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ATMD V: Home Page

Everything your need for your ATMD-ness is here, enjoy.  Let's all have a great contest, and good luck.

Standings for PP2


1-0 ( 5-2/0.71 ) 3-1 ( 26-12 / 0.68 )    3 Blood
1-0 ( 5-4/0.55 ) 3-1 ( 33-13 / 0.72 )    1 BB
0-1 ( 4-5/0.44 ) 3-1 ( 23-11 / 0.71 )   2 Nugs
0-1 ( 2-5/0.28 ) 3-1 ( 27-11 / 0.66 )   4 KMV/Go

Note: If you are in the "Best" submit your gameplan into SumTNews


2-0 ( 11-1/0.92 ) 3-1 ( 26-18 / 0.59 )    5 WCJ
0-1 ( 1-5/0.17 ) 2-2 ( 19-18 / 0.51 )    7 NH
0-1 ( 0-5/0.00 ) 2-2 ( 19-20 / 0.49 )    9 Skins
1-0 ( 5-0/1.00 ) 1-3 ( 27-23 / 0.54 )    11 LBJ / tfitz
0-1 ( 0-6/0.00 ) 0-4 ( 07-24 / 0.23 )    13 wlkwlk3

Note: If you are in the "East" submit your gameplan into Nugs.


1-0 ( 5-0/1.00 ) 2-2 ( 21-21 / 0.50 )    8 MS
1-0 ( 5-0/1.00 ) 2-2 ( 16-21 / 0.43 )    10 MM
0-0 ( / ) 0-4 ( 05-40 / 0.11 )     14 BucFan
0-1 ( 0-5/0.00 ) 3-1 ( 23-16 / 0.59 )    6 Cain
0-1 ( 0-5/0.00 ) 1-3 ( 10-34 / 0.23)     12 SumT

Note: If you are in the "West" submit your gameplan into Blood.

Participants = BB, Blood, MS, Joe, Skins, SumT, wlkwlk, LBJ/tftiz, Nugs, Cain, NH, MM, BucFan, Keith/GoH

NOTE: Your records will be combined for seeding games, both PP1 and PP2.

Schedule for PP2:

Monday, Sept 12
  5 Joe vs 7 NH  Joe wins 5-1
     Missed Votes: Blood, MS, SumT, Cain, MM, Keith/GoH
     Joe: tftiz-1/2, Nugs, Mr. Perry, BB, Wlk, lbj-1/2
     NH: BF
  3 Blood vs 4 Kmv/GoH  Blood wins 5-2
     Missed Votes: BB, Nugs, Cain, NH, MM, 
     Blood: SumT, Joe, tfitz, Mr. Perry, BF
     Kmv/GoH: wlkwlk, Jake

Thursday, Sept 15
  6 Cain vs 8 MS  MS wins 5-0
Missed Voters: Blood, Skins, SumT, NH, MM, BucFan, Keith/GoH
     MS: Joe, wlk, BB, tftiz, Nugs
  10 MM vs 12 SumT MM wins 5-0
     Missed Voters BB, Blood, Mr. Perry,  LBJ/tftiz, Cain, NH, Keith/GoH
     MM: Nugs, Joe, MS, BF, wlkwlk

Monday, Sept 19
  1 BB vs 2 Nugs  BB wins 5-4
     Voters left: Mr. Perry, Cain, Keith/GoH
     BB: BucFan, tfitz, MM, NH, MS
     Nugs: Joe, wlk, SumT, Blood
  9 L2408 vs 11 LBJ/tftiz  LBJ/tfitz win via forfeit
     Voters: BB, Blood, MS, SumT, wlkwlk, Nugs, Cain, NH, MM, BucFan, Keith/GoH
     tftiz/LBJ: Joe

Thursday, Sept 22
  5 Joe vs 13 wlkwlk   Joe wins 6-0
     Voters: Blood, MS, Mr. Perry, LBJ/tftiz, Cain, NH, BucFan, Keith/GoH
     Joe: tfitz, Nugs, SumT, NH, MM, BB
  6 Cain vs 14 Titans/BF  pending

