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Posted on: July 30, 2008 8:37 am
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Prediction for Pocono, the Triangle

Well last week was just horrible and unpredictable due to those tires, 3 of my 5 guys got lost to the tires (Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth, and Brian Vickers) which killed me in all my fantasy lineups except my Draft and Play, but hopefully, this week will be better, and now we can get actual predictions that might come true.

1.) Jimmie Johnson Jimmie Johnson This guy just won at Indy, a similar track to Pocono, he also has the 3rd to best avg. finish of 10.3 here, and is getting hotter and hotter to run for another championship, this will be the crusher of Kyle Busch.

2.) Denny Hamlin Denny Hamlin How can you not put this guy up here, got a 3rd at Indy, and oh, look, 5 starts, and not a single finish below 6th, he has an avg. finish of 2.8 here guys! I don't care how bad or good he is he will do good here!

3.) Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon Got a 5th at Indy and has the next to best avg. finish here 9.3, watch this guy to get his first win here.

4.) Brian Vickers Brian Vickers Wait what!!! Brian Vickers in 4th, ya right... well don't be so confident guys, he has a 2nd here, and has an avg. finish of 13th, the 5th to best, and he is hotter this season, watch out for this guy...

5.) Carl Edwards Carl Edwards  avg. finish of 16.1 to be in 14th, but he did win here before, is hot, and got a 2nd place at Indy, adds up to a top 5 combination or even a win.

6.) Tony Stewart Kyle Busch No not you Kyle, I know you not being in the top 5 is a heart attack moment for you, but you have to wait, now where was I... Tony Stewart he has an avg. finish of 13.6 to be 6th here, has a win, has Denny to help him, getting hotter, just had bad luck at Indy, as long as bad luck stays away watch out for Tony.

7.) Mark Martin Mark Martin He has been up and down this season to say the least, but he got an 11th place at Indy with the bad luck, but he is better at this track with an avg. finish of 11th, which is 4th total, so he should ride up there.

8.) Jeff Burton  Jeff Burton He is going to get another top 10 guys, 14.9 avg. finish, 11th to best, but does have a 2nd place here.

9.) Matt KensethMatt Kenseth I maybe underrating this guy, but he only got a 3rd here, that set aside, has an avg. finish of 14.4, but I didn't get to see how good he really was at Indy thanks to tires.

10.) Dale Earnhart Jr. Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is hot this season, consistent, top 10 down his alley, becoming the new Jeff Burton, got a 12 at Indy, 15th avg. finish here with 16.5 but got a 2nd here, wow that's a mouthful.

11.) Kyle Busch Kyle Busch O.K. I can't avoid this guy forever, but his best finish is a 4th here, other than that has an avg. finish of 20th for the 20th to best avg. finish, he needs help at this track, but he is the hottest driver, still didn't show the greatness we expected at Indy. He also got 43rd last time after a real tough week, and 25th in qualifying, I don't see him up there.

12.) Kurt Busch Kurt Busch Was hot recently, now losing it, however, before Denny, Kurt was the hottest driver here, won here, and got a 14.2 avg. finish, he also crashed at Indy, so we can't use that, leading to a mysterious guy, he is the sleeper for a top 10, and looks, the bros will finish side by side this week...

13.) Ryan Newman Ryan Newman Kurt will be surrounded by buddies, won here and has an avg. finish of 13.9, and Newman got 13th at Indy, all set up for a pretty good combination...

14.) Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick A guy I could rate much higher if he just finished, since he would have had a good result at Indy, only has a 5th for a best finish, but he is getting better this season, and you know he in good at these kinds of tracks due to his success at Indy, could be another sleeper...

15.) Martin Truex Jr. Martin Truex Jr.  got a 3rd here and avg. finish of 15.2, he also never got a DNF here, and with his results this season, he will stay right here.

16.) Bobby LaBonte Bobby Labonte  4 of 5 finishes between 10th and 20th as Edwardsfan said, he should end up here again, true he has a win here, avg. finish of 13.9, but he is not what he used to be now is he, besides, some others in front of him will likely crash giving him the top 15.

