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RFG's Eliminator League Week 5

Alright, now we have a week off, try to remember to make your picks please, I will bump up this thing from time to time to keep it on the front page. As for this race, Kurt Busch finally got a long waiting win, as he did an absolutely fantastic job. Nice job Floridawhite and Chicagolaw for picking the winner. (And lucky sford for getting him as an autopick) Anyway, my bad Fantasy week had a rebound, with Matt, Carl, and Kurt all doing good this week, things are looking up again. Anyway, here are the standings:

1.) Berlyn- 345

2.) Fsu1dogs- 333

3.) Chicagolaw- 330

4.) Plaid- 298

5.) Sford + Floridawhite- 296

7.) Tabasco- 297

8.) Bearthumb- 281 (Being Replaced)

9.) Tigersman- 274

10.) M56nascar + Uscfannv- 271

12.) Bradman- 260

13.) Justgreat- 245 (Being Replaced)

14.) Section- 240

15.) Mikeyfan- 226

16.) Bondkbond- 214

17.) RoushFenwayGuy- 204

18.) Tenacfan- 194

19.) Edwardsfan- 178

20.) Sfrye- 146 (Eliminated)

21.) Superjags- 143 (Replacing Bearthumb)

22.) Spikesgator- 109 (Replacing Justgreat)

So after this week, Sfrye is eliminated, due to bad autopicks, with Edwardsfan being close to eliminated from 8th place, a great week for everyone except him and Sfrye, as nobody had a person who finished below 18th. (Kyle Busch finsihing 18th), and this just goes to show that one decent pick can be blown away by one bad pick.

But this means that only 1 autopicker is left, Sford, since he got Kurt as an autopick he stays unless someone else wants to join the game then he will be replaced.

Also congratulations to Berlyn, her 2nd here, and 3rd at Las Vegas got her the 10 bonus points, barely over Fsu with a winner and an 8th, and also Chicago with a winner and a guy around 10th I think.

Also remember, the bonus for who finishes 30th or below will be accounted for after Bristol, of them being in the top 20, I will check to see who has what picks if any end in this area, here is who is close to the mark, being unofficial standings of course : (John Andretti is in 30th at 336). David Ragan- 22nd- 405 (+69)   Dale Earnhardt Jr.- 24th- 397- (+61)   Ryan Newman- 32st - 324 (-12)  So pretty much Ryan Newman is the only way you can get this award. Ryan Newman will have to catch up to Robby Gordon, 18 points ahead of him, in order to get back up above 30th. Points will be added, if this comes in play, during week 6 at Martinsville.

And the handicap list WILL be reset starting after Bristol, meaning that many good drivers may go on the handicap list, and I only update it once every 5 weeks, so watch Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mark Martin, and Ryan Newman, among other good names, to be on the handicap list.

Here is the list for picks, I will go with my favorite driver, Kurt Busch, to strike twice, winning at pretty much his best track.

1.) Berlyn- ??? (??? indicates Private posted pick) (+10 on any pick)

2.) Fsu1dogs- Carl Edwards

3.) Chicagolaw- Jimmie Johnson (random autopick)

4.) Plaid- Ryan Newman

5.) Sford- Clint Bowyer (random autopick)

6.) Floridawhite- Jimmie Johnson

7.) Tabasco- Denny Hamlin

8.) Tigersman- Tony Stewart

9.) M56nascar- Kevin Harvick

10.) Uscfannv- Jimmie Johnson

11.) Bradman- Carl Edwards

12.) Section- Kevin Harvick

13.) Mikeyfan- Jeff Gordon

14.) Bondkbond- Jeff Gordon (RFG autopick)

15.) RoushFenwayGuy- Kurt Busch

16.) Tenacfan- Carl Edwards

17.) Edwardsfan- Carl Edwards

18.) Superjags- Carl Edwards

19.) Spikesgator- Kyle Busch

Common drivers (This list will tell people common drivers and how many people chose them, it might help you decide to try another driver to break out of the pack, or pick the same to avoid losing the pack. Also keep in mind that ??? votes will not be shown as selecting a common driver.)

Carl Edwards- 5 selections

Kevin Harvick- 2 selections

Jeff Gordon- 2 selections (1 RFG pick)

Jimmie Johnson- 3 selections (1 random)

Man, and Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, and Clint Bowyer for autopicks, at Bristol, lucky randoms this week I guess, plaid, bondkbond, and chicago can change if they get their real choice in by the start of the race.

