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QOTD 7/24/09 Olympic Players on Your Team

What players on your NHL team will be playing in the olympics this Winter? Canada:
  • Evgeni Malkin- Like Crosby, no explanation neded.
  • Sergei Gonchar- Defense is one of Russia's weakness', so he is pretty much a lock to make the team.
  • Ruslan Fedotenko- Played in the last olympics for team Ukriane, and its not the most talented team so he should be another lock
United States:
  • Brooks Orpik- Looking at the defense for the US, he is definitely one of the better defensemen on the team and brings a physical/defensive presense to the U.S. blueline. 

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QOTD 7/20/09 Must see sports events

What are the top 10 events in your opinion that are a must see before you die?
  I have seen a few of these lists written lately, so I thought I would chime in on the subject.  I may not have attended all (or any for that matter haha) but they are the top 10 events I want to see before I die.

  1. Stanley Cup Finals game- I have tried the past 2 years and have failed to get tickets both times.  The greatest sport in the world being played at its highest level.
  2. Official UFC event- I have just recently became a fan of UFC a few months ago, but I am already hooked and really wanna go to one of the events.  Hopefully they come to Pittsburgh when the new arena opens up!
  3. World Series game 7- I won't ever see one with my team, but it would still be amazing no matter who the teams are.
  4. NHL winter classic- After watching it on TV the last 2 years, it is a great sight to see.  I can't imagine how amazing it would be in person.
  5. baseball game on the green monster- This has been one thing I've always wanted to do.  I am not a Red Sox fan, but I haven't had a chance to visit a ballpark other than PNC and the view from the monster looks like it would be the best view of any seat in baseball.
  6. NCAA Basketball Final 4- Not a basketball fan by any means, but I always find myself watching the final 4, mostly because of my bracket but I can actually enjoy the tournament unlike the regular season and the NBA.
  7. US Open- I couldn't really enjoy watching golf until the past few years when I started golfing, but I guess to reallly enjoy golf you have to golf yourself to understand everything that is going on.
  8. Super Bowl- I have become less of a football fan each year, butI would still love to go to it sometime.  Most watched/overhyped sporting event there is.
  9. Home Run Derby- Well, only if I was in the outfield.  I was one of those young kids that loved bringing my glove to the game and trying to catch a ball!
  10. Pittsburgh Pirates game in October- To much to ask for? hahaha

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QOTD 7/17/09 Games You are looking foreward

What games are you looking foreward to in the 2009-2010 NHL season? Sorry for the long hiatus fot QOTD, hasn't been much to talk about and I have been lazy with it.  Todays question involves the schedule that was just recently released.  What games are you looking foreward to?  Here are some of mine:

  • October 2 vs. Rangers - Home opener, raising the banner.
  • October 3 at Islanders - Tavares' NHL debut and will get to meet Orpik, Cooke, Kunitz, and Rupp Laughing .
  • October 8 at Flyers - First game between the 2 teams, will be a battle.
  • October 30 at Blue Jackets - I really like watching the Jackets play, and may go down to Columbus for this game.
  • December 5 vs. Blackhawks - Young, fast team.  Was a great battle last year and I expect an even better one this year.
  • January 31 vs. Red Wings - Red Wings first regular season game back at the Mellon Arena since the Finals.
  • March 20, 22, 24, 27 vs. Hurricanes , at Red Wings, at Capitals , vs. Flyers - Penguins play all 4 teams they played in the playoffs last year in 4 staight games.  
  • April 8 vs. Islanders- May be the last game at Mellon Arena.
* All of those games are Penguins games haha

** Your picks do not have to involve your team, I don't really look foreward to other teams games so thats why mine are all Penguins games.
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QOTD 6/27/09 Post-Draft Thoughts

What do you think of the draft?  Who won?  Who lost?  Which are  your thoughts on your teams draft? The draft got done earlier today, and there were a lot of picks that had to be made (Tavares, Hedman, Duchene ) and there were the questionable picks (Ulf's kid).  I will be the first to say that after the big 3, I know basically nothing about the players that were drafted.  I may know a name here and there, but not much so I can't really pick a winner or loser.

After looking over some scouting reports of the Penguins draft, there are some picks I am still unsure about.  The main one is our first round draft pick Simon Despres, but I am still not sold on us taking him.  Yeah he was ranked #18 and we picked him at #30, but from everything I have read it seems to remind me of former Penguins defensman Ryan Whitney.  He has offensive potential and has a big body but refuses to be physical.  I hope he turns out better, but I have my doubts.  I was hoping for them to draft Landon Ferraro, who I think is gonna be stud in a few years.  Its to bad the Red Wings drafted him.

The other Penguins pick that left me puzzled is Philip Samuelsson in the second round.  Most experts didn't have him going until around the 4th round, and its not like he is gonna like his father.  He sort of reminds me of Hal Gill.  He is a big body, not the best skater but is good with positioning, and not big on offense but can bring a heavy shot because of his size.  A lot of better options available at the time.