17.) Kasey Khane Kasey Kahne 2 top 10s in the last 3 races doesn't phase me, he is still struggling, and I can't rate him higher although he has a win here, avg. finish of 17.7 to be the 16th place in avg. finishes, watch him, could be a sleeper... but its either up or down for him. ( I will rate this guy higher if he does better on final practice, the first one he was horrible, and he is usually better in qualifying, living up to my prediction so far)

18.) Greg Biffle Greg Biffle 4th here, but avg. finish of 18.8, should be around there this week.

19.) Elliot Sadler Elliott Sadler He is getting better this season, but only got a 9th here, and avg. finish of 20.4, but Yeley won't be up here, so he deserves a good top 20.

20.) Dave Blaney Dave Blaney He is up and down this season, but has a 9th here and avg. finish of 22.1, could be a pleasant surprise.

Others of notice

J.J. Yeley- O.K.at this track with around 19th avg. finish, but only an 11th best finish, and horrible this season, could be a top 25 at best.

Casey Mears- avg. is around 21st and got a 4th here, could be a surprise.

Scott Riggs- He got an 8th here, 24th in avg finishes, 22 around, watch him.

Jamie McMurray- got a 9th here and 22.5 avg. finish, could be up there.

Wait, RoushFenwayGuy, you forgot Clint Bowyer!!! Clint Bowyer- No not really, and 8th for highest finish, and 24th ish avg. finish, 27th in avg. finishers rank, this guy will drop out of the chase after this track.

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Posted on: July 13, 2008 1:01 pm
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Prediction for Indinapolis, the Brickyard

Well, last week was hard to predict since it was a night race, but I got 1st and third dead on, and I swapped 6th and 7th I learned that I will never trust Reed again no matter what his status, and I'm won't aknowledge Michael until he does better, and also congradulations to Greg Biffle this week, earning his first top 10 at Chicagoland. that being said, lets move on to this weeks predictions.

1.) Kyle BuschKyle Busch Here we go again with Kyle Busch, in his 3 starts here, never finished below 10th, and this track is usually reflected on who is the most dominant over the season, and Kyle Busch has that title this year. avg. finish 7.0

2.)Tony Stewart Tony Stewart I have a feeling this will be the most dominant driver of the race, he proved himself last week that he has it, and he is VERY dominant here, I have a feeling he will be the Jimmie Johnson of Chicagoland. He also never finished below 17th, so he knows how to avoid trouble here. avg finish, 7.6

3.)Kevin Harvick Kevin Harvick He got third at Chicago, and I have a feeling he will rebound from that, he is a good driver, and he won here before, and one of the best drivers here, watch him go up there, and never finished below 19th. avg finish 7.7 (sorry about that last 17.7, with a lowest finish of 19th and a win, that is a lot of 19th's he would need)

4.) Matt KensethMatt Kenseth Recently he has been hot, getting from 21st to 8th in the standings is no easy task, so he is dominant right now, has a 2nd place here, avg. finish of 13.3, look at him toward the front.

5.)Carl Edwards Carl Edwards He was dominant at Chicago until that problem, and is the most dominant driver other than Kyle, and maybe Junior, but he finished between 9th and 18th at this track, but he is much better this year, and dominance is the key, look for him up at the top. avg finish, 13.0

6.)Juan Pablo Montoya Juan Pablo Montoya Here is the other people to watch for, the open wheelers, they love Indy 500s, and expect them to be up front, he was runner up last year!

7.) Jeff GordonJeff Gordon He is very good here, but not so dominant this season, he is always finishing right outside the top 10, at a veteran's track, he should get a top 10, but I can't give him a top 5 with his performance recently. avg. finish, 7.3

8.) Brian Vickers Brian Vickers He is pretty hot right now, and with a 3rd under his belt here and a 17.5 avg. finish, he should be top 10 material.

