Posted on: October 18, 2010 11:24 pm
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Hire Sandy and begin the purge.

Once the Mets get their mandatory minority candidate interview done, it's time to offer Sandy Alderson the keys to the team and have Jeff Wilpon disappear letting a real pro run the show.

Hopefully, Sandy will surround himself with competent baseball men and hire a dynamic manager who will stress fundamentals and bring energy and accountability to the dugout. That has been missing since Valentine was here. Then that coach needs to hire a solid and professional staff. The only leftover he should consider is Chip Hale. I for one hope it's Wally Backman. I think Wally bring energy and a sense of unity this team has been lacking. He wants the job, is a real Met and knows how to win. Wally to me could be another Davey Johnson-type manager. For those wanting Valentine, Alderson doesn't like spending money on a manager. That would immediately eliminate Bobby.

Sandy has a ton of work to do even after hiring the manager. This team lacks talent and character. They have too many characters who have little character. He must immediately jettison Castillo and Perez. The Mets are in the process of re-working KO-Rod's deal so he'd be guaranteed again, but at a lesser salary. That would make him easier to move. Beltran also must be moved even if they eat a large portion of his contract. There are suitors and supposedly Boston and St.Louis are interested. I've always maintained Boston is his destination.

Sandy needs to get a front-line starter, a 2B man and a RF. The bullpen must be revamped with a possible closer added, if Parnell doesn't get the gig. The bench needs to be gutted with the possible exception of Carter. How can the Mets get the players they need? They must make wise free-agent moves and shrewd trades. Hiring someone like Sandy who knows the sport and has experience will help. The Mets do have chips. I'd look to move anyone not named Wright or Davis. Anyone.

I'd target Zach Greinke. This team will not have Santana for much, if not all of 2011. Johan could even be done for his career. Though nothing has been confirmed, we haven't heard anything about his situation and that's not  positive. I have a sneaky suspicion, Santana will not pitch in 2011, if ever again. I hope my intuition is wrong here. IMO, the Mets must go into the off-season, not expecting Santana back and adding a top line starter. Pelfrey is no ace or a #2. Niese is a #4 and Dickey really is a #5, but on this staff would be the #2 or #3 starter as of now. Mejia is nowhere near ready and may never be. Though many love him and are pushing him, his numbers both @ the MLB level and the minors haven't shown him to be what he's being promoted as. He has great stuff, but the results aren't there and he's been hurt 3 times in 2 years. I'd dangle him and Havens in a deal for Greinke. Zach's a proven commodity and is just 27. Put that guy in the NL @ Citifield and he could win 17 games a year. He's that good. I could live with Greinke, Pelfrey, Niese and Dickey. Gee and a free-agent pitcher could battle for the #5 spot. If Johan returns, the rotation could be a real strength.

As for 2B and RF, I do not see internal solutions. Tejada needs to be playing everyday @ Triple A and learning how to hit. He's totally overmatched @ the MLB level. Nieuwenhuis is playing in the AFL, but he struggled @ AAA and should start there next year. He may be ready by June or so, but don't rush this kid. He's the #1 outfielder in the system right now. Duda is a possibility, but who knows if last year was a fluke. Do you really want to give him the RF job? I would feel more comfortable at least getting a solid veteran to play there for 2011. Even if a platoon develops, add some depth. At 2B, a trade is possible for a guy like Bill Hall, but I'd sign Orlando Hudson, if he's available. The guy is solid and wants to be here. I'd do a one year deal with a club option. Hall would be great depth as well if added. He can play 2B and some 3B.

The Mets need to add a back-up infielder. I don't mean stiffs like Hernandez and Arias, but an Eckstein type player. They also need a back-up catcher and right-handed bat. Blanco had a decent year, but the guy will soon turn 40. I'd rather see them sign a younger veteran. I love Thole, but he's no sure thing. Murphy may be a utility guy off the bench, but could also be used in a trade to fill the myriad of holes this team has.

The bullpen is a mess. Do you bring back Feliciano? Will Takahashi return? Is Parnell a set-up guy or closer?  Those questions must be answered. The rest of the pen is pure dreck and I would even entertain bringing any of them back. Acosta, Green, Igarashi, Valdes and Dessens should hit the journeyman road. Misch may be valuable as a AAA fill-in and long reliever. That's the best he can do. Get some hard throwers and groundball pitchers.