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RFG's Eliminator League Week 4

Well, this was a horrible fantasy league week for me, to say the least, all my leads I had in my ESPN leagues are gone, all my predicictions thrown to the floor, Jimmie, Tony, Matt, Denny, and Kurt all did horrible here, and A.J. is falling. So what does this all mean, I'm last in my own eliminator league :O, I better find that winner this week or I maybe gone.

Here are the standing, again, the above 100 line should be safe:

1.) fsu1dogs- 190

2.) berlyn- 170

3.) plaid + tabasco- 155

5.) bradman- 151

6.) Chicagolaw + bearthumb- 135

8.) Edwardsfan+ mikeyfan- 117

10.) Justgreat- 102

11.) Florida + m56nascar + uscfannv + sford- 101


15.) Tigersman- 99

16.) Section- 97

17.) tenacfan- 85

18.) sfrye- 70

19.) bondkbond- 44

20.) Roushfenwayguy- 34

So it looks like there are only 6 people on the line, as it seems like me, bondkbond, ans sfrye will be the ones fighting for our lives, darn you Matt Kenseth for going out the 2nd lap. And that 10 points really helps bond stay out of last place. As for this week, I'm going with good ol' Carl here, with a great record at the track, hopefully he can pull through for me, or else...

bondkbond- Carl Edwards

 Floridawhite- Kurt Busch

 plaid- Jimmie Johnson

 Roushfenwayguy- Carl Edwards

 Section_725- Jimmie Johnson

 bradman- Kyle Busch

Edwardsfan-  Greg Biffle

 justgreat- Jimmie Johnson

 fsu1dogs- Jimmie Johnson

 sfrye4585- John Andretti (will not get handicap, full time this season and not last.)

 tenacfan- Kyle Busch

 m56nascar- Carl Edwards

 Chicagolaw- Kurt Busch

 Mikeyfan- Kyle Busch

 Tabasco- Tony Stewart

 sford- Kurt Busch

 berlyn- Jeff Gordon

 Tigersman- Jeff Gordon

 uscfannv- Carl Edwards

bearthumb- Kasey Kahne

 Superjags- Jimmie Johnson (will replace an inactive next week)

Spikesgator51- Kyle Busch (will replace an inactive next week)








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RFG's Eliminator League Week 3

Alright, now that we are done 2 weeks, whoever picked Matt Kenseth got the bounty, but who did, only 2 people! I know I won't make this mistake again, as Kenseth is my pick for this week.

Now down to business, the person eliminated is......... ynorocks! His inactivity in the game earned him Scott Speed, with a whopping 40 points this week, he will end with only 121 points, to eliminated him, and everyone else is safe. Also, the winner for the two weeks is... bondkbond. I don't think he found this page last week, which is why the RFG autopick really helps, his Chaser as Kyle Busch (since his winner was already used.) in br's league secured him first, with a huge 355 points, as Kenseth in 1st in week one, and Kyle 3rd in week 2 flew him in easily. Here is where everyone stacked up incase you want to know:

1.) bondkbond- 355

2.) Floridawhite- 326

3.) plaid- 322

4.) Roushfenwayguy- 321

5.) Section_725- 313

6.) bradman- 312

7.) Edwardsfan- 304

8.) justgreat- 274

9.) fsu1dogs- 271

10.) sfrye4585- 237

11.) tenacfan- 236

12.) m56nascar- 235

13.) Chicagolaw- 219

14.) Mikeyfan- 215

15.) Tabasco- 214

16.) sford- 206

17.) berlyn- 196

18.) Tigersman + uscfannv- 193

20.) bearthumb- 162

21.) ynorocks- 121 (lowest score= Eliminated!)

Bksballer has been taken out of the game also, considering that he seems to no longer be a member. In addition, bondkbond will be getting a bonus 10 points for being the only one in first place with his expert picks. Congratulations to everyone who stayed alive, and all the people above 300 did really well. Now is time for two more week until our next elimination, who will be gone next?

 bondkbond- Matt Kenseth (not confirmed) (+10 on any pick)

 Floridawhite- Jimmie Johnson

 plaid- Jeff Gordon (not confirmed)

 Roushfenwayguy- Matt Kenseth

 Section_725- Denny Hamlin

 bradman- Greg Biffle

Edwardsfan- Carl Edwards


 fsu1dogs- Kyle Busch


 tenacfan- Tony Stewart

 m56nascar- Jimmie Johnson

 Chicagolaw- Kasey Kahne

 Mikeyfan- Carl Edwards

 Tabasco- Jeff Gordon


 berlyn- Jeff Burton (confirmed)

 Tigersman- Kurt Busch

 uscfannv- Jimmie Johnson









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RFG's Eliminator League Week 2

Alright, I got that tenacfan switched from Tony Stewart to Denny Hamlin (should have stayed with my pick.) And that bksballer89 joined with Dale Earnhardt Jr., and here are your results from week 1!

