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What the Mets should do: Part II

This organization needs a total sweep. I've never seen such a collection of wimps and losers. They play like crud on the field and never back each other up. They're not a team, but a collection of cast-offs and overpaid babies.

The culture has to change. They need a hard guy. I mean a guy who is going to remake this team keeping only a handful of core-type players and unloading the rest. I'd rather sacrifice 2010, then watch another year of this crud. The hard guy? Buck Showalter. Give him total control and get out-of-his-way. He'll build a winner. He proved that in Arizona. In 3 years he took an expansion team to the post-season.

None of this can happen without a brand new front-office. Ricco can stay doing the finances. Everyone else goes. Fire all minor league managers except the Brooklyn manager Pedro Lopez, Tim Teufel and Ken Oberkfell.

Start to revamp Citifield with Mets history, not Dodger history. Jackie Robinson was a great American, but was a Dodger. He shouldn't have a rotunda. Willie Mays should. Tom Seaver should. They were Mets.

No more throwback jerseys of the Giants, Dodgers and Los Mets. No more stupid ethnic nights. Bring back Bat Day and Banner Day.

Trade Beltran, Reyes(if possible and productive), Perez and Castillo. Do not re-sign Schneider, Hernandez, Redding or Sheffield. Tender Maine only if his shoulder is solid. Dump Tatis. Move Murphy to the AL in a trade if possible(EG for Huff).

Bring back players who care and play hard and are younger. Revamp your staff. Trade half of those overrated prospects for Halliday. Then you'll have a staff of Santana, Holliday, Pelfrey and Parnell/Niese(whomever doesn't go in the Halliday deal). The 5th starter could be Wolf or someone you get in a trade for the overrated DL group.


The bullpen needs tweaking. Wagner should be traded before 9/1 this year. Putz should have his option picked up, then dealt. K-Rod is the closer, Feliciano is the situational lefty. Stokes is a middle reliever/long man. If Parnell stays in the rotation, then either Putz(if not traded or option is declined) should set-up. If he's gone, they have to look elsewhere. Green should not be offered arbitration. They'll need to add a power arm and 1-2 situational guys. None will come from their pathetic farm system. They should come in the many deals I outlined. This year's "fixed problem" is 13-22 with only 29 saves and 15 blown ones.

middle reliever
middle reliever

The Mets should be built with grit. Speed in CF and LF. Defense @ 2B and SS. Both should have range. A solid veteran catcher could be brought in. A 1B man who can transition to Ike Davis who has been the Mets best minor league player by far this year. V-Mart would have been a great fit.

Players they should target besides Halliday are Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury. I'd deal Beltran to Boston for him and prospects. I'd trade Reyes, Martinez and Flores etc to Tampa for Crawford and Bartlett.

Francoeur- RF

After trading Castillo, I'd sign Hudson. At 1B you can either go with Murphy(if a 1B man can't be traded for) or pick up a veteran like Huff.

C- Santos/Veteran
2B- Hudson
SS- Bartlett
3B- Wright


That line-up has flexibility, speed and some pop. Wright can steal 20+ bases, Crawford 50+, Ellsbury 60+. Wright, Francoeur and Crawford should each hit 20+ HRS. Hudson and Bartlett should play great defense and both have pop. If they add Huff he's another 20 + HR guy. if not Murphy should hit in double figures.

The bench should be made of up Sullivan/Pagan, Cora/Hernandez, a veteran pinch hitter, a 1B/3B and another catcher.

pinch hitter

There is a ton of work to be done and it starts with a commitment to excellence and change. That must come from ownership and their desire to win. I don't hold a lot of hope it will happen, but it should.  <!-- google_ad_section_end -->
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What the Mets should do

The GM and his minions should all be fired, Beltran should be dealt, a #2 starter should be acquired in the off season, John Maine should be traded or just let go and Perez should be dealt with the Mets eating part of his salary.

The Mets should get a #2 starter and another backend starter(Wolf or even Marquis), then let Niese or Parnell battle for the #5 slot. No more old, washed up pitchers like Hernandez and Garcia. No more garbage like Redding.

The Mets should move Castillo which might be easier since he's at least been decent offensively(in terms of OBP). They should immediately sign Hudson to a 2 year deal. They need to get a LF, CF and catcher. The Beltran trade might bring back a young player who would fill on of those slots. Dye is a possibility for LF. Pagan can not be thought of as a starter. He's a 4th OF.

