maine goes down, then who is the next man to throw? Claudio Vargas?  As much as I love him too, he is no Maine.

I am not sure about these rumors, but I would like to give my take about Manny Ramirez becoming a Met, Manny drops bombs and would be a force to back up either David Wright or Carlos Delgado, but he seems to be a clubhouse cancer and his defense is horrible. Carlos Beltran is a gold glove outfielder, but can he cover all that extra ground? Doubtful, and what happens when he gets unhappy and goes into one of his lazy streaks? He could either be the turning point of the team, or the anchor that sinks them..............

Posted on: July 25, 2008 5:02 pm

I hate the stinkin birds........

Cardinals vs. Mets start tonight and the Cards are not playing well at all this point in the season. They are coming off the Brewers sweeping them at home. I know the Brew-Crew has a tough pitching staff and ran right into the teeth of it in C.C. Sabathia and Ben Sheets. Both pitchers are solid and I expect them to come into Shea wanting very badly a win. I dont expect  a Tony Larussia ballclub to do any different anyway, but its just the fact of the matter that the Cardinals are in a slide and the Mets are starting to roll. Mike Pelfrey goes tonight and I am excited to see if the can keep his hot streak going. I am wondering if Billy Wagner will go tonight in a save situation, because he is going on two straight days of work on a arm that already had some issues behind it last weekend. I for the Mets sake and the sake of my own fandom that he is healthy, maybe not a 100%, but close enough, a Wagner at 80% is better than most closers in baseball.

So the other night when Jose Reyes hit his 3 run shot to put the game out of reach for the Mets the announcers for the Phillies radio broadcast, (who I have commented on before) said that Jose deserved to be dotted in the neck with a fastball for running around the bases in his own stadium with his hand raised as he rounded second with a number 1 gesture.  Please, you announcers are such garbage, and I am not saying that for the sake of hating on philly announcers, but for the fact that I have listened to a whole of three innings of these idiots and everytime I have heard them wanting to bean a Mets player for a celebration or a leap of excitement. Please dude, this is baseball, if you dont ever get excited then go find a bridge and take a leap. First it was wanting to bean Fernando Tatis for his game winning 2 run homerun in extra's last time these teams faced each other. This time it was Jose Reyes for holding up a number one? Manny Ramirez alone does worse, Ryan Braun last night stood at home plate for at least 7 seconds before even thinking about jogging around the bases, and your dumb@$$ wants to hit Jose? I would love to throw rocks into your booth, but I guess the top of the dumpster would stop them from actually hitting you.

Jimmy Rollins riding the pine was the best decision ole Charlie could have made. Thank you for putting skillet glove Bruntlett at short stop, He is so bad its awesome.

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Posted on: July 20, 2008 3:42 am

Mets have huge kegger during All Star Weekend

I have proof the Mets all had a gigantic kegger during the All Star Game at David Wrights vacant house. While the rest of the team behaved, the starting pitchers, led by injured Pedro Martinez proceeded to drink everything that they could have sent to the house. How do I know this? Take a look at the last three games.

First Johan Santana looks like garbage against the Reds in his first start after the break, but the Mets pull out a win
Second, John Maine, still nursing a hangover, pitches like Jeff Weaver and blows the win streak
Third, Oliver Perez, who snuck home dozens of bottles of what he called the "good stuff" and looked like he cracked into them last night as he implodes in the loss.

The starters have looked BAD since the start of the second half! I know my excuse is made up and totally fake, but I can explain it. Not sure who can!
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Posted on: July 19, 2008 4:22 am

Jon Lester vs. Josh Hamilton

Since the Mets lost today, I thought I would go out on a limb and talk about another topic that grabbed me on the message board tonight. The greatest comeback story of the year was posted today and there were already 225 posts to it, so I decided to post my own thoughts here. When comparing Rangers OF Josh Hamilton and Red Sox P Jon Lester I think it is really like comparing apples and oranges in comparisons to what they both went through in the past and what they have done this season.

Poor Jon Lester was diagnosed with cancer, something he had no part or say in. Josh Hamilton and his crack addiction is something that he had a  choice in.  Given the return he has had to the bigs is nothing short of impressive and I tip my hat to him, putting the crack pipe to his mouth was his own choice. The dude is scared with stories of his past, and I am so glad that he overcame the stories of "Number 1 draft pick is dropped by Devil Rays after drug problems." or "Josh Beckett, the bad boy number two pick makes Marlins look smart after Josh Hamilton was taken first and was lost in a world of drugs." His return, his tattoo's, and his story all tell of a mans willingness to get back to where he belonged.

Jon Lester, who has been nothing short of awesome for the Red Sox was diagnosed with cancer, and after undergoing chemotherapy to get rid of the cancer, returned to the bigs to pitch his tail off in the play offs last year, get the win in the deciding game against the Rockies, and then throw a no hitter this year. I heard a story of how he was so sick some days after chemo they though he would not leave his bed, but he would get up, grab his glove, and play catch with his friends. Also another feat that I tip my hat at.

To compare the two is really quite stupid in my mind. Each man had a totally different story, a different road block, and each came back to shine playing the game they love. Josh Hamilton said the last time he ever did crack he woke up in a crack house, surrounded by druggies he didnt know, and had to call his wife to come get him. He had to call his wife to come get him. He says he wants the tattoo's he has gone, but cannot undergo the painful process because he has too many. Both men have overcome incidents that took months or even years to get back from, so why not instead of comparing the two, why don't we applaud the men?
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