Monday, Oct 3
  7 NH vs 9 Skins
  8 MS vs 10 MM

Thursday, Oct 6
  2 Nugs vs 4 Kmv/GoH
  1 BB vs 3 Blood

Monday, Oct 10
  11 LBJ/tftiz vs 13 wlkwlk
  12 SumT vs 14 Titans/BF

West and East combine into one division, based on records everyone but 1-4 gets reseeded:

Thursday, Oct 14
  5th Seed vs 6th Seed
  7th Seed vs 8th Seed

Monday, Oct 17 ( goes all week )
  9th Seed vs 10th Seed
  11th Seed vs 12th Seed
  13th Seed vs 14th Seed

Monday, Oct 21
  1 BB vs 4 Kmv/GoH
  2 Nugs vs 3 Blood

Trading Period number 2


Tournament Begins Week of Oct. 28th

Week 1:
  1st and 2nd Seeds have bye
  3rd Seed vs 14th Seed
  4th Seed vs 13th Seed
  5th Seed vs 12th Seed
  6th Seed vs 11th Seed
  7th Seed vs 10th Seed
  8th Seed vs 9th Seed

Round 2:
  1st Seed vs Winner of 8v9
  2nd Seed vs Winner of 7v10
  3v14 winner vs 6v11 winner
  4v13 winner vs 5v12 winner

Round 3:
  1/8/9 vs 4/13/5/12
  2/7/10 vs 3/14/6/11

Championship Game

PP1 Standings:


3-1 ( 33-13 / 0.72 )    1 BB ( 1st )   
3-1 ( 26-12 / 0.68 )    7 Blood ( 3rd )
3-1 ( 26-18 / 0.590 )   10 WCJ ( 5th )
2-2 ( 21-21 / 0.50 )    12 MS ( 8th )
2-2 ( 19-20 / 0.49 )    5 L2408 ( 9th )
1-3 ( 10-34 / 0.23)      3 SumT ( 12th )
0-4 ( 7-24 / 0.23 )      14 wlkwlk3 ( 13th )                                         

NOTE: IF you are in the EAST your gameplans need to be submitted to Nugs.


3-1 ( 23-11 / 0.71 )   8 Nugs ( 2nd )
3-1 ( 27-11 / 0.66 )   13 KMV/Go ( 4th )
3-1 ( 23-16 / 0.589 )    11 Cain ( 6th )
2-2 ( 19-18 / 0.51 )   9 NH ( 7th )
2-2 ( 16-21 / 0.43 )    6 MM ( 10th )
1-3 ( 27-23 / 0.54 )    2 LBJ / tfitz ( 11th )
0-4 ( 5-40 / 0.11 )     4 Titans ( 14th )

NOTE: IF you are in the WEST your gameplans need to be submitted to Blood.

Important Notes:

Minimum score to win a contest is a combined 6 points for the winner, unless Judge over rules after extension.

Tie Breakding Rule for Placement into Next Divisions:
  1. Overall Win loss record
  2. IF 2 teams have equal records, then the winner of the head to head matchup has the higher seed.
  3. If teams did not play head to head, overall percentage of votes for your team to get the higher seed. 

* = Current teams in the top four to move into the "Best" Division.

Winning your division DOES NOT ensure a top 4 spot, it will be spread through both divisions.

Participants = BB, Blood, MS, Joe, Mr. Perry, SumT/Jaysta, wlkwlk, LBJ/tftiz, Nugs, Cain, NH, MM, Titans, Keith/GoH

PP1 Schedule:

Note: Click on any of the games to get linked to the match and vote.

Monday, July 18th
  1 BB vs 3 Jaysta BB won 18-0
     Missed votes = No Team Owners ( WCF, Chrisper )
     BB = Blood, MS, Joe, Mr. Perry, Jaysta, wlkwlk, LBJ/tftiz, Nugs, Cain, NH, MM, Titans, Keith ( BNW, Cliff ) Zags
     Jaysta = none
  2 LBJ/tftiz vs 4 Titans LBJ/tfitz won 16-1
     Missed votes = No Team Owners ( Cliff, BNW )
     LBJ/tfitz = BB, Blood, MS, Joe, Mr. Perry, Jaysta, wlkwlk, Nugs, NH, MM, GoH ( Chrisper, WCF ) Zags
     Titans = Cain