There is a lot to do, so let's get the ball rolling. It seems Sandy Alderson is their guy and if so, let's hope he gets full-control and sends Jeffy back to daddy. Then this team can be run professionally and hopefully act that way on and off the field.  The last 4 years have been the anti-thesis of that. Thank goodness they're over. There is hope. Finally.
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Posted on: October 2, 2010 12:38 am
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A new beginning

Though it's be rumored for weeks, seemingly today the Minaya and Manuel being dismissed rumors have become an eventuality. I believe the overwhelming amount of Mets fans(those who never drank the kool-aid) are thrilled beyond belief. Minaya and Manuel symbolize losing, a lack of personal accountability and down right incompetence and stupidity. No one deserves the axe more than them. No one.

So this breathes life back into an organization which has descended into the abyss created by those 2 and the ownership's apathy and delusion. A new beginning will start on Oct 4. There is nothing this franchise, organization and fan base needed more.

The last 6 years have been far from great. Outside of 2006, they've been disappointing, embarrassing and downright aggravating. 2 losing records, 2 choke jobs and of course a mediocre first season. The Mets have have 2 dullards as managers and a host of aging, overpaid, underperforming players. There have been numerous scandals on-and-off-the-field and injuries that too often could have be minimized with competent care from the medical staff, front office and manager. The lack of heart displayed by the players was disturbing. The lack of accountability from the front-office was galling. Change wasn't just needed, it was essential to this franchise having any future.

The negative aspect isn't who they will replace these 2 incompetents with, it's the fact the ownership is the same and Jeff Wilpon is making decisions. Jeff Wilpon is totally out-of-his league. His knowledge of the sport is laughable. He makes Jim Dolan appear competent. This is a major worry of Mets fan everywhere.

Hopefully, he'll get advice from guys like Wayne Krivsky and Terry Collins who understand the sport. Perhaps a GM like Hunsicker or Daniels will be hired. They're two very bright and able men. Then the new GM won't jump at a short-term fix like Valentine, but rather a longer-term one like Wally Backman. Wally could be this century's Davey Johnson. Like Davey, he gritty, a former 2B man and put his dues in the minors.

He also played under Davey, so that helps as well. Wally led Brooklyn to the championship series in the NY-Penn league and had his team playing great ball all year. He stresses fundametals and accountability. He has the respect and back of the players, unlike Manuel who talked behind their backs and we saw how Pelfrey felt about this clown.

Once the GM and manager are in place, then the coaches need to be picked. Chip Hale and Dve Jauss should be the only coaches even consdered to be on the team in 2011. I hope Jauss manages AAA or AA and Oberkfell and Bones are both here. I think Ken would be a good bench coach and Bones a good pitching coach. He's worked with Gee, Mejia, Parnell, Niese and Pelfrey, so he knows them well.

Once the staff is in place, it's time to fire the entire training staff. Bring in fresh blood and a better conditioning program. Stop the stupid slogans("prevention and recovery) and use logic and sound medical advice instead. Get these players in shape and keep them fit and when they get hurt, treat them so a return is more probable and also a repeat of the injury doesn't occur.

Once the foundation of decision-making is set, then start the purge. I mean 1/2 of the 25 man roster should be gone. Prez and Castillo immediately should be waived. KO-Rod should be released and hopefully stripped of the large majority of his contract. Beltran should be dealt for the salary relief alone. Anything else is gravy. This soft player not only had missed 169 games in 2 seasons, but then conveniently misses the last week. How pathetic is that? The guy can't even do a make-up slide. What an absolute joke this guy has become. The bullpen should be pruged of everyone not named Parnell, Feliciano and Takahashi. If Pdro wants too much, then he shouldn't be brought back either.

Reyes is a guy the Mets shouldn't give away, but seriously see what the market is for him and if they can bring back a top starter and prospects, then perhaps it's time to cut the cord there as well. IMHO, Reyes has reached his peak and we can expect years of missing games, inconsistency and never reaching a level of maturity that is needed to become great. I'd keep him if I couldn't get real talent back, but I'd look to move him before he gets hurt again or simply shows he's never going to be what we thought he should be.

To me there are a precious few that are a lock to return. Thole, Davis, Wright, Bay(contract-related), Pagan, Santana(July 2011?), Pelfrey, Niese, Dickey, Parnell, Feliciano and Takahashi. That's it from the 25 man roster. Mejia, Niewenhuis,Tejada and Duda should be @ AAA and Gee should be there if he fails to make the team in spring training.

