Posted on: July 17, 2009 12:52 pm
Edited on: July 17, 2009 12:54 pm

Yankee Fan History Books...Out of Date

Did you know the Yankee's have won 26 rings ?  Did you know we blew game 7 in 2003 ?  Do you know how many hits Jeter has ?  Did you know how dumb Red Sox fans are ?  Did you know how much more class the Yanks have over the Red Sox ?  Did you know the Red Sox have only been good since 2004 ?

Well you should,  because everytime you bring up how good the Red Sox are,  and how bad the Yankee's have been considering their payroll...this is what they tell you.  Or how about everytime you mention the Yankee payroll,  they say, well the Red Sox are right up there,  when it comes to payroll (3rd),  the difference is,  since the Red Sox have increased their payroll over the last decade...we've actually won.  Not the Yankee's (1st. in payroll)  Not the Mets (2nd in payroll), hmmmm,  both NY teams.  The difference between these teams now in this day in age is simple.  The Red Sox grow great players and know how to find great clutch hitters.  The Yankee's on the other hand try to buy Championships....well I'll tell you what,  you can't buy chemistry.  Try this Yanks,  leave your team alone for a couple of years and checkout the result.  Imagine being a player that is payed millions of dollars to come to a new team,  and your givin no room for failure.  You are there to win a ring and beat the Sox, if not, your out of here next year and we'll replace you with another guy that gets payed 100 to 200 million.  Imagine knowing your job is always on the line if you don't produce or win a ring in a single season or two.  Imagine being one of these players and watching the best coach you ever had get fired because of it.  Welcome to the life of a Yankee player,  a team that has so mush pressure built up, they destroy talent as soon as they walk through the clubhouse door.

Must blow to live in the past,  I will say one thing on your behalf though,  because of all your winning in the past...made every team around NY need to improve and get better.  Thanks to you we are a little better...but that was the past, this is the present and the beginning of the Red Sox Nation, sit back, get a drink & a snack...because the Sox will be here for a while.
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