Thursday, July 21st
  5 L2408 vs 7 Blood Blood won 8-4
     Missed votes = Jaysta, MS, Titans, Cain ( BNW, Cliff, WCF )
     L2408 = BB, wlkwlk, tftiz, , MM
     Blood = Joe, Nugs, NH, GoH ( Chrisper ) SumT, Zags
  6 MM vs 8 Nugs Nugs won 7-3
     Missed votes = Jaysta, wlkwlk, Titans, Cain ( BNW, Cliff, WCF, Chrisper )
     MM = MS, Mr. Perry, Skins
     Nugs = BB, Blood, Joe, LBJ, NH, Keith, SumT

Monday, July 25th
  10 WCJ vs 12 MS MS won 11-8
     Missed votes from MM, Nugs, ( Chrisper )
     Joe = Jaysta, GoH ( BNW, Cliff, WCF )
     MS = BB, Blood, Mr. Perry, Jaysta, wlkwlk, tftiz, Cain, NH, Titans, Zags, VEV
  9 NH vs 11 Cain  Cain won 7-6
     Missed votes from Titans, MM ( BNW, Cliff, Chrisper )
     NH = BB, Blood, Jaysta, wlkwlk, LBJ, SumT
     Cain = MS, Joe, Mr. Perry, Nugs, Keith, ( WCF )

Thursday, July 28th
  1 BB vs 14 wlkwlk3 BB won 7-1
    Missed votes from Blood, MS, Cain, NH ( BNW, Cliff, WCF, Chrisper )
     BB = Joe, Mr. Perry, Jaysta, tftiz, MM, Titans, Keith
     wlkwlk = Nugs
  2 LBJ/tfitz vs 13 KMV/Go KMV/Go won 7-4
    Missed votes from BB, Blood, Cain, Titans ( BNW, Cliff, Chrisper )
    LBJ/tfitz = Jaysta, wlkwlk, ( WCF )
    Ketih = MS, Joe, Mr. Perry, Nugs, NH, MM, Zags

Monday, Aug. 1st
  3 Jaysta vs 5 L2408 L2408 won 6-4
     Missed votes from LBJ/tftiz, Cain, NH, Titans, ( BNW, Cliff, Chrisper )
     L2408 = BB, Blood, Joe, wlkwlk, Nugs, GoH
     Jaysta = MS, MM, ( WCF )
  4 Titans vs 6 MM  MM won 6-3
     Missed votes from Blood, LBJ/tftiz, NH ( BNW, Cliff, WCF, Chrisper )
     Titans = Mr. Perry, Jaysta, wlkwlk, 
     MM = BB, MS, Joe, Nugs, Cain, Keith

Thursday, Aug. 4th
  7 Blood vs 10 WCJ    Joe won 7-3
     Missed Votes = NH, Titans ( BNW, Cliff, WCF, Chrisper )
     Blood = tftiz, Nugs, GoH
     Joe = BB, MS, Mr. Perry, Jaysta, wlkwlk, Cain, MM
  8 Nugs vs 9 NH NH won 7-4
    Missed Votes = Blood, MM, Titans ( BNW, Cliff, Chrisper )
    Nugs = Joe, Mr. Perry, wlkwlk, Cain,
    NH = BB, MS, Jaysta, tftiz, Keith ( WCF )

Monday, Aug. 8th
  12 MS vs 14 wlkwlk3  MS wins 6-1
     Missed votes = Jaysta, Nugs, Cain, NH, Titans, ( All Judges )
     MS = BB, Blood, Joe, Mr. Perry, MM, GoH
     wlkwlk = tftiz
  11 Cain vs 13 KMV/Go  Cain wins 7-2
     Missed votes = Jaysta, LBJ/tftiz, NH, MM, Titans ( BNW, Cliff, Chrisper )
     Cain = MS, Joe, Mr. Perry, wlkwlk, Nugs ( WCF )
     KMV/Go = BB, Blood 

Thursday, Aug. 11th
  1 BB vs 5 L2408  Mr. Perry wins 9-2
     Missed Votes = Blood, Jaysta, Cain, Keith/GoH ( BNW, Cliff, Chrisper )
     BB = MS, Titans
     L2408 = Joe, wlkwlk, tftiz, Nugs, NH, MM ( WCF ) Axesstar
  2 LBJ/tfitz vs 6 MM  Mighty wins 6-5
     Missed Votes = Jaysta, Cain, NH ( BNW, Cliff, Chrisper )
     LBJ/tftiz = BB, Nugs, Titans, wlkwlk, MS
     MM = Blood, Joe, Mr. Perry, GoH ( WCF )