Fernando Martinez should be moved ASAP. This guy is symbolic of the Mets system's failures and emblematic of the Mets overall malaise. He was grossly overrated, is simply overmatched and quite frankly looks like he hasn't a clue about the sport. He's behind Nieuwenhuis and now even Duda. Deal this guy.

I'd also look into dealing Mejia and Tejada if the deal was right. I truly believe Zach Greinke could be had and the Mets could dangle those 2 to get him. IMO, he'd dominate in the NL and @ spacious Citifield. He'd be the ace they need and if and when Santana returns would be no worse than a #2. Stock your team with pitching and you'll have a chance. I'm not sold on Mejia being a top line starter. He has talent, but honestly, looks overmatched and his MLB work was far from terrific. Gee did a far better job in his short stint here. Tejada can't hit and needs seasoning. He can field, but will he ever be an MLB starting infielder? That's a major questionmark.

The Mets need to fill RF(could be Duda/Nieuwenhuis), 2B(outside the organization), #2 starter(outside the organization), a closer( outside the organization) and bench(outside the organization) and bullpen help(extensively outside the organization). A good GM may be able to fill the big holes, but will need to continue that work in season. Maybe the new GM will actually make an in-season trade. He has his work cut out for him.

Today, I've been happier than I've been since August 2007. This to me truly is a liberation day. Mets fans are freed from the chains of stupidity and arrogance. There is hope. 2011 is no longer a lost cause. The off-season may bring some hope. Just losing Minaya and Manuel has made it a good one already. A weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

Monday(officially) should be a new beginning. This organization, it's players(about 12 of them) and it's fan base deserve better. Let's all hope they/we get it. Adios Omar and Los Mets. So long Jerry and your idiotic jokes and made up words. Good-bye and good riddance. Never return. Ever. Oh yeah...

LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted on: September 11, 2010 5:27 pm
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A national disgrace.

The 2010 Mets are a total disgrace both on-and-off the field. This team which for the first half played with pride and vigor has collapsed and has had one disgrace after another on and off the field of play. Much of this came into play with the return of Beltran, Castillo and Perez from injuries and banishment. They've played liked they don't care and have been basically isolated. Then they decided to thumb their nose to the true heroes of this great land. That was the last straw for me and hopefully for the absentee owners.This blog entry is about them and this team's lack of leadership and class. I'm holding nothing back. Buckle up your seatbelt, because here we go...

The Mets last week were set to do something selfless for once. After the disaster their season has become and the KO-Rod incident, they were off to visit the heroes of Iraq and Afghanistan @ the Walter Reed hospital. This was a few hours giving back to those whose commitment is unquestioned and sacrifice undeniable. Whether you agree politically or not with the wars, all agree these men and women are brave and selfless.

So the Mets headed off minus 4 players. One was Dillon Gee who was excused because he was making his MLB debut that night. The other 3 were Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez. These three had pathetic and quite frankly disgusting excuses.

Beltran said he had a phone call meeting for the supposed HS he's building in Puerto Rico. That takes 3-4 hours to do Carlos? I doubt it. Kind of like taking 3 months off with a knee bruise eh? Or maybe 5 games off with the flu? Or maybe 169 games over the last 2 years? More excuses. Or how about getting an operation no one saw coming without the team's consent? No, Carlos we know your MO. It's all about you. You're soft physically and mentally. You are a coward. Cowards don't mesh with heroes.

Then there was Castillo. This hobbling punch-and-judy hitting, can't go to his left, pop-up dropping, balls through the 5-hole fielding 2B man said he felt too squeamish. He was scared of seeing people without legs and arms. That says everything you need to know about this coward. He's scared to see reality. Kind of like your career being over? Kind of like the fact no one respects you? Kind of like you're 2nd most hated player on the team behind only the next coward I'll talk about? I mean a grandpa puncher is more popular than you. Why is that? It's because they see what you are. You again showed this by coming up short as a man. You're not even a hobbit.

Next we have the albatross Oliver Perez. 3 years-36 million for a 3-8 record and 8 + ERA over 2 years. A guy who refused to stay in the minors to improve and forced the team to keep him in effect letting his team play with a 24 man roster. His excuse? I don't talk about what I do off-the-field. What do you do on the field you cretin? Perez is the most overpaid pitcher in MLB and maybe the history of the sport. He is ignored by everyone accept for his amigos in cowardness Castillo and Beltran. Shocking, eh?

