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Posted on: October 20, 2008 12:17 pm

Bengals, Fantasy and Hines Ward

Okay, I don't want to spend too much time talking about my Bengals loss to the Steelers.  I just don't think they are worth the effort right now but a few things do need to be mentioned before moving on.  First of all, we lost Keith Rivers for the year to a jaw injury handed to him by Hines "I like men" Ward.  Chances are he will get fined for the hit because he did lead with his helmet, and he should.  It was a blind side block and that sort of thing can injure both the players.  At the same time, I think that the fact that Ward went through the rest of the game without the Bengals trying to hurt him shows how the Bengals aren't playing as a team and that they have no heart.  At least Cedric Benson went out there and laid out Troy Polamalu.

From a fantasy perspective, I got hurt bad by this game.  Mewelde Moore decided to go on a tear and put up 33 points against me.  At the same time, Santonio Holmes missed a touchdown by a yard at the beginning of the game and didn't manage to do much of anything close to 33 points.  That's frustrating.  Not a good day fantasy wise for any of my teams outside of CBS sports.  I had Thomas Jones go for 150 yards on the ground but NO touchdowns.  I also had Steve Slaton do well, which made sure that my sitting of Jonathan Stewart and Matt Forte was worth it.  Not by much, but they both scored less than who I started.  My major problem was at WR.  I put T.O. out there despite my best judgment and he only managed 30 yards.  Then Jericho Cotchery decided to put up a donut as well.  I should have started Santana Moss but I was nervous and paid the price.  I am also extremely let down by all of my quarterbacks across my leagues, including Brett Favre who put up a whole 3 points, Derek Anderson who barely made himself known with 1 TD.  I still have Jay Cutler to go in another league, but I'm in a deep hole already, so I need Brandon Marshall and Cutler to have themselves a day against the Patriots.

Beyond all this, I'm excited about a later game Sunday against Houston.  I work in the early afternoon, so I should be able to catch most of the game.  I also have much better luck in fantasy if I'm around for more of the games.  We could beat Houston right?  Steve Slaton could definitely be a problem, and Matt Schaub seems to have turned it on...  Trouble.
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