1.) Bondkbond- 190 points

2.) Floridawhite - 175 points

3.) Section 725 + Roushfenwayguy- 170 points

5.) Mikeyfan 1599- 166 points

6.) sfrye4585- 158 points

7.) plaid + bradman 125- 147

9.) berlyn + justgreat- 129

11.) sford 128- 124

12.) fsu1dogs- 120

13.) edwardsfan- 109

14.) Tabasco Kat + bksballer89- 87

16.) Tenacfan2- 85

17.) ynorocks- 81

18.) Chicagolaw21- 76

19.) m56nascar56- 70

20.) TigersMAN + bearthumb + uscfannnv- 50

There are your results for week one, remember after the second week, your 2 scores will be added, and the lowest will be eliminated.

A line has been put between the people above 100 and below, the people below 100 are considered "In Danger", and will have to work hard to stay alive.

Also, congradulations to bondkbond for being the only one who picked the winner, and Floridawhite and Mikeyfan for being true beneficiaries to the handicap game. Guess you won't get kicked off the first week Mikeyfan. Smile

Alright, and here is the bonus, from this week, choose who you think will not finish in the top 30 after the first 5 races that finished in the top 20 last year. Last year it was Jaime McMurray, but who will it be this year? For a list of who is eligible, either look for who is not in my handicap list, or look here http://www.cbssports.com/autoracing
. If nobody finishes below there, then nobody gets the reward, the reward, is 10 points added to their segment 3 score.

Also, for the ones up top remember that if you are the ONLY winner for this segment, you get 10 bonus points for the next one.

And I decided to take out the week 2 joiners rule, we have 21, and now we will be locked, would be horrible if I gave someone Matt Kenseth as a random autopick. (Well, I gave the exception to uscfannnv, so sue me Tongue out. He got Kyle Busch anyway.)

And here is how the chase will work, if anyone is interested: The Chase will be split into 3 segments. Segment 1= races 1-2, 1 person eliminated. Segment 2= races 3-5, 3 people eliminated. Segment 3= races 6-10, the final 5 will compete for the championship.

Alright, I hope I got everything, here will be the picks for this week, remember, you can PST me your picks if you so desire.

1.) RoushFenwayGuy- Carl Edwards

2.) m56nascar56- Kyle Busch

3.) Section_725- Jimmie Johnson

4.) bondkbond-

5.) TigersMAN- Jimmie Johnson

6.) Floridawhite- Carl Edwards

7.) Tenacfan2-

8.) fsu1dogs- Carl Edwards

9.) sfrye4585-

10.) sford128-

11.) edwardsfan99- Matt Kenseth

12.) Tabasco Kat- Kasey Kahne

13.) ynorocks-

14.) bearthumb-

15.) plaid- Jeff Gordon

16.) mikeyfan1599- Kevin Harvick

17.) Chicagolaw21- Jimmie Johnson

18.) berlyn3014- Jeff Burton

19.) Bradman 125- Greg Biffle

20.) Justgreat-

21.) bksballer89-

22.) uscfannnv- Jimmie Johnson

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RFG's Eliminator League Week 1

Alright, here is the blog for this thing, starting off the NASCAR season finally!

Just pick a driver, don't pick him next week, that's all you have to know, also keep in mind that if you are the sole person in first, then you get a 10 point bonus for the next 2 week session! So try to win, just incase you pick crashing drivers for weeks 3 and 4.

For ties, I will explain them in depth when it first comes up. Here is the Handicap list again if you missed it:

+10 handicap

Bobby LaBonte

David Reutimann

Travis Kvapl

Elliot Sadler

Juan Pablo Montoya (road course exception)

Paul Menard

David Gilliland

Dave Blaney

A.J. Allmendinger

+20 handicap

Michael Waltrip

Scott Riggs

Reed Sorenson

Robby Gordon (road course exception)

Regan Smith

Sam Hornish Jr.

+30 handicap

(anyone not in the top 35)

(any full time drivers now not in the top 35 last year don't count for first 5 races, meaning Joey Logano, Aric Almirola, and others)

Here is where I will post Out in the Clear picks (at least for this week.) If someone PSTs me their pick, on my post, then I will put a ??? next to their name to confirm they made a pick.

1.) RoushFenwayGuy- Kevin Harvick

2.) m56nascar56- Jimmie Johnson

3.) Section_725- Kevin Harvick

4.) bondkbond- Matt Kenseth

5.) TigersMAN- Kyle Busch

6.) Floridawhite- A.J. Allmendinger (+10 handicap)

7.) Tenacfan2

8.) fsu1dogs- Mark Martin

9.) sfrye4585

10.) sford128

11.) edwardsfan99- Carl Edwards? (not confirmed)

12.) Tabasco Kat- Dale Earnhardt jr.