Lastly, there is the guy responsible for bringing them here, grossly overpaying them(37 million this year and next). This guy actually defended the 3 by saying it wasn't mandatory. Unreal! He should have for once showed some stones and blasted them saying we play as a team, we travel as a team and we sacrifice as a team. He should have excoriated them and told his manager to bench them(well 2 already are) for the year. After Omar's disgraceful words were said, Jeff Wilpon should have risen up, went to the mic and said Omar no longer represents this team as of now and the press conference is over. We'll be back in a hour with more details. Just once this team needed to stand-up for what is right and do what's best for the team and fans. All of these cowards should be purged  from the organization so this team can bounce back and regain the class they had. They've become a joke on-and-off the field. The main reason is the architect who couldn't build a lego house. His poor signings, lack of ability to add when needed, draft and of course act with toughness has cost this team it's pride and led to losing. He enables all those who need to be pushed or just pushed out. He wouldn't put pressure on Perez to go to the minors(this is well-documented) and now these apologies. He knew of KO-Rod's explosions. The guy had fights with Bernazard, Niemann and nearly Bruney. He was a ticking time-bomb. Yet Omar did nothing until that bomb went off. Even then he said little. There was no forcefulness.  I can't wait for his injury excuses. This joker needs to be removed entirely from the team and should go back to scouting, but for someone else. I didn't even touch on the Rubin or Santana incidents. Those alone get GM's fired. Keeping him has just added more and more misery to this fanbase. Omar Minaya has to go and NOW!!!!!!

The NY Mets are at a crossroads. In order for them to truly be a team again massive changes need to happen. The above have to be gone along with KO-Rod, Manuel, Shines, HoJo and all the scrubs playing 2nd(sans Tejada),on the bench(sans Carter) and the pen(sans Parnell, Felciano and Takahashi). Most off all they need real leadership in the front-office(GM) and in the dugout(MGR/coaches). Then you combine the youth(Davis, Thole, Parnell and Niese), young vets(Wright, Reyes, Pelfrey and Pagan) and some older acquired vets(Santana and Bay) to form a core. The new GM needs to add youth and pick-up some solid role players and a #2 starter and possibly a closer. Tejada and Mejia if not dealt, should be @ AAA. Build not by throwing away money, but with intelligence, pragmatism and most of all baseball acumen. All traits Omar lacks.

This team is a national disgrace. It's going take a lot to make them a national treasure. We loyal Mets fans deserve the latter, not the former. It's time to close the circus and bring back a team we can all like and respect. In order for that to happen, the ringmasters must be replaced for good. Taskmasters need to be put in their stead. That's the only way to make the Mets amazin' again.


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Posted on: August 25, 2010 6:27 pm
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NY Mets minor leagues

IMHO, this system is getting better under the watch of Krivsky and Collins, but is at best pedestrian. The Mets have some good prospects, but in the areas they need to address the most, they're sorely lacking. When you look at starting pitching, the bullpen and 2B there is a dearth of talent. Those areas must be addressed in 2011. The Mets need one, maybe 2 starters, a total overhaul of their pen and a 2B man. They have few options in the minors there. They do have some options in the OF though.

I've listed a few prospects that have been touted or have performed well. After each, I gave my take. Honestly, I do not believe there is much there that will help this team next year where it is most needed. I also believe a few prospects are that in name only.

Here's my take...

Minor leaguers to watch:

1. Kirk Niuewenhuis-This guy can hit and run. He has 17 HRS- 72 RBI-.282- 86RS- 13 SB. This guy could be the Mets CF/RF of the future. Right now, he's their #1 OF prospect. Unlike DL- Mart, he proves it on the field.

2. Jenrry Mejia-I put him #2 because of his failed MLB stint and that put him a year behind. He has great stuff, but is injury prone. I'd deal him for a pitcher like Zach Greinke or even Soria. I see him as a possible #3, but could be another Martinez in terms of failed potential. Right now, he's pitching well with a 2-0 mark and 2-1 K/BB ratio. However, the sample is very small. He's the Mets best trading chip.