The Mets should deal Putz if possible to secure prospects or fill-a-need. If Parnell isn't starting, he sets up. The Mets should also deal Fernando Martinez before he flops again or gets hurt again, killing what worth he has left.

The Mets need to be rebuilt. Wright, Reyes, Hudson and Murphy can make-up the infield. Francoeur is in RF. Santana, Pelfrey, Niese, Parnell, Feliciano and K-Rod are the pitchers who should return. Pagan and Santos should be back-ups. Everyone is else is available.

The Mets lone untouchable is Brad Holt. Baseball America also stated that. They said he was Pelfrey with a better breaking ball.

Here's their take...

The Untouchables

Our take on which prospects are too valuable to be dealt

The word "untouchable" comes up a lot with certain prospects; no general manager wants to be on the wrong end of a deal like the Indians-Expos trade back in 2002. With Montreal facing possible contraction but also challenging for a wild-card spot, general manager Omar Minaya acquired Bartolo Colon from Cleveland in a deal that sent prospects Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips and Grady Sizemore back to the Tribe. While Phillips had to go to Cincinnati to find his way as a player, Lee won a Cy Young Award in 2008, and Sizemore is a constant MVP candidate and the face of the Indians franchise. Meanwhile, the Expos didn't make the playoffs, and haven't come close to developing players of Lee or Sizemore's caliber since trading them away

Using the teams' definition, though, we did come up with a list of prospects whose value to their organizations probably precludes them from being traded in the next few weeks. Cue the Elliot Ness music—here are our Untouchables.

• Brad Holt, rhp, Mets

The Mets' problems are obvious. It's probably too late for them to become buyers, and a huge problem with this season's team is the lack of upper-level minor league talent to fill gaps on the big league roster caused by injuries. Holt, last year's supplemental first-round pick, looks close to being ready to help a rotation that has given 27 starts to the likes of Livan Hernandez and Tim Redding. The best homegrown arm in system has reached Double-A in his first pro season and is comparable stuff-wise to Mike Pelfrey, only with a better breaking ball.

The new GM needs to be given the power to hire and fire without the idiotic Wilpon's meddling. He needs to hire his own staff and manager. I'd love to see Showalter, Valentine, Oberkfell or even a Bowa here. I think Buck fits the best because this team needs a steady no-nonsense guy. No gangsta foolishness or idiotic racist accusations. It's time for a professional manager.

The organization must cease these idiotic ethnic nights and immediately cease any of that Los Mets idiocy. It's divisive. There is only one team and they are the NY Metropolitans. No pandering to ethnic groups. Cater to baseball only.

Professionalize this team and they'll start to win. The culture must be changed. That starts with the architect of this crumbling organization being replaced and a brighter, more polished one in his stead. It continues with the elimination of the core and obliteration of the culture in the clubhouse which has been divisive. The only reason you don't hear that this year, is the divisive ones are on the DL.

Once the MLB team is set, the Mets should focus on rebuilding their minor leagues. They need to hire a good farm director and he needs to draft more effectively, add overseas talent from places other than the DR and they need better coaching. Only Ken Oberkfell should remain as manager where he is. The Brooklyn manager Pedro Lopez should move to Savannah. Mako Oliveras @ Binghamton should be fired ASAP. Tim Teufel could take his place.

The Mets need to overhaul their training and conditioning staff. Dr.Altchek should remain since he's one of the best. Ray Ramirez(aka Dr.Nick Riviera) needs to be fired. The conditioning coaches @ the MLB level need to be fired. This team needs to be in better shape and better cared for when hurt.

The team doesn't need an overhaul, the entire organization does. It starts with firing the architect, but doesn't stop there. Hire competent, proven baseball people who can articulate their thoughts to their underlings and the media. Then coach and train them well. If all of those things happen, so will winning.
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A disaster in Queens

The year is over. The Mets gave up on their season when they refused to act when it was obvious the injuries were going to be longer term. Their constant wishing and hoping was another example of how delusional these owners and Omar are. They feel they can just wish away problems like injuries, out-of-control executives and the worst farm system in baseball.

Then you get the apologists for both who are more than willing to accept mediocrity year after year. Their retorts to those who want better are, you are haters and impatient and you can't see it's the injuries. No, we can see the injuries are part of the overall problem with this organization. There is no one running it. It is rudderless. Ownership, the GM and his assistants are simply incompetent. They can't handle the media. They can't make tough decisions in season. They can't develop talent. The best thing they're good at is making excuses and promises. They belong in Congress, not running a sports franchise in America's greatest city.