One pick I really love is 3rd rounder Ben Hanowski.  He was a stud last year in high school scoring 135 points in only 31 games, which is over 4 points per game.  His competition was probably horrible, but if you are playing at the high school level and score 3.5 points per game over 4 years, you got some talent.  I guess we will see how he does in college, but this is really a low risk pick that could have a huge reward.

How about your teams draft?  And what teams do you think won and lost in this years draft?

Also, sorry for the lack of QOTD's the past few days.  I've been busy and there hasn't been much to talk about.  Remember to leave your suggestions for new topics in the QOTD thread on the hockey board.  Over the next few days, the questions will be all about free agency.

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QOTD 6/24/09 Hall Of Fame Players

Which NHL players ages 35+ do you think belongs in the Hall Of Fame? Since they just recently released who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, I thought we should have a question about the Hall.   This is for players that are 35 years and older.  If you are not sure which players that is, go HERE , it has all the players sorted by their birth date, and on page 3 the last player that is included in this discussion is Stephane Yelle.  It does not, however, include goalies but you can find the goalies HERE , down to Tim Thomas.
  • Chris Chelios- He is a class act, was a solid player and has played longer than any defensman probably ever has and ever will.
  • Mark Recchi- 500+ goals and 1400+ points, used to be an amazing player back in the 90's and is still good for 20+ goals a year.
  • Brendan Shannahan- Great goal scorer, well over 600 goal.  Been a great player for a long time.
  • Joe Sakic- Always loved him as a player, great leader and has over 1600 points.
  • Nicklas Lidstrom- Look at how many Norris' he has, thats why.
  • Mike Modano- I might be wrong, but doesn't he have the most goals as an American born foreward ever?  Even if he doesn't he deserves to be in the Hall.
  • Curtis Joseph- Top 5 all time in wins, not 100% sold on him though because of his career save% and GAA is average.
  • Martin Brodeur- Do I really need to explain this one?
  • Chris Osgood- Pretty good in the regular season, top 10 in wins all time and has a GAA under 2.5, but what solidifies him in the hall is his play in the post season.  2.09 career GAA in the playoffs is nasty, and he has only lost 6 games ever in the SCF (all against the Penguins this and last year)
I probably forgot a few players, there were a lot to go through and I didn't look that hard at the players.  Who do you agree/disagree with and who did I forget?
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QOTD 6/21/09 Bust Player 2009-2010

Which NHL player do you think will be a bust for the 2009-2010 season? Just like players that have a breakout year, every year there are certain players that are unable to live up to what they did the previous season.  Guys like Maxim Afinogenov of the Sabres come to mind. 

Picking a player that is going to be a bust is pretty much impossible, a lot harder than picking a breakout player.  My best guess for a bust for next season is Niklas Backstrom of the Minnesota Wild.  Last season, he was top 5 in the league in wins, save%, and shutouts but I do not see him continuing onto next season.  As many of you already know, Minnesota is going through a lot of personal changes right now.  New head coach Todd Richards seems to have a different style he wants his team to play than Jacques Lemaire.  Lemaire's system was basically New Jersey Devils hockey, all defense all the time.  I think Backstrom highly benefitted from this defensive system, and once Richards opens up the offense I think Backstrom is going to suffer. 

Now I am not saying he is gonna turn into a goalie like Vesa Toskala or Keri Lehtonen, but I do not see him contending for the Vezina next season.  I see him being in more of a range of a 2.6-2.8GAA and around .905 save%.  But I guess you never know, he could post better numbers next year than the one that just passed.

What about you, who do you think is gonna be a big bust next season?

*Note: I am willing to take suggestions for future QOTD topics on the Question Of The Day thread on the NHL message board which can be found HERE .

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QOTD 6/20/09 Breakout Player 2009-2010

Which NHL player on your favorite team do you think will be have a breakout year in 2009-2010? Every year, we see players come out of nowhere and put up big numbers.  Since its the offseason, I thought it would be fun to try and guess who it will be next year.

My pick is Tylers Kennedy.  This (or is it last?) season he put up 15 goals, 20 assists, and 35 points.  That is decent, but I can see him getting 25 goals, 5z+ points next season.   That is if he can stay healthy.  In the 2007-2008 season, he started off great and looked like he was going to be a top 6 foreward.  Then he caught mononucleosis, lost a lot of weight and never fully recovered.  In 2008-2009, he was starting to come along again until he sprained his knee and missed 14 games.  It took him a while to get fully healthy, and once he was he was a force on the ice.  A full year of him with Jordan Staal and Matt Cooke could mean big numbers for Kennedy.

How about yours?  And in my next QOTD entry, I will be asking about the biggest 09-10 bust/down year.

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