Monday, Aug. 15th
  3 Jaysta vs 7 Blood Blood won 9-0
     Missed Votes = MS, LBJ/tftiz, NH, Titans, Keith/GoH
     Jaysta = none
     Blood = BB, Joe, Mr. Perry, wlkwlk, Nugs, Cain, MM ( Judge WCF )
  4 Titans vs 8 Nugs  Nugs won 12-1
    Missed Votes =MM, Keith/GoH
    Titans = MS
    Nugs = BB, Blood, Joe, Mr. Perry, Jaysta, wlkwlk, tfitz, Cain, NH ( Judge WCF ) Skins

Thursday, Aug. 18th
  10 WCJ vs 14 wlkwlk3 Joe won 5-4
     Missed Votes: NH, MM, Titans, ( All Judges )
     Joe: Blood, Jaysta, Nugs, Cain, Keith
     wlkwlk: BB, tfitz, Mr. Perry, MS
  9 NH vs 13 KMV/Go  KMV/Go get the forfeit win 6-0

Monday, Aug. 22nd
  1 BB vs 12 MS BB wins 6-3
     Missed Votes: Blood, NH, MM,
     Brandon: Joe, SumT, wlkwlk, tfitz, Nugs, Titans
     Jake: Keith, Mr. Perry, Cain
  2 LBJ/tftiz vs 11 Cain Cain wins 9-2
     Missed Votes: wlkwlk, NH, MM,
     LBJ/tfitz: MS, Joe
     Cain: BB, Blood, Mr. Perry, SumT, Nugs, Titans, GoH ( Judge WCF )

Thursday, Aug. 25th
  3 Jaysta SumT vs 14 wlkwlk3  SumT wins 6-1
     Missed Votes: BB, Cain, MM, Titans, Keith/GoH
     SumT: Blood, MS, Mr Perry, tfitz, Nugs, NH
     wlkwlk: joe
  4 Titans vs 13 KMV/Go KMV/Go get the forfeit win 6-0

Monday, Aug. 29th
  5 L2408 vs 10 WCJ  Joe wins 6-0
     Missed Votes: Blood, MS, SumT, wlkwlk, Cain, Titans
     Joe: Nugs, tftiz, NH, BB, MM, GoH
  6 MM vs 9 NH  NH wins 6-1
     Missed Votes: Blood, Mr. Perry, SumT, Nugs, Titans,
     MM: wlk
     NH: tfitz, BB, MS, Cain, Keith, Joe

Thursday, Sept. 1st
  7 Blood vs 12 MS  Blood wins 6-1
     Missed Votes: BB, LBJ/tftiz, Cain, MM, Keith/GoH
     Blood: Joe, SumT, BucFan, NH, Nugs, Mr. Perry
     MS: wlk
  8 Nugs vs 11 Cain  Nugs wins 6-0
     Missed Votes: Blood, MS, SumT/Jaysta, LBJ/tftiz, MM, Keith/GoH
     Nugs: Joe, wlk, NH, BB, BF. Mr. Perry

Trade Thread is up and running, go there and wheel and deal.

Pool Play 2 ( Everyone realigns into 3 divisions, Best (top 4), East, West )


1st Seed plays: 2nd seed, 3rd seed, 4th seed
2nd Seed plays: 1st seed, 3rd seed, 4th seed
3rd Seed plays: 1st seed, 2nd seed, 4th seed
4th Seed plays: 1st seed, 2nd seed, 3rd seed

5th Seed plays: 7th seed, 13th seed
7th Seed plays: 5th seed, 9th seed
9th Seed plays: 7th seed, 11th seed
11th Seed plays: 9th seed, 13th seed
13th Seed plays: 5th seed, 11th seed

6th Seed plays: 8th seed, 14th seed
8th Seed plays: 6th seed, 10th seed
10th Seed plays: 8th seed, 12th seed
12th Seed plays: 10th seed, 14th seed
14th Seed plays: 6th seed, 12th seed
For 3rd game, the East and West combine to form one 10 team division, call it the Least:
14th vs 13th, 12th vs 11th, 10th vs 9th, 8th vs 7th, 6th vs 5th


