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Category:Olympic Games
Posted on: August 7, 2008 3:21 pm

What's your favorite Olympic Sport?

The Olympics are cool to me because they have these sports that you won't see anywhere else.  I know many of you blow off the Olympics for football, but give the Olympics a shot!  I'm sure there's something you'll like.

Okay, I'll give a few of the Olympic sports I like and why.

Diving - These people can flip so many times in the air and land with the splash of a coin flipped into a fountain.  Every time I'm thinking, "How did (s)he do that?"

Swimming - The races always are exciting cuz they come down to the very finish.  And Mike Phelps is getting 8 golds!

Gymnastics - The girls can do some cool stuff, but actually the guy's gymnastics is better to me.  They can do some sick stuff, like holding themselves off the ground with one hand.

Track - Straight up races, they're alright.

Basketball - Team USA will dominate for the gold!

Table Tennis - Don't laugh.  These Asian dudes are sick.  Watch this at least once in your lifetime.

Beach Volleyball (women's) - You know why.

Okay, I'd like to hear what YOU like now.

Category: Olympic Games
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