Look at tonight. They bring up from Triple A, a 35 year-old cast-off who has never proven he was anything close to an MLB pitcher. He gets racked for 6 runs in less than 2 innings. The guy who replaces him, would have been waved by any quality team. They have a batting order that some Independent League teams could best. Gary Sheffield is a 40 year-old DH starting in LF. They have Alex Cora and Angel Berroa at SS. They have Cory Sullivan as a potential starter. The backend of their rotation features a 36 million dollar boongoggle who walks a batter an inning and if he goes 5 innings people applaud him. Their biggest surprise is the fading junk throwing Livan Hernandez. It's so incredibly pathetic.

Many teams who are under .500 and fading, at least can look to the future. The Mets have few if any legitimate prospects no matter how much Wilpon and Minaya say. Look at the records(see below). It's mind-numbingly pathetic. Their much heralded top prospect wasn't only bad, he was downright awful. He showed no pop, an inability to play the OF and made mistakes a little leaguer wouldn't have made. They tout him like he's a young Raul Ibanez or Carlos Beltran, when in fact he's simply an Angel Pagan clone, down to the numerous injuries. After that, there is Jon Niese who probably is a back-of-the-rotation starter. Their Triple A team has nothing there to help at all. Their Double A team has some talent, but only Josh Thole(.348) and Ike Davis(16 HRS) are proving it with a terrific years. Brad Holt's promotion has been at best mixed(2-4 with a 5+ ERA) and Mejia's(0-3 with a 3.74 ERA) has been injury plagued and a disappointment. Reese Havens(.230-15 errors) can't field or hit for average. Wilmer Flores has shown little power(3 HRS) and his glove hasn't been so hot either( 11 errors). Their best prospects seem to be @ Brooklyn and that's not too comforting. They even have a player @ Savannah named Jefry Marte with 37 errors.  Here's some of the ugly numbers as of tonite...

*Their top 3 affiliates are in last place.

*St. Lucie(A) is 12-21 (overall 46-55)

*Binghamton(AA) is 40-66

*Buffalo(AAA) is 40-65.

*Savannah(lower A) is 19-17. (overall 54-52)

*Brooklyn(short-season A) is 28-16.

That's 208- 254. 451

For the first time since 2005, I'm truly under the belief a season is over before September 1. I held out hope only if reinforcements were brought in from the outside. Waiting and hoping is not solid logic or baseball. That's a game for those who fail, then make excuses to rationalize that failure. This organization has perfected that over the last 3 years.

This season ended on July 31, 2009 @ 4PM as far as I'm concerned. The idea Beltran, Reyes and Delgado will be here by August 15th is a pipe dream. Even if they returned and were immediately productive(hardly likely) they'd still need help. Their return is more like 9/1 and by then this team will be DOA in either race. They'll be entrenched in 4th place with a 140 million + payroll, a mediocre rotation and a thousand excuses.

The Mets will flounder under .500 most of this month. They'll win a few in a row, then Perez or Hernandez will get hammered or Pelfrey will be ordinary. The offense will be what it is. Wright and Francoeur may get hot, but there is no other legitimate hitter in the line-up. They'll get shutout a few more times as well. All the while, the GM and ownership will talk about "Those returning players." What a joke, what a fraud. What a scam they're running.

How pathetic is it that Wagner and Putz will return before Reyes, Beltran and Delgado? People will say will Billy is playing for his next contract. Well, what is Delgado playing for? Imagine Putz returning from surgery and wanting the ball before Reyes and Beltran who were suppose to be out just a short time? So the Mets will have 2 more set-up guys. Too bad they'll be used sparingly, since the rotation can't go 6 innings except for Santana and the offense is so ordinary that odds are they'll be behind more than ahead.

Let's face it, this organization isn't about winning. It's not about excellence. It's about cutting corners, blaming others and then using excuses to cover their failures. They embarrass themselves on the field and off. Competing for the playoffs is good enough. Making them isn't the standard as it is in every top level organization. They're about mediocrity. Well, that's what they got. 50-55, 4th place.