Wk 1: Top 2 seeds bye, then 3vs14, 4vs13, 5vs12, 6vs11, 7vs10, 8vs9
Wk 2: 1vs lowest, 2 vs next lowest, then breakdown
Wk 3: Final Four
Wk 4: Championship game

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Idiots guide to the ATMD: Draft Version

Happy Drafting, don't screw it up...Wink

1. Don't trade a GOAT player, ever, doesn't matter what the scenario is. If you question who a GOAT player is, maybe you shouldn't be on the ATMD-Land ride quite yet.

2. Try hard to get an Elite Bigman in the first round and keep him.  What if you don't have a high enough pick, then trade to get one.  Players like Chamberlain, Jabbar, Russell, Hakeem and Shaq will dominate most other bigs.  The only way to combat not having one is having someone in the next tier and surrounding him with maybe a GOAT non-big to make up for it.  Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson are good players to do that.

3. Don't trade out of the first round, those kinds of players win games.  Unless you have a late first rounder and can pick up another high second rounder that might of been picked there anyways.  Sometimes first rounders will drop into the second because someone is trigger happy on players that don't belong anywhere near there.  Like George Mikan, poor DJ.

4. Get players that can play some defense, and some serious defense.  Round 4-6 will have some studs, keep your picks in those rounds to get them.  Someone who has won a DPOY is a good choice, the more the better.  Someone who has been selected to many first team nba defense is also a good choice ( find the site if you need help ).

5. Learn who the "Black-List" of ATMD players are and avoid drafting them.  Some of the more knowlegable people know their worth, but unfortunately in ATMD-Land they will never live up to their true value. 

6. Understand what the value of draft picks mean.  A 2nd round pick, say pick number 18 compared to a 2nd round pick, say number 24 is worth a heckuva lot more than a pick swapped in the 5th round 6 picks away.  The immortal Jimmy Johnson had a good formula that he built a champion on.  Beware of swapping picks later just to move up a few.

7. Unless you are just obtaining talent, which can be dangerous, understand the system that a particular player is used to playing in.  Someone who playing their career in a slow down half court set is not going to gel with a player that played in an up tempo fast break offense.  Putting together "big names" doesn't translate into great teams.  Generally whoever your first pick is will determine the rest of your picks that you are building around them.

more to come later, Carry on.

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Break time

NBA is too hard to watch, what a joke.


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My playoff picks

What I put in WCF's contest, just putting it here, with extending it out for fun.

Round One:

Bulls win in 4
Magic win in 5
Celtics win in 7
Heat win in 4

Spurs win in 5
Lakers win in 4
Mavericks win in 6
Thunder win in 7   Nuggets in 7, I know, changed it here.


1. Kevin Durant
2. Boston Celtics
3. Oklahoma City Thunder

Finals Bonus:

Miami Heat over the Los Angeles Lakers in 6
Finals MVP: LeBron James

Finals Tie-Breakers:

Total Points is 1122
Total Free Throws- 222

Round 2:

Bulls win in 6
Heat win in 7

Nuggets win in 6
Lakers win in 5

Conf. Finals:

Lakers win in 6
Heat win in 7

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ATMD-V Suggestion Box


Stuff in the box suggestions for next year.

Carry on...Cool

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Nugs Bowl Homepage

Attention ATMD Participants

What you may read might not be what you want to hear, and I am sorry for that.  But with the voting turnout being pathetic to say the least this current round and it's bound to only get worse it's time to put my "Contingency" plan into effect that I have been working on behind the scenes since the first game in this 2nd Round of Playoff action.  I came back to make the playoffs void of all agendas and bias.  Now as a Judge I can lower scores, I can call out certain voters but when we're down to about 5 real voters right now it's going to be the few that select a winner.  And I didn't want to put this into effect but drastic times call for drastic measures.  Again I apologize for not coming up with this before the playoffs even started but I guess I was being to much of an optimist to think that enough voters would remain.  And I couldn't just penalize people and dangle the next years ATMD list in front of them.  So, if you're still with me here's the "Contingency Plan" that I have come up with:

Nugs Bowl New Rules:

1. There will be a 4-panel non-participant, Judging Panel that will be the sole decision making method of picking the winners.  The panel consists of Myself, GoHornets, BMu, ChiTownCliff.