3. Cory Vaughn- I love this kid's talent. He has the genes as well being Greg Vaughn's kid. Currently he's a tad sore but should remain playing, though likely as a DH. 12 HRS-44 RBI-.300-.538 SLG%-10 SB. I see this kid as a possible Met by 2012/2013.

4.Mark Cohoon- He was unreal @ A ball putting up eye-popping numbers(7-1.1.30-3CG-3SHO), but has cooled off @ AA(4-3 4.97-CG). Overall, 11-4-2.73- 4CG-3SHO- 122K's-30BB. The Mets #2 pitching prospect.

Others worth watching..

Josh Satin-1B/2B- Binghamton- He can hit. .324- 11HRS-72RBI in the minors this year. He's 25, so he needs to be here soon or dealt.

Lucas Duda-Lucas until this year, he was pretty pedestrian, but he's having an unreal year and could be Mets Minor League Player of the Year.  23HRS-87RBI-.309- .402 OBP-.590 SLG% Those are scary numbers. He's 24, but 6-5-240 lbs. He could be dealt as a RF/DH to an AL team like Oakland which always wants young talent. He may get a shot in 2011, but I doubt it. He should be here now.


Fernando"DL Mart"- Martinez -The guy never produces on-the-field, is always hurt and quite frankly hasn't a clue about how to play the game. The biggest bust since Alex Escobar. Deal him ASAP. If I hear one more time he's only 21, I'm going to wretch. He'll be 31 and they'll be saying the same thing.

Wilmer Flores- This kid did nothing in the minors until early 2010, when he was hitting .340. Now, he's down to.290 and fading. I'd deal him before he becomes DL-Mart. Some scouting reports have painted him as an average player. Another guy who you always here how young he is. That's become too convenient of an excuse for a lack of production.

Reese Havens- - Another guy who is always hurt and gets too much hype. He has power, but is a horrendous fielder. He also doesn't hit for average. They're trying to make him into a 2B man, but so far he's been hurt too much to see progress. He's another guy who can be moved for a Soria or Greinke. I'd deal him.

Jordanny Valdespin- He has speed but has 15 steals in 27 attempts. .285-6HRS- 35RBI is hardly impressive. He also has a .316 OBP. Seems like another light-hitting 2B man in the Tejada mold without Ruben's defense. Yawn. Again, move him for pitching if possible.

The Mets system has Brooklyn leading the NY Penn league and they're 20 over .500. That happens to be the team Wally Backman is managing(surprise, eh?). Savannah won their first half, but have been fading since. St.Lucie is struggling and Buffalo under Oberkfell's leadership has been solid. They're far better than 2009 where their top 2 farm teams had the worst and 3rd worst record in the entire minors. However, they're far from upper echelon. Years of neglect from Minaya, Bernazard and the Wilpon's spending little on international prospects has hurt them. The return of Krivsky and the promotion of Collins have helped. Those 2 are real professionals unlike Bernazard and Minaya. However, it will take 2-3 more good drafts and better managing and coaching to bring the system back to where he can really fortify the team. That can happen if the 2 remain in charge and the current GM is removed.

There are other prospects as well, but these are the ones most talked about. In later entries, I'll include those players.

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Posted on: August 18, 2010 6:38 pm

KO-Rod got what he deserved.

The KO-Rod incident is a perfect example of just desserts and further the reason for the existence of a higher power. I mean how appropriate was it he gets hurt slugging a 53 year-old grandfather? How great is it he'll lose part, if not all of his 2010 salary and could even lose most of his 2011 salary as well? Karmic.

This hot-headed jackwagon's antics finally caught up with him. First, it was his idiotic self-serving histrionics on the mound. Then it was his fight with a cast-off like Brian Bruney(ironically, now a Mets player @ AAA Buffalo). Then it was a scuffle with pitching coach Randy Niemann(who is about Pena's age). It was well-known that his teammates and particularly his bullpen mates were far from enamored with this primadonna. After this incident(nee assault), few were vocal in their support. In fact, his bullpen mates were very strangely silent on this. That speaks volumes. Perhaps they saw this coming. Perhaps they may even be glad to be rid of him.

The Mets wanted a larger suspension, but the arrogant and too powerful MLBPA calls the shots because baseball has a eunuch for a commissioner. The Mets would have been left with that, if this idiot didn't hurt himself in the assault(and that's what it is) and then hide it from them until after he pitched. That deception gave them the opening for putting him on the restricted list, not paying him and allowing them to look into getting his contract unguaranteed. That's just pure justice.

