Posted on: July 12, 2008 9:54 pm

Why New York is the greatest sports city!

Top 10 reasons:

1. The Two football teams dont even PLAY in NEW YORK YET WE STILL DRIVE (Or take the Bus as I do to Jets games) MILES OUT WASTING GAS TO SEE THE JETS AND GIANTS!

2. David Tyree and Eli Manning can pretty much retire right now

3. The Yankees can win 95 games, the division, and still have a bad year.

4. The Rangers can make it to the second round of the playoffs (for the SECOND STRAIGHT YEAR) and still have a bad year!

5. "Potvin Sucks", "Fire Isiah", "1918", "18-1", "Joe Must Go", "We Want Fishsticks", "Crackhead Theo", etc.

6. Fireman Ed is fucking crazy!

7. Dancin' Larry is fucking crazy!

8. The Bleachers Creatures are fucking crazy!

9. The fact that EVERYBODY hates Boston, Boston fans, and Boston teams and can unite when a team in the city is facing a team from Boston (EX: Rangers in 1972, Mets in 1986, Giants in 2008)

10. Everybody hates us!
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