2. This panel does not give a vote like you've seen before broken down.  They all pm to me their decision.

3. The winners are not revealed until the round is completely over.

4. Since I could not get a fifth member on the panel in case of a tie, my vote will be counted as the tie-breaker.

Ok, let that sit for a moment, it's a lot to digest, I know. 

The rest of the contest stays the same.  Get gameplans into me noon before the night of the game.  Word limits, and so on.  But no longer do any of you have to vote.  Now, if you wish to come in and bash a team, feel free.  If you wish to attack someones gameplan tactic, no holds barred.  Doesn't matter.

This next part will be hurtfull to some of you, you either take the whole part or you are welcome to walk.  No suggestions, no changes, sorry.

Since I put this into effect during the first game of this 2nd Round I have had this panel Vote since then.  Some of you voiced concerns about bias, and agendas.  Well, I can assure you that this panel of 4 doesn't care which one of you wins, and picked the winner of these games trully based on the plans you put forth.  No more jockying participants to get their vote.  And why is this hurtfull to some of you, because this panel may of disagreed with the game that you thought you won.  And I will be revealing the matchups of the next round tomorrow in the current game that is up.  It's different than what you think it is based on the participant votes in the games.

Nugs Bowl, it is now what it is.  It will stay this way until we get a winner.  We have 4 people who know quite a bit about the history of basketball doing this for you.  If you don't trust us, then walk.  If you have a problem with a single part of this, then sorry, walk.  It's how it has to be, and it's how it will be with or without you.

If you wish to take on the contest the way it's been, I understand, the 4 Judges will wish you all the luck and that's the end of the line for us.

If you need to think about if you wish to be part of it, that's fine.  I am posting this now and then probably won't be back until either late tonight or tomorrow morning.  This contest is strong, this contest will be void of agendas, and this contest will pick a trully great winner that will be proud, no matter what anyone thinks of that person. 

Learn it, live it, and deal with it....Carry on...Cool

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ATMD-IV Tournament Home Page

That's right, it's a "Nugs Home Page" again.  Welcome.  First of all I would like to say that Kmvenne, WCF, BMu and the others who have taken roles in this contest have done a stellar job.  New rules, new ideas, and new methods make a contest better.  Keith has graciously passed the baton over to Nugs to handle the culmination of all of your hard work...THE TOURNAMENT !!!

General Notes:

1. All gameplans from here on out will only be pm'd to me, avoid any confusion or problems.  I will be posting the games myself.  May the Lord bless my posting abilities.

2. All past penalties will be on a deffered sentence, start with a clean slate.  BUT...very important, and those of you know who I am talking about, this is for you.  IF you bring up once anything about the past penalties to Keith, WCF or anyone else who bestowed them upon you they will come back three-fold.  Don't test me, and take this clean slate as a chance to have a better contest.  Starting some of you with a clean slate doesn't mean that you didn't deserve the penalty, remember that.  Thanks.

3. With 14 teams, the top 2 will receive a bye into the Quaterfinals where they will await the 6 winners carrying over from the Round of 14. Single elimination ala March Madness. The one change to this year's tourney will be an NFL style playoff as oppose to a specific bracket. After the first round, the 8 teams will be re-seeded with the 1 seed playing the lowest remaining team from Round one. And in the semi-s again, teams will matchup with the highest seed left playing the lowest seed left ultimately culminating in a championship match. ( Thanks WCF, took that from your blog )

Tournament Rosters.   Thanks to Brandon for doing that.


1. Gameplans will be due at high noon ( EST ) of your game.  I will post the games that night around 8ish ( EST ).  PM the gameplan to me with the title changed so that I can easily find it.  Each hour that your gameplan is late will result in a 1 point penalty.  Let's really see if we can have ZERO forfeits this year!

2. Matches will go 72 hours in length to the minute.  Winner has to have at least 9 points, but I don't see that being a problem.  If the game is tied then it will go into a 12 hour overtime period where the highest total after that wins.  If it is still tied than it's sudden death where the next vote wins. 

3. Gameplan Word Limits.  Round 1 will be set at 1,200 words, each round we will add another 100 words to the limit.  Going over the limit will result in penalties.  Just keep it under.  And please double check your minute distribution, thanks.