Don't look to the waiver wire for any help. The Mets waived the season away when they failed to act before and at the deadline. One move and they even gave away a starting player to get him. They're an embarrassment on the field and even more off of it. I feel we Mets fans deserve better than the ownership and front office we have. Kick them bums out. All of them. 2009, simply unamazin'.
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It's time for change. Let the purge begin.

This latest fiasco should be the final straw in Omar's 5 year reign. The Mets Czar(which means Caesar btw) should be removed at season's end. There can be no more enabling and excuses. The Bernazard incidents indicate an organization spinning out of control and it's head man is doing nothing while Rome burns. The Mets version of Nero must be held accountable. It's no longer funny. It's downright embarrassing. Rome got rid of Nero and regrouped.

Why is Minaya waiting until this weekend to talk to Bernazard? Pick up the phone, set up a meeting in a Princeton hotel and fire him at 2 AM. That's Omar's usual modus operandi isn't it? Once again, we see inaction. He should have acting after the first incident involving K-Rod in the bus. The threatening of minor league players was before the all-star game. How could this guy still be working here? At minimum, he should have been suspended. And if he truly didn't know, what kind of pipeline does this guy have? It's inexcuseable under any scenario.

This latest disgrace, coupled with the embarrassing series lost to the woeful Nationals , should alert the apathetic Wilpons that it's time to look at the lack of leadership in their organization. Wednesday's line-up featured Angel Berroa, Cory Sullivan and eventually Fernando Tatis(for a tossed Castillo). All 3 were waiver wire pick-ups who Omar tries to peddle as MLB talent and depth. They were waived because they are failures. Why continue to pick up others garbage? Btw, does tossing Castillo constitute dwarf tossing?

This organization needs systematic change. They must deviate from how they've drafted, traded and gone after or not gone after free-agents. There needs to be a concrete and well-thought out plan which obviously has not been in place. Professionalism, logic and dignity needs to be enacted. This administration doesn't have a clue what they are.

That means at season's end, severing Minaya's relationship with the Mets and firing Bernazard and Pena as well. Then hire someone who can get this pathetic organization back under control in terms of health and talent. There are people out there. Buck Showalter and Gerry Hunsicker are but 2 names. This latest fiasco and the hesitancy of the GM to once again wait and not act has to end. It's over.

The owners of this organization need to show it's fan base they care and appreciate them. Putting out a team that chokes in consecutive years(please don't deny they didn't last year) was bad enough, but this team that is currently donning the Mets uniform is a true disgrace. They can't even compete.  They are literally unwatcheable. That's unacceptable. In fact, it's shameful.

Injuries happen and sometime in bunches. Sure you struggle, but good organizations have depth and a plan. Coming into the year they were flawed and thin. It was delusional to think no injures would occur especially with a 1B man who was injury prone and aging. The backend of the rotation was suspect before the opening pitch. The bench was far from a good one. The talent was top heavy with a few stars and virtually no truly good secondary or role players. Then when it came time to go to the minors...

Then we saw the minor league system fail spectacularly not only @ the MLB level, but also @ the AAA level(worst record in the minors) and the AA level(3rd worst record in minors). The Mets top prospect was such a flop, he literally fell on his face and then went on the DL and then was operated on. That's the 3rd straight year, this pumped up Alex Escobar wannabe was injured for a long period of time. One of their supposed top minor league pitchers(Mejia) is on the 7-day DL as well. They have one player in the entire organization not named Sheffield, with double digits in HRS and that's Ike Davis(he has 12 total). Again, it's almost comical. I mean that in the classic sense(as in Dante).

The final straw to me was listening to the GM of this team yesterday on TV, spin such nonsense that Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez could have a had a quilt for those cold April days in Queens. I mean he praised the minor league system which the overwhelmingly majority of baseball feels is among the worst in MLB and then his medical staff which has been under fire all year. When asked about a bright spot, he had the temerity to mention Castillo, his 25 million dollar boondoggle, who on cue let a groundball any good 2B man would have fielded, get through to put runners on the corners. It was not only painful to listen to, but downright insulting. It was beyond arrogance, it was hubris.

Now, I can't let Manuel off the hook because he's Omar's hire. Though it's not his fault he has no talent on the field, he's far from a genius. He's simply collateral damage. He goes with the purge. Jerry can take his MLK and Gandhi books with him for comfort. I suggest he pick up the Tao te Ching( The Classic of the way and it's power) as well.