13.) ynorocks

14.) bearthumb

15.) plaid

16.) mikeyfan1599- Michael Waltrip (20 pt. handicap)

17.) Chicagolaw21- Kasey Kahne

18.) berlyn3014- Jeff Gordon

19.) Bradman 125- Tony Stewart

20.) Justgreat- Jeff Gordon

And one more thing, a bonus 10 points will go to whoever guesses which driver that isn't on a handicap list lands below 35th after 5 races, I will have this more clearly on my blog week 2, and choices for this bonus will be closed after the second week (so pretty much this is a heads up for you to think over it, you should probably wait to see who crashes in the 500 or does really bad and pick then.) Obviously, if there are more than 1, then more options could get the points, and if there are none, tough luck, no bonus, the bonus will be added in during Session 3, (Week 6).

Posted on: January 31, 2009 5:35 pm

Let the offline draft begin!

After all the confusion, I decided to make this an offline draft, here is the drafting order.

Thunder Kats- Tabasco Kat

Roush's FenwayGuys- (me)

Midnight Riders- Section_725

Hawks N' Cards- (same)

Team Topgear- Floridawhite

RJM Racing May-Day's- m56nascar

This was the randomized setting, and this will be the basis, so we will wait for Tabasco Kat to get here to give us his first pick.

Warning!!! By The Daytona 500, I will auto set the offline draft to make sure we get it in, so if you have pre-draft preferences, tell me incase someone doesn't show.

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RoushFenway's NASCAR Eliminator League

O.K., I finally thought of a good fantasy game to start, a secondary game for the auto boards, and I thought I should do it before Mikeyfan gets loaded on fantasy leagues.... as well as many others.... anyway, I was thinking that there is a Football Eliminator League, so why not a NASCAR Eliminator League.

Here is how it goes- Rules are simple, pick the driver that will get the most points every week, after 2 weeks of accumulation, the lowest scorer is eliminated, then points reset for the next session (2 week sessions), and so on.

There are a few twists to this game, one is the chase, during the chase, depending on how many people I get, will have 3 segments instead of 5, where ?? people get eliminated (depends how many I get), by, 1st 2 weeks of chase.... next 3 weeks of chase... last 5 weeks of chase. In order to do this, I will need at least 16 people to join the game by Daytona, if not, then the game is off.

Also, you can't pick the same driver twice during a session, so you could go, Jimmie Johnson, Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson... and so on, however, you can't pick Jimmie twice in the same session, also keep this in mind in the final 5 weeks...

If there is a tie, the person who picked the best driver the most recent week (handicap not included), will win, if this doesn't settle it, then the person who scored higher in the previous session stays in, if this still doesn't settle it, then I will have a tie-breaker pick for the next week, watch out, once the first person picks their driver, then if you come after him/her and change your driver, then I will FORCE you to change your driver, if you don't, then you will stay with the driver you picked the previous week (or the week before that). This rule will also apply to those who don't give me a pick for the week, if you give me a pick for week one, and not for week 2, then you will have a random driver chosen.

Also, to make winnning a bit more sweet, if you win a session (there can be no tie), then you gain 10 points for the next session, not much, but it can make the difference (this rule will leave when the chase comes)

Hopefully I can get this thing going, since I'm kind of sick of projections, and have fun.

Another twist, to make things so that its possible to have less ties in the fray, I have a list of drivers, anyone that falls into the certain group get a handicap, I will try to make these fair so that it will be very unlikely that they will score more than the winner, but it is possible, and a bit of reinsurace. With majority rule, I will take out this rule if people don't like it, and people may move if they are say, in the top 12 after the first 5 races when last season they were 25th. Keep in mind that these lists will not change until after the first 5 races (to avoid Jeff Gordon or someone being in the +30 after crashing at Daytona), so if one miraculously comes from nowhere, use him.

+10 handicap

Bobby LaBonte

David Reutimann

Travis Kvapl

Elliot Sadler

Juan Pablo Montoya (road course exception)

Paul Menard

David Gilliland

Dave Blaney

A.J. Allmendinger

+20 handicap

Michael Waltrip

Scott Riggs

Reed Sorenson

Robby Gordon (road course exception)

Regan Smith

Sam Hornish Jr.

+30 handicap

(anyone not in the top 35)

(any full time drivers now not in the top 35 last year don't count for first 5 races, meaning Joey Logano, Aric Almirola, and others)


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