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Posted on: January 31, 2009 1:23 pm

The most annoying things in the world.

Call it a "vent blog" or a blog where you can just get some things that really bother you off your chest. I came up with this idea just the other day while sitting in the public Library. I got there early to get some info on the Pond I live on- which is owned by 11 Mill owners who lease the land under the Pond to the town I live in. The 15 year contract runs out in June........anyway......... I find a nice comfortable spot and open up a book. Two adults (not kids) come over to the copying machine and are using outside voices , giggling, dropping change on the table and just basically acting like A-holes! I periodically shot them a look as to say- "Come on you prix.....shut yer F-in mouths." This went on for 20 minutes!!!! Finally, I slammed the book shut and went to the other side of the Library. Thanks to my Anger Management classes, I did not get up and slap both their faces. No respect whatsoever. Let em rip...........

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