In closing, I believe only through real change at the top can this organization start to heal itself. Let's not delude ourselves into thinking the Wilpons' will sell this team. That of course would be the best thing. Since that won't occur, the next best thing is firing those making the on-the-field decisions. That means the 3 stooges(Minaya, Bernazard and Pena) must be replaced with competent and professional people who know how to hire, delegate and hold people accountable. Then and only then can we have a team all Mets fans can be proud of. Then we can truly say LETS GO METS!

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Mets in 2010. A time for change.

It's looking more and more like the GM of this team will simply do nothing and wait for the injured to return. IMHO, they won't return as early as he believes and when they do, this team will be too far back and they won't be as productive as he believes. This team coming in was flawed, so the injuries while hurting the club, weren't the deciding factor. IMHO, that factor was this GM's negligence to filling holes over a 3-year period and his allowance of the farm system to disintegrate into an abyss where his top 2 affiliates are mired in last place some 55-100 combined(as of last week). There are also only a handful of legitimate prospects.

So I believe that means this season is virtually over as far as a legitimate shot at the post-season goes and that means next year is one of change. IMHO, that means the GM loses his job and a new one comes in. I'd go with a Buck Showalter or possibly if you want Buck to just manage, a Gerry Hunsicker who has done a great job in Tampa and previously in Houston.

No matter who the GM is, the core MUST be broken up. Of that core only Wright stays for sure. Why? He's not only an all-star who has produced(until this year), but he plays every inning of every game unless they force him out. He doesn't whine about injuries, ask for an MRI or miss 5 days with the flu. He doesn't slam his glove down in anger on the field, show up his manager or dance in the dugout. He doesn't take the back door out of the clubhouse when they lose. He stands tall like a man and takes the same pointless questions from the brain-dead media. He does so with respect and honor. He also deeply cares about this organization and the city. He's the face of the Mets. Period.

That means it's Beltran and/or Reyes. Yes, it could be both, but one has to go. Which one goes if only one? Easy answer. Whomever brings back the best package. Let's take a look at possible destinations and what the Mets can get back...

Boston: For Beltran they should get back Ellsbury, Green or Lowery and a prospect. The Mets would get an ideal lead-off hitter with great speed who plays a good CF and is young in Jacoby. He has some pop as well. The guy can steal 70 bases, hit .290 and drive in 50-60 runs a year. He's made only 1 error in his entire career in CF. In 250 games, he has a .998 fielding %. Green is a nice back-up @ 2B/SS and would add depth to the bench. A prospect would add depth to the organization. Ellsbury would be the key.

For Reyes, I'd want Lowery, Lester and a prospect. Lester is the key and would be a perfect #2 starter the Mets desperately need. He's 34-14 life-time and is only 25.

Angels - They don't need Beltran, so Reyes fits. Here the Mets can get Rivera, Figgins and Aybar back. You fill one OF spot with a player with pop, your 2B hole with a solid 2B man with speed and pop. Figgins can play all infield positions, but 2B is where we'd need him. He has similar speed to Reyes and has pop as well. He would fill the lead-off void as well. Aybar would be a nice 2B/SS back-up. The Mets could use him there until one of their younger players is ready(Tejada or Havens).

San Francisco - Beltran fits here. They need a bat with pop and Beltran would like the laidback style. Giant fans generally do not get down on their players. I mean they supported Bonds when no one else would. The Mets could get back a package of Fred Lewis, Jeremy Affeldt and Jonathan Sanchez and perhaps a prospect. They'd be unloading 19 million they could use to get Holliday, move Lewis to CF and have a nice young starter to plug in the back-end of their rotation. Affeldt could fill-in for Putz who the Mets can trade to pick up a SS or fill other needs. Sanchez has real potential though he hasn't blossomed yet. He had 157 strikeouts in 158 innings in 2008.

Cubs -For Beltran the Mets should get back Soriano straight up. They'd be getting a legitimate lead-off hitter or even a 3-hole hitter with pop and speed. This would be a swap for a player who may have worn out his stay in Chicago, for one in who may have in NY. This move would allow Martinez to play CF as well.

For Reyes, the Mets would get back Soriano and Theriot. Theriot can play SS and has pop. The Mets would get Soriano to replace Reyes in the lead-off spot. This deal IMHO, works better for the Mets than the Beltran swap. Theriot is a very solid SS. The Mets may have to give them Cora or another player in the deal. I'd love this deal.