This punk should be vilified for what he did and have to pay legally and financially. He probably won't get jail time, but some community service and possible probation will follow. Hopefully, he'll also be restricted in seeing his "wife" and children until the court is satisfied with his progress in anger management and that he shows to be contrite.

Rightfully, he will lose hundreds of thousands, if not millions due to his actions. Hopefully, the Mets will be successful in non-guaranteeing him. If they are successful they can cut him in spring training and only pay him for 30-45 days which is less than 2 million. The 3.5 million wouldn't be kicked in since his option would never be reached. They can then either trade for a closer(Soria) or sign one for 1-2 years at a relatively low-cost while developing one internally. The best case scenario is Parnell steps up and just takes his job.

I (like many Mets fans) hope he never pitches again for the Mets. K-Rod, Perez, Beltran and Castillo must all be purged from this team with their sponser and enabler Omar Minaya. When all 5 are gone, then and only then can this team start to remove the stench from Flushing.

KO-Rod got KO'd. Poetic justice baby. The definition of Karma.
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Posted on: August 9, 2010 6:50 pm

The dishonesty and deception is galling

I think most if not all Mets fans would have been on board with going with a youth movement in 2010. I know I would have. However, this organization didn't do that and is only doing it now because their plan failed so miserably. That's dishonest and galling to me and so many Mets fans. In fact, it's downright wrong.

Coming in they tried to sell Mets fans that their rotation was good enough. Maine and Perez were healthy and ready to repeat their 2007 seasons, they said.  They didn't need a #2 because Pelfrey, Perez or Maine would step in there. Their pen would be better also. The Mets had Escobar(1.25 million) and a new Japanese import in Igarashi(2 yrs-5 million) to help the pen. The Mets had experienced back-ups on the bench in Tatis($850,000) and Cora(2 million). Their line-up would be better as well. Castillo was healthy again and coming off a solid year(their belief, not mine). Beltran was coming back mid-April or May and would be healthier than the last few years. They added a LF in Bay(4yrs-66 million) who was healthy and were ready to roll. They even solved their medical problems. They even had a slogan, "prevention and recovery."They also were willing to start the year with a platoon of Tatis and Jacobs at 1B. All lies and pure folly. Many of us railed against most, if not all of these situations. Most of us were right, as were most objective experts and fans. We all saw this coming and saw this charade for what it was. This team was hoping and grasping at straws and not doing what they're paid to do. How could they be so blind and dumb? I mean Tommy( he can really play that pinball) could have seen this coming.

So now in August, 110 games into the season, they change course and basically wave the white flag saying they're playing for 2011. They bring up 2 players who are not ready and will thrust them into the line-up. They'll push the youth movement card because their plan died. They also have no other options either at the MLB or minor league level and/or can't make even a minor deal. It's simply pathetic. Where's the mea culpa? Where's the accountability? Where's the commitment to their fan base?

Did anyone pay for this failure? Did Castillo get dealt or cut? Did Perez? Did Beltran? Even Maine is on the DL and still officially a Met. Was the GM fired? The manager? A coach? No. They cut Cora to deny him his vested option for 2011. Big deal.There was and continues to be no accountability for bad management, coaching and performance. None. That's dishonest and scandalous.

The owner then comes out  of hiding and in a weird and muddled way shows support for his GM. You have to wonder if the pressure of the Madoff scandal and his advancing age has done him in. His son is a total buffoon. He's basically the Jim Dolan of baseball. You know the idiot who runs the Knicks and Rangers and whose father is Charles Dolan of cablevision.  Even Jim finally got wise and hired a real pro in Donnie Walsh. Jeff is a total jackwagon.

So when fans fail to show over the last 2 months, it's not because they're disloyal and gave up on the club. No, it's the reverse. It's because ownership and their front office gave up on the team and their fan base and has continuously duped them. The fans still care and root. They're just going to do it at home where they can turn off the game when it gets ugly and not feel liked they've been swindled out of $150 dollars.

This season was suppose to be about redemption for 2009, 2008 and 2007. Instead, it's disintegrated into a look to the future campaign one month too soon or 4 months too late. Shame on the Wilpons, Minaya, Ricco, Manuel and the overpaid veterans. They don't need redemption, they need expulsion.
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Posted on: August 6, 2010 7:08 pm
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- 1/3 of the season is left and ...