4. "No Smith Rule".  Please read this whole section, very important.  First and foremost this rule is not because I think Jakey or Brandon cheat in voting always for themselves.  It's to protect the contest from problems.  They are brothers, so no matter which way they vote they will be criticized, lose lose situation really.  So... Jakey will not vote in Brandons game, and Brandon will not vote in Jakey's game.  IF anyone brings up this rule and says it's unfair it's a 1 point penalty, just live with it.  Anyone who says that well this poster shouldn't vote in my games because he doesn't ever vote for me is also a 1 point penalty.  Don't even try it.  They came from the same womb so it's different.

5. Comments about someones agenda in their vote will not be tolerated and will result in a 1 point penalty.  No lists, no that guy never votes for me, no anything.  IF you have a problem with someones vote, simple.  PM your Judge in that game and he will address the situation if he hasn't done already.  Again, don't test this, let's have a good tournament.

Note: You are more than welcome, in fact encouraged to rebute the reasonings in someones vote.  IF someone says that player X doesn't shoot 3's well and you know he does, prove it.  IF someone says that player y can't play point guard and you know he can, prove it.  IF you can't tell the difference between the rule and what's encouraged, then don't say anything.  And saying that someone should get a penalty is not your job, leave that up to us.  Because if you test it, the penalty will be bestowed upon you.

6. No cross voting in the Semi-Final games.  The 2 participants in the one Semi-Final will not be voting in the other.  Again, it's not that I think someone will be picking their opponent, it's to protect the contest from anyone making comments.  It's a rule, just deal with it, thanks.

These rules are important, please review them and if something comes up I will add to them.  Again, it's about having a great final tournament, let's all work together.

NOTE: If you have problems with any of these rules I would suggest pm'ing me in the threads, public problems will be squashed quick.  Real quick, don't test it.

Final Four Game Rules:

Games will go for 4 days, start on Tuesday morning.  Gameplans will be due Monday night by 6pm EST.  Word limits go up again, make note of that.

Day 1 and 2 will be for voting.  BUT, all votes will be submitted to me VIA pm.  All votes are due by the end of day 2 for it to count.  Even posters in the other Final Four matchup are required to vote.  No one will see the votes during those two days except the Judges.  This way no one knows how the game is going during the voting period.  Contestants are encouraged to debate each others gameplans during this time.

Day 3 morning I will then post all the votes in that thread.  For the next two days the two contestants get to then rebute and refute the votes.  You think something is wrong, this is your chance to talk about it.  Any talk or hint about agenda or bias will result first in a warning then in a penalty.

During this time the Judges will get together via PM, discuss the votes, value each one and then they will be averaged out between the Judges.   End of Day 4 the score will be revealed and the winner will be chosen.


1. Judged the same way as in PP action ( I will assign the Judging ).  Solo Owners can get up to 3.0 value, Team Owners / Non-Participants can get up to a 1.5 value.  Questioning the score in your game publically to the Judge will result in a 1 point penalty.  We are doing this for you guys and for a better contest, show us respect, thanks.  Problems can be pm'd to any Judge.

2. Please make your summary statements matter.  No more "Team X pulled this out".  Making someone win the game sound like certain Posters Friday night activities is not what we're looking ofr.  Make it well thought out, give people WHY they win.  Don't just comment to each part, bash this, bash that, and then say "it's close, but Team Y wins".  Seriously, that's your reasonings?  Make it good, or else your vote will be valued low.

3. Once your out of the contest please keep voting.  There is no penalty, there is no forcing you to vote.  If you have spent all this time, get beat and then don't even give the respect to the remaining participants by continued voting then you need more than just a penalty.  Judges, policies and rules are in place to avoid the extreme "drama" that usually unfolds, so let's crown a champ and be proud of the result.  If you're planning on being in the contest next time, I would strongly suggest your keep up the me you will be remembered, thanks.

4. The contestants have the right to question your votes, don't get all defensive about it.  If you're solid on your stance, just prove it.  If you don't want to get into it with the contestant, then stay away.  Part of this contest is selling your team, we all know that, so that continues even after your gameplans are up. 