Detroit- Beltran is not needed since they have Granderson. Reyes fits though. The Mets should demand Rick Porcello who is just 20 and is a NJ boy(Morristown), Zach Miner and Brandon Inge who can catch and play the OF. Porcello is a #2 starter and has incredible potential. Miner can throw heat and be a set-up man allowing the Mets to trade Putz for a SS. Inge is versatile and can hack. He can catch or play the OF.

There may be other partners, but I tried to match up needs. I also tried to take into account teams willing to take on salary. I hope the Mets and whomever their GM is makes a major deal this off-season and doesn't rely on a big free-agent signing only. The core must be broken up. It's had 5 years and has yielded one division and 3 straight years of failure. It's unquestionably time for a change. The only real question is how much?
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Top Mets prospects

Having perused our system and read up a bit on some of the guys scouts and writers have been discussing, this is a list of players I think might be those "top prospects"...

1. Fernando Martinez-OF He did nothing @ Binghamton for 2 years and was on the 7-day DL a lot. His numbers were pedestrian at best. However, @ Triple A this year he showed some promise with 8 HRS in limited time and was leading the league in doubles. Since his recall, he's looked clueless, but perhaps what Mex said about his open stance could be a reason why. If HOJO works with him and Beltran continues to kiss his boo-boo, he might get a ton of playing time to improve. This could skyrocket his trade value and we could deal him at the perfect time to get a proven player who is still young(EG.Holliday).

2. Wilmer Flores- SS He's young(let's just say his teens) and he plays SS. He's @ Savannah which is kind of the middle-A club. He has 2 HRS-22 RBI and is hitting.281. He has 8 errors as well. He has youth on his side. He plays a position most teams need a player at.If Reyes stays, he may be moved to the OF or even 2B. I doubt he has the power to be a corner OF, so 2B could be his position. Perhaps he develops, perhaps not. Right now, he's pretty highly thought of. This could be the height of his value.

3. Ike Davis- 1B While @ St.Lucie he had 7HRS-28RBI and was hitting .288. He was moved to Binghamton where he's hitting .348 after 7 games @ Binghampton with 6 RBI. He was the Mets 1st round pick in 2008(18th overall). He's the son of Ron Davis. He's 22, 6'5 -195 pounds. Obviously, the Mets will be looking at a 1B man next year as Delgado will not be back. It might be wise to keep him, but if the Mets are sold on Murphy as their 1B, then trading him may not be a bad idea.

4. Reese Havens-SS Currently @ St.Lucie(A), he has 8HRS-28RBI and is hitting .230. However, he also has a very disconcerting 15 errors. He also was a 2008 1st round pick(22nd overall). He's also not a speedster and has 37 K's compared to 30 BB's. He does have power and he hits from the left-hand side. He'll be 23 in October.

5. Bradley Holt-SP He's been promoted to Binghamton(AA) and is 0-1 with a 9.45 ERA in 2 starts. He got bombed in his last start after pitching a solid one in his debut. @ St.Lucie(A) he was 4-1 with a 3.12 ERA and 54 K's compared to 13 walks. He's probably the top pitching prospect in the system. He also a 2008 1st round pick and is 6'4- 194 pounds. He throws right-handed and will also be 23 in October. By all appearances he's a polished pitcher and the jewel of the system.

6. Josh Thole-C He's hitting.344 with HR-30RBI @ Binghamton. He also will be 23 in October and is 6'1 205 pounds and bats left-handed. He has 4 SB and 4 errors. Not many catchers hit .340+. Obviously he can hack. In 2008 @ St.Lucie, he hit .300 with 5HRS- 56 RBI. A catcher who hits .300 and is only 22? I think teams may be very interested.

7. Jon Niese-SP Jon's turned it around winning his last 3 decisions(3-6 overall) and getting his ERA down to 5.18 from over 9. He has a solid 3-1 K-BB ratio with 61 K's-20BB's. He's a lefty who has shown some promise in 2-3 MLB starts. He has a good hook and seemingly his confidence back. Lefties are always a commodity

These are the top prospects I believe could be included in any deals over the coming weeks. There are others in the lower minor leagues and even 1 or 2 @ AA who may show-up, but I believe these are the names you'll hear over-and-over again.
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Change the All-Star Game

I'm not a fan of any All-Star game. The NFL's is a joke that happens after the season. They're changing that this year to the week before the SB. It will still be boring and useless. The NBA is a display of playground skills. The NHL's game looks nothing like the sport. Baseball's use to have some appeal, now it's useless. Interleague play has a lot to do with that. It's time for change.