Guess what? This team isn't going to be making the post-season. Sorry, but the facts are in and the Mets are mediocre. They're mediocre on the field where it counts the most and the numbers do not lie.

When you break the season into thirds it's so painfully obvious. Each third is 54 games. Here's how it looks with 2/3 in:

54 Games: 27-27

108 Games- 54-54

The pattern clearly points to an 80-82 win team. 81 would seem to be the final total based on the numbers.

That's not factoring in anything subjective, like if Beltran gets hot... or even when the rotation start to stumble...

This is what many of us stated in the spring, a mediocre team. I stated 82-80. That looks pretty close. This team has added no one since the spring to a mediocre roster. They haven't subtracted the players that are keeping this team mediocre either. They haven't fired the manager, GM or even one coach. They're staying the course of mediocrity and trying to sell Mets fans, that all is well. It's not and it isn't getting better next year either unless management changes are made and it can't just be the manager and a few coaches.

The farm system isn't teeming with prospects. There is virtually no one who can fill the areas that need to be filled. Those are 2nd base, a top line starter and a bullpen depth. They'll probably need OF depth as well if not a full-time RF. The top pitching prospects are Mejia who was wasted in 2010 and Cohoon who is struggling @ Double A. The top OF prospect is Nieuwenhuis, but he's at least another year away. At 2B it's Tejada, who can field, but his stick is still woeful at this level. IMHO, he needs at least a few months @ AAA next year and may never be an offensive force. Another prospect is Havens, who is oft-injured and who knows if he'll ever stay healthy. The top prospect after that is Flores, but he plays SS and Reyes will probably get a long-term deal or an extension after 2010. That means he's either a 2B man or OF when he's ready in 2012-2013.

That leaves the young guys who are here to lead this team in 2011. Davis is a guy who I believe will. Niese is a nice Ted-Lilly type and should be a solid #3-#4 pitcher. Thole can hit for average and seems to be improving behind the plate, so he may be fine. However, that's just 3 players. This team is loaded with question marks and we all know until the onerous contracts of Perez and Castillo are off the books, next year this team will add little/nothing. That means waiver wire guys and more hoping.

2010 was suppose to be a year where the Mets put aside 2009 and showed fans that was an aberration. Will if you think 80-82 wins did that, I say you have low expectations. This year in the end isn't much different than 2009. The Mets will finish 3rd or 4th and be effectively playing meaningless games from Sept. 15 on, if not earlier.

Much was made of all the injuries in 2009 and that was used over-and-over to excuse failure. Well, look at teams like the Phils and Red Sox who have suffered excruciating injuries, but both are on pace for 90 wins. They have what this organization and team lacks. They have GM's and ownership committed to winning and they have depth from those organizations and when it's missing, they go out and get it. Partly because of that, their players believe they can/will overcome.

What do Wright, Reyes and Santana see? A trade deadline without even a middle reliever added? A pitcher making 12 million a  year being hid in the bullpen wasting a roster spot so they can save face? A 6.25 million dollar 2B man who is hitting .250 with 15 RBI and barely can go to his left? A 4 man rotation which is barely holding on? A bench with Cora as it's middle infield replacement? A 19 million dollar CF who can barely move, hardly hustles, is hitting .200 and missed 169 games over the last 2 years but still keeps that position? A bullpen of castoffs and a reliever that is yo-yoed in his role and so overused, he's gone from an effective reliever to someone you dread coming in? A manager who is so bereft of any skill he actually pinch hit a player effectively leaving no 2B man if his team tied the game? A GM who's last "trade" was dumping Wagner, getting a back-up OF who really is a DH and losing 2 draft picks in the process that he would have had if he just kept him? An owner so clueless he lets his idiot son mismanage his club into mediocrity?

This team is .500 because of the talent accumulated, the talent in the minors that isn't there and the ineffectiveness of management to change either of those things. They make up slogans, preach patience, send-out delusional e-mails, take fans money and do nothing. The last part is what galls me the most. Indifference is the opposite of love.

I say never accept or excuse mediocrity. If you do, you deserve what you get.
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Posted on: July 30, 2010 1:25 am
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Waving the white flag on the 2010 Season

The Mets organization has waived the white flag. It is obvious that no reinforcemnts are coming for a 3rd straight year @ the deadline and a 6th without any pitchers. The Mets will go with what they have and hope. Hope isn't going to get them to the post-season though.