8.) Dale Earnhart Jr. Dale Earnhardt Jr. I maybe ranking him too high, but he is dominant this season, before Chicago he had the best avg. finish, ahead of Kyle Busch. At least ESPN said so, but they may have been wrong, because now Jr. moved from 10.1 to 11.2 after a 16th place finish after seeing NASCAR's so don't listen to ESPN guys. But either way he is very dominant this year, and he did get a 6th before, so lets see this guy do good! avg finish, 21.1

9.) Jimmie Johnson Jimmie JohnsonHe did win here before, but he is 27th in avg. finishes, so I maybe ranking him too high, but if he can avoid trouble, after his 2nd place last week, he could do good. avg finish. 23.5

10.) Clint BowyerClint Bowyer He will be fighting to get back into the chase, and finished 13th and 4th here before, expect at top 15 at least.

11.) Mark Martin Mark Martin He got runner up here before and is good this season, expect a quality finish out of him. avg. finish, 14.3

12.) Bobby LaBonte Bobby Labonte He has won at this track before, and he has shown that he can very well get top 15's in a race, this one should be no different. avg. finish 15.5

13.) Kasey Khane Kasey Kahne Not the driver he used to be since Lowe's, but he did get a 2nd here, watch this guy. avg. finish, 20.5

(John Andretti WILL NOT be racing, so he loses this spot)

14.) Sam Hornish Jr. Sam Hornish Jr. (R) He is an open wheeler, and he proved that at Daytona, he is top 15 material, should be the same here.

15.) Kurt BuschKurt Busch Did get a 5th here, but not the best this season, expect him a top 20. avg. finish, 14.9

16.) Denny Hamlin Denny Hamlin Had bad luck early last race, he is as bad luck as Tony, but finished 10th and 22nd here, hopefully his luck will somewhat turn around when he hangs in mid-pack.

17.) David Ragan David Ragan got a 16th here last season, but this is a veteran's track, expect a top 20, but that's about it.

18.) Jeff Burton Jeff Burton did get a 5th here, but has been off his game, he never had dominance, only consistency, and you need dominance here, avg. finish, 17.2

19.) Greg Biffle Greg Biffle Did get a 6th here, and a 4th at a track he never got a top 10 at, he could be a surprise, but I don't think so. Avg. finish, 19.2

20.) Martin Truex Jr. Martin Truex Jr. This guy got a top 10 at Chicago, proving that he can get a good finish from a bad track, and he does have a 12th and 19th here from 3 starts, also a 42nd, so I maybe under ranking him, but he is worse this season..

Other Drivers of Note

Ryan Newman- did get a 6th here, but he is bad this season like the last, he only has Daytona for good runs, I don't see him doing good this race.

Patrick Carpantier- Anyone who is an open wheel driver will be on this list.

David Gilliland- Finished 17th with his only start, was shocking for some of the year, you never know.

Jaime McMurray, 17.2 avg start and finish and finished 3rd here, but not even a shadow of what he was last year.

Bill Elliot- Did win here, but that was in his Golden Years, maybe he can show a shade of his former glory.

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Posted on: July 6, 2008 10:13 am

RoushFenway's Predictions for Chicagoland, top 20

O.K., I think I am coming up with an idea, but any ideas would still be nice, noticing nobody posted in my last blog

And I know ESPN does this, but sometimes they give crappy advice, and there is none on CBS yet, at least that I know of.

1.) Kyle BuschKyle Busch This guy has finished 3rd here, also a 13th and 14th, and he is the hottest driver in NASCAR right now, I predict another win.  avg. finish, 10th

2.) Jeff GordonJeff Gordon He won in 06 here, and overall is a great driver here, he was really good last week until the crash, and I expect to see him up there again. avg. finish, 10th

3.) Kevin HarvickKevin Harvick I know what Section is thinking right now, YES, top 5! but let me explain, he is the best avg. finisher at this track, and at the first 1/4 of this season, he was very hot, sitting around 2nd in the standings, he has dropped now, from bad luck and bad cars, but this is pretty much his best track, and I expect to see this guy fighting for the front, after all, he was doing it at Loudon recently, he still has skill, just needs to connect, he also won here before. Pick this guy or Brian Vickers for your chaser. avg. finish, 8th

4.) Dale Earnhart Jr.Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is now 2nd in the points standings, and he is great this season, he won here before back in 05 for one of his few wins, so he can race here, expect him up toward the front. avg. finish, 15.1

5.) Jimmie JohnsonJimmie Johnson Now it is true he never won here, but he did get a 2nd, and is 2nd in avg. finishes, with a 9.2, I think he is good for a top 5.