The WBC this year has nearly ruined the regular season. The amount of injuries to key players and teams like the Mets who sent many players to that meaningless exhibition, has taken it's toll. Just ask Dice-K and Boston. Now in the middle of a rather boring season where the DL looks like an NFL police blotter, we will soon have the All-Star Classic. Classic? It hasn't been classic since the 70's!. It's time to tweak it or just eliminate it altogether.

How should we change it? How about a game between US players and the World? Canadians,Japanese, Venezuelans, Cubans, and Dominicans could unite forces against the US. This could be a fun concept and actually spur on some interest in the Caribbean and Asian world. It would be just one game, so it's winner take all. Is the US losing a grip on it's game? Can the World strike back? It could be a nice change.

Then there is the possibility of a mini WBC. A quick single elimination tournament between the US-Canada-Caribbean and Far East. You can flip a coin for seeding or simply go by the ratings world wide. The winners play of the first game play for the title and the others for 3rd. Get rid of the idiotic HR contest and other schlocky events. Real baseball with some bite.

I'm sure others can come up with good suggestions as well. I mean having this fiasco decide the league that gets home-field advantage is utterly moronic. Only an imbecile of Selgian proportions could have envisioned that. That doesn't give it an edge, that just makes it more of a joke. Make the game fun again.
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State of the NY Mets.

I am feeling very wary of this entire organization. The Mets are 10-13 and play like they have no clue about the sport. They also show little to no resilience having only once comeback after trailing after 6 innings. They don't hit in the clutch or get clutch outs from any of their starters not named Santana or any reliever not named Rodriguez. They simply look unchanged from the 2008 and 2007 versions who quite frankly are IMHO the 2 greatest disappointments in club history.

Their top affiliate Buffalo(AAA) is a minor league worst 3-18. The top prospects there are Niese, Gee and Martinez. None of them are doing anything special. Gee is 1-3 with a high ERA, Niese is 0-2 with a 6+ ERA and Martinez is hitting .265 with no stolen bases and 25 strikeouts. The others aren't even worth mentioning. It's very sad.

There is some hope at Binghamton and St.Lucie(managed by our own Tim Teufel) where both teams are 2 over .500 and 1 game back. There are some prospects doing well like Roy Merritt @ AA who has 8 saves already and is a lefty. They also have a young Canadian 2B man named Emmanuel Garcia who his hitting well. Reese Havens is showing some pop as well. However, overall, they're not teeming with talent.

What concerns me as well is those doing the coaching and teaching. Ken Oberkfell @ AAA has over 700 minor league wins and has won a PSL title @ St.Lucie and has taken both New Orleans(AAA) and Binghamton to their respective league's finals(and lost). He is getting a raw deal IMHO. He, not a previous fired coach like Razor Shines should be @ the big league level. In fact, IMHO he should be the bench coach. He's played the game and been a champion('82 Cardinals) and was a scrappy player. He also has managed many of these players in the minors. He's a true organizational guy. Instead we have Razor Shines and Sandy Alomar, Sr. Sorry, but both are downright horrid. IMHO, they are part of the problem and Alomar is a holdover from the failed Randolph reign of error. Both should be summarily fired. We also have Ricky Bones as our AAA pitching coach. I remember Ricky Bones as a pitcher and he was at best mediocrity. Right now his pitching staff @ AAA is a disgrace. Now @ AA last year his team had a 4.19 ERA and Niese seemed to respond to him. However, we can't do better than him? Look at our SNY crew. We have Ron Darling an incredibly bright and perceptive guy who was a terrific pitcher. He's a great communicator and each and every inning I listen to him, I learn more about pitching. You think maybe he could impart that to kids? Let's say Ronny is happy where he is, what about Bobby Ojeda? Another former Ex-Met with grit. Bobby is a combination of jokester, seer and maniac. Maybe a guy like that can shake some of the doldrums out of our organizational pitching.

My new friend Schwo(a Phils fan) stated Larry Bowa would be a good fit for the Mets. I believe he's 100% on the money. However, not as a manager, but as a 3B coach or perhaps a bench or hitting coach. I think Larry @ 3B would be aggressive and he truly knows baserunning. He was a crafty one for both the Phils and the Mets. He is the personification of grit which this team lacks in spades. I believe(as Schwo stated) that he would have an positive effect on Wright and Reyes. Those guys are our core and IMHO the only untouchable everyday players in the entire organization. They need not to be coddled, but challenged. Bowa is the guy to do that. Larry knows, loves and has a passion for this game that is almost unmatched. He would light a fire. However, Omar(IMHO) would never hire him and that's the problem.