Tournament Seeds:

1) Coast 2 Coast - Lakers2408/WC F
2) Good Ass Job - BNW
3) Black and Blue Wackadoo's - windycityjoe
4) The Flying McDutchmen - Skins
5) World's Greatest One Man Band - 3G
6) All Eyes On Us - Buc
7) The Diamond Cutters - Biggy aka Diaper
8) The Whole Fukcing Show - Kmvenne
9) Cain and Able - Cain
10) Who Wants Em - McGradykid
11) The Clutch Killers - Michigan Sports
12) Caucasian Sensations - LBJ
13) Sulphorous Nonentites - Blood
14) MMMMMM - Mighty Mouse

Tournament schedule:

Friday September 10th

Black and Blue Wackadoo's vs. 14) MMMMMM
   Result =Winner Joe
4) The Flying McDutchmen vs. 13) Sulphorous Nonentities
   Result = Winner Blood

Monday September 13th

5) WGOMB vs. 12) Caucasian Sensations
  Result = Winner 3G
6) All Eyes On Us vs. 11) The Clutch Killers
  Result = Winner Jakey

Friday September 17th

7) The Diamond Cutters vs. 10) Who Wants Em
   Result = Winner Brandon
8) The Whole Fukcing Show vs. 9) Cain And Able
    Result = Winner Keith ( Forfeit )

2nd Round

Monday, Sept. 20th
1) Coast 2 Coast - Lakers2408/WCF
13) Sulphorous Nonentites - Blood

   Result = Winner Blood

Thursday, Sept. 23rd
2) Good Ass Job - BNW
11) The Clutch Killers - Michigan Sports

   Result: Winner Jakey

Monday, Sept. 27th
3) Black and Blue Wackadoo's - windycityjoe
8) The Whole Fukcing Show


Thursday, Sept. 30th
5) World's Greatest One Man Band
7) The Diamond Cutters

Stay tuned...Cool

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Edited on: May 17, 2010 10:23 pm

Nugs Supreme Voting Values

Now that I have Judged 2 different contests I need to revise my listings and give a better justification of your votes:

3.0 Rating ( Perfect Score )
You must really go above and beyond in your vote.  When it comes to gameplan accuracy and comments you will comment on the minute distribution and either quote box or comment on pretty much all of the gameplan.  Really giving a good reasoning to why you like or don't like a particular aspect.  Going out and suggesting how you would like certain aspects of the game to unfold.  Prove that you really know the players you comment on, and don't just pick a few of the players that everyone knows.  Take Basketball IQ of players fully into account.  Refrain from generalized comments and have zero bias ( very important ).  From now on this rating will be difficult to achieve.

2.50 - 2.75 Rating
Comment on the minute distribution, and give suggestions to how you'd do it different if you disagree.  Take the major aspects of the gameplan and directly comment on the strategies.  Taking several players and showing a true understanding of their historical value.  Avoid any major misunderstandings of the plans.  Give a really good final reasoning of why a team wins, not just that you like one plan better.  Again should be no sign of bias, and little generalized comments.

2.25 - 2.50 Rating
Hit the major aspects of the plan, still try to hit on a few players minutes and the impact it has.  Take a few players and prove that you understand their historical value.  Give a good grasp on the offensive sets.  Overall an above average vote, still want to see a really good final paragraph that shows your complete reasoning.  Suggestions should be made.

2.00 - 2.25 Rating
You can hit the only the major aspects of a vote, but you have to give in depth reasonings.  Try to give some suggestions, comment on players minutes, and why major players would be succesful.  Could be some generalized comments here, but not in the final reasoning of who would win.  Prove you know the value of the 2 main players of each team. 

1.50 - 2.00 Rating
Here's where we see a really good bullet point vote.  Just hit several points on the offense and a good generalized comment on the defense as a whole.  Still a final paragraph about why you picked the winner. 

1.00 - 1.50 Rating
This is a quick and nasty vote.  Hit about 5 total points on the whole contest.  Show that you at least read the gameplans, and a suggestion or two. 

0.75 Rating ( Minimum Vote )
Simple, 3 reasons why a team wins

I will be referring back to this ranking from now on when you receive a particular vote. Please don't take a vote in the first two games and come back to this list.  Neither of those games were decided by values and it was a barometer for Judging.  This should help future contests, let's try to keep those vote counts up.
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