6.) Matt KensethMatt Kenseth He has been hot recently, getting from 21st to 9th in the standings, and a 3rd in Daytona puts him as a hot driver, avg. finish of 10.1 and 7th overall, he did finish 2nd here before, and expect another good run.

7.) Brian VickersBrian Vickers He finished 4th here before, and no worse than 14th, that is not including his breakout season this year, so this guy has to be put up there.

8.) Carl Edwards Carl Edwards He finished 3rd here before, but in his other 2 races, struggled for an avg finish of around 20th, but he finished 2nd in Daytona and is great this season, so this guy should be toward the front.

9.) Tony Stewart Tony Stewart Now I know what you all are thinking, a first here in 07 and 04, the defending champion here, avg. finish of 11th including crashes, and you are putting this guy here!!!! Well he does have good stats, but every race he has decent stats, and right now, he is not doing good, a driver who needs to bring his game up before I put him any higher, true he has had bad luck, A LOT OF BAD LUCK, but I still need to see good results.

10.) Clint BowyerClint Bowyer I think he is going to get a top 10 this week, a talented driver who has been off his game recently, but he has a 9th and 10th here, so finishing right around this area seems like a good bet right now.

11.) Jeff Burton Jeff Burton He only has an avg. finish of 19.3 here, but he finished 2nd here before, he is always finishing around here, and although his first non top 15 came last week, he should stay around this area, he could go for a 6th or something though, he is flexible.

12.) Kurt BuschKurt Busch He did get a 6th here before, and has a 15.7 avg. finish, and his morale is higher than ever this year after a win and a top 5, he should start to compete for at least top 15s again.

13.) Greg BiffleGreg Biffle In 5 starts, always finished in the top 20, but never in the top 10, so he should be around here this week.

14.) Ryan NewmanRyan Newman He won here in 2003, but has an avg. finish of 18.8, he is not great here, but he could be a surprise.

15.) Denny HamlinDenny Hamlin In two races, finished 14th and 17th, was great at the start of this year, but bad luck and more is slowing him down, so he should be about avg. for him, getting him around his average.

16.) Mark MartinMark Martin finished 6th here, and an avg. finish of 13.6, I just needed to put some other guys in front of him, and he is good this season, but not as great as last year, we will have to wait and see on this guy.

17.) Reed SorensonReed Sorenson Wait, Reed Sorenson, the guy who is not even in the top 30 in standings, up in 17th this week! That's right, for his 2 starts here, finished 7th and 12th, so he is good here, but he isn't as hot as the last 2 seasons, so he should be a top 20 with his finishes, so that is why he is here.

18.) David Ragan David Ragan One start here for a 25th, and he is good this season, falling, but still better, so he should be top 20 material.

19.) Kasey KhaneKasey Kahne He is great this year, and at Infineon, a weak track of his, he was running strong until he had problems and went a lap down, but at this track he is even worse, 4 starts ranging from a 23rd to a 41st, bad luck follows him at this track, be grateful if he gets a top 15.

20.) Martin Truex Jr.Martin Truex Jr. He is riding the same boat as Kasey Khane, just not quite as bad, in 2 starts, a 16th and 39th, so he may have just have had bad luck on that second one, but he isn't as good this season as last season, so top 20 at best.

Other guys to watch:

Juan Montoya, finished 15th with his only start here, could be there again, but I don't see it happening

David Gilliland, he is a bit better this season than last season, and last season he finished 16th here, I don't see a top 20, but he could get in there, especially if someone like Kasey Kahne crashes.

Casey Mears, finished 5th here, but low on overall performance, maybe he could show us something.

Robby Gordon, same as Casey, but best finish is 7th.

Michael Waltrip, he has a 5th here as well, and he has a 2nd this year and was in the top 10 late last race before the crash, so he is looking up and could shock us.

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