What about Gary Carter? He managed one year @ PSL and won the championship. Now Garry is a bit of a phony(I was never a fan of his), but he knows the game and is one of the game's greatest catchers. The dude is underrated. When you combine his defense with his incredible offense, you are looking @ a guy who statistically matches up to Bench and Piazza and only Bench was better defensively.You think he could have an effect on Thole or Pena? This organization needs those guys to develop because we have nothing else. Gary could be managing or even as the pitching coach. He did a great job calling games. He has a passion and verve for the game. He's energetic, even if he's pretentious.

Of course you know where I'm going here. I'm going straight to the top of the organization. That starts and ends with Omar Minaya. He's the titular head. He's the guy who somehow got a 3 year extension after 2 epic collapses, a botched firing of his original hire and talk of a fractured club house, a cultural separation of his team(Los Mets) and the Castillo contract(that alone was dismissal for firing). Omar has put together not a team, but a collection of fantasy players. The Mets may have the best fantasy team in baseball, but as is they aren't winning because they lack chemistry, grit and a sense of urgency. From their coaching they get little. They have bland coaches with little/no fire. The coaches need to lead because the clubhouse has no leadership whatsoever.

Their clubhouse is full of players who are as vanilla as a soft cone @ Carvel. Wright has some grit and really take it to heart, but he is so consumed with being a leader, IMHO it effects his game and he presses from wanting to be the hero on the field. No one else in that dugout is even close. Beltran is a very good player, but he's quiet. That's fine, but there are too many like him. Reyes is so immature no one is going to take him seriously. He's more concerned with his dancing and shimmying then playing the game right and respecting it. Delgado is a bitter, sour back-stabbing punk. When he leaves, I won't miss him an iota. Schneider has some grit, but he's always hurt. Church is Mr.Vanilla. He's so vanilla, he should be nick-named McCormick's. Murphy seems to have grit, but he's a rookie who quite frankly has been left on an island. I don't see Church or even Beltran helping this kid much. Wright seems to be his only buddy. Castillo is an outsider and has no leadership as well. No pitcher is going to step up. Sheffield is a cancer. The guy is a divider and a racist. Cora is a back-up infielder. Santana is great, but he's all business. Maine, Pelfrey are young guys finding their way. Perez is a screwball and Hernandez will be gone shortly. K-Rod is fiery, but he's not the leadership guy. He's a tad loco and a bit of a showoff. Putz seems intense, but he's a set-up guy. This isn't the Boston, Philly or even Dodger clubhouse, is it?

Now we'll get fans and posters who will say, once they start winning(let's hope!) this will go away. No, it won't. They are wrong IMHO and missing the point. The last 2 September's this team was ahead with 17 games left and collapsed. 2007's was epic, 2008's may have been a result of of 2007. That's not talent folks, that's psychological. That's where leaders step up. Philly has Utley and Rollins. Boston has tons. They have Lowell, Varitek and young players like Pedroia and Papelbon who have grit. The Dodgers have Torre and Martin seems to be a budding leader.

This blog isn't about 23 games. This is about those 23 games and the 324 previous ones. That's a span of 347 games. That's more than enough to analyze and come to some conclusions though they are hard to admit. I believe one of those is if this coaching staff isn't shaken up, some players moved and tough-nosed players brought in( EG Jermanie Dye) this team will flounder and fail. There is time to turn this around, but as each game slips by and nothing is done, time becomes shorter and the risk  for failure becomes greater.

I'm not bagging this season or abandoning ship. I'm just stating this organization is not in great shape, everything isn't peachy keen and immediate changes are needed. If our GM does nothing for a 3rd straight year in season, for a 3rd straight year, we'll have failure. That failure will be on the players and coaches, but IMHO most on it's architect, Omar Minaya. Time to step up amigo and stop putting your foot-in-your-mouth and put it on someone's behind. It's time to show you have grit and the rightstuff. If you don't, you should be feeling the heat. Your head would then be on the chopping block. It's time to roll up-your-sleeves and get to work. Your siesta is over.

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