What it will get them is a 3rd or 4th place finish, between 82-85 wins and another year of broken promises and lies. Yes, remember how the Mets were going to fix the rotation? Remember how they swore that money wasn't an object? Remember how they swore they were about contending and redemption and belief? All utter BS. The Mets are about making money and being just competitive enough to fill the seats in September before making those same empty promises in October so season-ticket holders sign on. It's a ponzi scheme run by the Wilpon's who learned it from their close buddy Bernie Madoff.

The Phillies add Oswalt after adding Halliday over the winter. The Braves added Gonzalez after adding Wagner. The Rangers added Lee and even the Angels who are fading went for Haren. The Mets? They're working on Chad Cordero. Next up, Luis Ayala.

This off-season they made their big splash by signing Jason Bay to a 4 year- 66million dollar deal. While a solid player, no one else was bidding, but the Mets still overpaid. They wasted 6.25 million on would be set-up guys Igarashi(in the minors) and Escobar(done before throwing a pitch). They re-upped 2 stiffs in Cora and Tatis for nearly 3 million. The travesty goes on and on. The best moves? Signing RA Dickey who no one expected to get a rotation spot and never even competed for one on spring training. The other good move was Takahashi who is being misused as a starter. Even Barajas has proven to be just ok. He's slipped so badly, Thole looks to be ahead of schedule in taking his job. The off-season was a total bust. 2009 was a total bust. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!" As the Who sang "Don't get fooled again." Mets fans are done with the foolishness.

So do the Wilpon's think that Mets fans are again going to buy Omar's propoganda? You know, we're going after a real starter,then watch as Lee goes across town and every other pitcher signs elsewhere while Omar twiddles and low-balls them? Honestly, they couldn't even sign Garland. The Mets have no one in their minor league system capable of competing for a starting spot. No one. Mejia was mediocre as a reliever, is still hurt and this year put him a year behind schedule in starting. So that means patching together the #4 and #5 again. Will Livian Hernandez or Freddy Garcia make a return to start and be billed as reborn? Omar is clueless and will always be clueless. The Mets will talk, do nothing, then pick up players off the garbage heap. That's Omar's modus operandi.

Does anyone believe that Perez and Castillo will ever be productive? Mets fans know this team is trying to unload them, but no one is as gullible and inept as Minaya. Who would pay those stiffs 61 million dollars? It's unreal. Each day they're here they block productive players from taking those roster spots and actually helping, not hurting this team.

So this team will play out the year, vacillate between good homestands and terrible road trips, then play meaningless September games once the calendar hits the ides of September. Then we'll hear the excuses, the media and fans calling for the manager and GM's head and the Wilpon's remaining mute and saying they're evaluating the entire organization. Total horse crud.

In the end maybe they wake up and realize real leadership is needed, not hand holding their GM because if he opens his mouth he'll embarrass himself and the organization. Maybe they'll realize their manager is inept and cares more about his post-game then his pre-game preparation. May be they'll realize they're the problem and need to hire real pros who will tell them to step back and let people who understand the sport run it. Maybe they'll hire a GM with stones and connections who isn't the laughingstock of the league. Maybe they'll show some self-respect and let that GM  hire a manager with spunk, fire and one who supports his players(not talk behind their backs to the media) and hold them accountable. Maybe just maybe by letting this team finish the year as is, they'll realize that's they have a mediocre team with a weak GM and manager. Maybe they'll realize they can't just go with the staus quo if they truly want to win and mean it. Maybe just maybe, they'll show they care by acting, not making excuses and asking fans to hope and spend outrageous sums for mediocrity. Maybe just maybe they'll go for the Broadway production, not the off-off Broadway one. Maybe just maybe they'll realize though they own this team, it's really the fans who are the most invested and deserving of excellence. Maybe just maybe, they'll do the right thing for once.

So as the deadline passes and you mourn another season lost, cling to the hope that this inaction will finally lead to the action that is sorely needed here. A total dismantling of the front-office and coaching staff and a new direction with new leadership. Any leadership at this point is better than none at all. That's what they have now. None at all. The white flag is up. Hopefully, next year someone new will rip up that white flag, energize this team and a banner will be raised @ Citifield. That's what this fan base deserves.

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